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Sven – Jew Science Experiments Will Continue Until HoloX Fact-Checking Improves

I’m a little slow on the uptake when it comes to this covid stuff.  Really, I admit to not understanding Mike’s take or really caring and I know it is because he wasn’t screaming.  Jazzhands’ take made a bit more sense to me, but it was only when Sventler threatened to again turn seventeen billion jews into glue that I listened.

Apparently, it is coming out in mainstream sources that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was involved in some “risky” research.  “Risky” is their word and it is a really funny word to use when your goal is a limited hangout of virology information along the lines of “oops, lol ,and lmao; we might have done a goofy thing and released a virus that kills a lot of seniors due to decisions, I dunno.”  

Vanity Fair.


Of course it was too risky, you half-literate kikes.  It was illegal in the US which is why they did it in China!  These inbred hebrews have their hands in all sorts of things that Stone Age people shouldn’t touch and, like clockwork, they screw it up.  The world would honestly run smoother if niggers of color were in charge of all aspects of financial and legal life because they at least know to ask White people what buttons to push.  

“This goy looks sick. Pump plutonium in it.”

Salon says there is a 35% mortality rate for cases of MERS and Israel certainly seems to have been afraid of it but most of the cases stayed outside Israel.  Korea had cases and dealt with it.  I’m not sure what the big deal was but there was gain of function research about the disease in Wuhan and the NIH asked press to stop calling it “gain of function research” which is fishy as hell.  At this point I’m more confused why Salon and Vanity Fair would pounce in October 2021 than I am confused why jews would want to research it…but I’m also confused about why jews would want to research it.  Perhaps I need someone to hit me on the head with a rock.  Thankfully Sven breaks it down pretty well: this wouldn’t happen if people would stop affirming the Holocaust.

If jews didn’t control this entire nation, and if this nation didn’t control most of Europe, people with sense and compassion would be on top of the stack of the social order.  Jews only control this nation because there is this myth out there which says jews were murdered in the millions by the White people of Europe.

No, Germans were killed in the millions by bombings and forced migrations during winter, famine, and disease.  French were killed in the Third Revolution in the millions.  Romanians were killed in the hundreds of thousands.  Czechs were killed in the hundreds of thousands.  Japanese were killed in the millions.  Austrians were killed in the hundreds of thousands.  Italians were starved and killed by the tens of thousands.  All of this was done by jews under the supervision of Eisenhower and Truman who should have known better but sought political clout.  I don’t know about Truman but in the case of Eisenhower who oversaw the genocidal displacement of Germans from 1945 to 1950, he knew about jewish power and did nothing: Eisenhower and other top generals of the US Army were developed by a nationalist general who was anti-semitic and warned about the jewish takeover of US foreign policy not only in private correspondence with Eisenhower but repeatedly in public tours.  Esteemed Readers who are familiar with this topic will be able to find the particulars on and share in the comments; I simply couldn’t find the article in time for this publication but commenters are invited to find those articles.

Some HoloCross shenanigans: 

He would then take blood samples and send them to Nazi-run labs, even taking care for the injections to follow the patterns that an actual typhus epidemic would follow. Within two months, the Nazis concluded that a typhus epidemic had broken out in Rozwadów and quarantined the area. No one was allowed in—and, more significantly, no one was allowed out. This meant that the Jews within the quarantine zone were not deported from the town to concentration and death camps.

Why not just smoke these accursed freaks with 9mm to the back of the head before they even got the coof?  Seriously?  I’m the biggest pacifist and violence-sissy in the world and yet I wonder why you would not just shoot someone in the head the moment you caught them if your dastardly plan was to exterminate them.  I can’t believe I’m breaking this down but imagine the cost of making fifty 9mm bullets versus the cost of housing people until it was their turn to be gassed in a room of fifty that, historically, didn’t exist and making sure the off-gassing didn’t make any of your soldiers gravely sick?  Just shoot them.  Shit.  There are no bodies to corroborate a mass extermination of anything beyond a few hundred partisans in one go.  I’ll doxx myself and eat my drawers if you can find a pit with four thousand dudes that were smoked by Germans.  You can’t do it.

I believe we were talking about Covid lockdowns.

These lockdowns were done for the usual reasons that jews do anything: they are scared and they have power.  The willy-nilly vaccination of a billion people was done because jews don’t really want you to coof on them.  Never mind the fact that the vaccines don’t work at all.  Just push the “goyim listen” button, sit back, and hope for the best.  Jews are totally adrift and their system is collapsing.

No good crisis can go unused and so jews have pushed medical triage in America that prevents Whites from accessing healthcare related to this disease.  Saying that the disease doesn’t exist or that blacks can save us with their vax reluctance is such a miserable nigger-brained conservative cope that I can scarcely address it but I will try by saying: 

I don’t vaccinate my kids in the normal round of shots because they simply aren’t necessary if you are able to breastfeed your kids until age 2. 

That is the medical advice and that is what is indicated by even the most science-trusting CDC guidelines when you look into them.  I’m a dyed-in-the-wool non-vaxxer and I’m starting to think the hubbub about covid is a bundle of wedge-issues designed to make us stop thinking racially.  Don’t light-switch and think I’m telling you to get the vax because I’m not.  I’m telling you to make bold moves to ensure your financial independence from ZOG, aka nigger-society, so you can avoid having to be vaxxed against your will, ever.  If you are a tech guy, use your windfalls to make an LLC and then contract for your industry.  If you are a redneck laborer, be a nigger to the system and get your cash until you can get a loan on a dump trailer and run some sort of contracting gig.  It isn’t easy but it isn’t hard. It is what I and hundreds of other nationalists with families have done.  If you have business sense and a little bit of gumption, you can clear 85k your first year.  

There are a lot of whiny do-nothings who will say that you can’t run forever: you can’t move to the exurbs, you can’t make a business to escape the mandates, you can’t find a nice girl.  These people are misanthropes and losers.  You can do all of this and, if you are a regular reader of this site, you probably already have.

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. Keep pushing the vax and attacking DS at your own risk. You are running out of warnings.

    1. We don’t push the vaxx.

    2. Point to me the time someone “pushed the vax”, fag

    3. What ind of homo threatens someone on the internet?



  2. Where are the bodies

  3. Here is what the chatter is amongst my high White earners about the Vax…you need not focus on what it may do to you internally, i.e the short term, yeah that sucks to say but the long term game is protecting your financial assets and family legacy…think health and more importantly LIFE insurance payouts that will require it (eventually yes we’re going there) so the rich families are telling their own to get it done because there is more at stake then them actually living a longer life, really that is what is being discussed and advised…like it or not there is truth to it and does make my blood boil and I feel for the non-investment banking families out there who are not privy to what the sellouts are accomplishing behind closed doors. My clients are Fortune 500 babies beholden to their elders who are telling them the ultimatum, and it’s making it harder for the general society to resist the clot shot and who die penniless…but still want dignity in their own right…just food for thought that’s all

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