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Sven: Martin Luther King was a Jewish Crisis Actor

Some of our Distinguished Readers may have heard of the website  The site has been around for a few months and it is run by a man named Sven with occasional help from his interns, Michael and Alexander.  In the above clip, Sven says “how else can you describe someone like Martin Luther King Jr. other than ‘he’s a crisis actor’?”  Indeed!

Let’s jump to current geo-politics for some perspective: the United States of America has been flying the BLM and pride flags at their embassies for about six years now.  The given reason is that black and gay people are oppressed in [country] and [political figure] needs to adopt [financial and cultural measure] or else the world will never be safe for democracy which is the only known governing ethos powerful enough to prevent another Holocaust in [region].  This is why countries at our doorstep like Kazakhstan need to adopt the extremely popular sexual politics of the US and also attend Nigger Church.

In reality, there is no crisis of mistreatment of gays or niggers of color.  In most of these countries targeted by the State Department, those types of hominids don’t exist in politically significant numbers and, where they do exist at all, they are treated correctly.  


America was one of those countries as recently as 1965.  There were few race problems because blacks weren’t encouraged by jew crisis-enjoyers.  America’s holiest figure, the Sacred Ghost of the Honorable Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is such a perfect historical example of jew crisis invention: he had access to higher education, he had access to sex with White women, and he was aided at every turn by jews.  This is the opposite of a man in crisis, yet he harangued America for a decade about his kids being underprivileged NoC. 

They met secretly in airports, as one does. The recordings and transcripts documenting his violent sexual abuse of women were ordered sealed until 2027 and his work for Stanley Levison was documented but remains the subject of heavy redaction by the FBI. Photo is from pg. 60 of the second link.

Stanley Levison wrote the “I Have A Dream” speech and personally directed King in his various campaigns.  The surprising thing about Levison is not so much that he was jewing the nation, but that he had to personally step in to do it: he was previously the Treasurer of the American Jewish Congress and organized the defense of the Rosenbergs, why not get some petit jews to fill the role of zookeeper?  Perhaps the jew bench has never been as deep as one might cope.

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. TheRightStuff? Is that the fake and gay spaceman movie?

  2. Sven is the only reason I give them money. He’s the best

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