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Strike and Mike: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer is a Top Jew

This article should probably be about 10,000 words because we are going to go from Bobbi Sternheim all the way to fake nationalists.  Buckle up because we’re going to do it in maybe 700 words.

On Strike and Mike yesterday, the top Nazis identified a top jew that most people had never heard of: Bobbi Sternheim.  As Mike reads beginning at 0:35 in the above video, Bobbi Sternheim is an established lawyer with membership on all sorts of New York state legal boards.  A short blurb on her business biography explains that “she holds Top Secret/SCI Clearance and has represented individuals extradited internationally.”  This brief sentence needs to be unpacked for days or even weeks.  Here’s what we’ve unpacked in the last ten minutes:

  1. SCI stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information.  It is a modifier for a Top Secret clearance, not a specific type of clearance.  The descriptions we’ve found are terribly vague, probably intentionally.  Hopefully commenters can fill us in but my sense is that it allows one to access what are called SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) which are vaults or even entire buildings in the military or government.  These are places where you are required to show ID and leave your phone outside.  Access to TS/SCI is granted after interviews with family and background checks.  Polygraphs are not used and TS/SCI does not allow a person to access anything but information specifically related to their job.  Granting someone TS/SCI access to a SCIF they don’t need for their job would get a commander or bureaucrat fired and investigated.  
  2. The “individuals extradited internationally” were Al-Qaeda terrorists Khalid al-Fawwaz and Minh Quang Pham.

There’s just too much to unpack.  Every time a top jew does anything, they create an entire gypsy caravan of theories, limited hangouts, and retarded conspiracy theories in their wake for people like us to unpack. 
First of all, jews did 9/11.  That’s not a meme or a stab in the dark.  Officers recruited from the Israeli army were trained as handlers for al-Qaeda hijackers and the hangout from living al-Qaeda members was managed by jew lawyers and bureaucrats.  The topic of Israeli coordination of 9/11 has been covered in great detail on The Daily Shoah and deserves a dedicated article or ten on this site covering all the evidence.  For now, I’ll cover the high points with the help of the Anti-Defamation League’s

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists have gone beyond just alleging that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks. They have focused on Israel as an evil force ready to destroy anyone who gets in the way of its interests.

“Israel is an evil force ready to destroy anyone who gets in the way of its interests.”

Israel is an evil force ready to destroy anyone who gets in the way of its interests.  You can walk into any room in the world, say these words, and instantly become the most trustworthy and interesting person there.  The challenge is to stop there.  If you say more, you are treading off the well-worn paths of global anti-Zionism toward the mire of “4,000 Israelis stayed home from work that day” which is a pointless and bad theory that the ADL debunks.  That number is too high and it is a variation on a theory that may be true but has been worked by conspiratards and jews to become this silly and extravagant master proof.   The master proof instead lies in the Israelis with foreknowledge of the attacks who were deported and the details of their interrogations covered up by the FBI.  The ADL understands this is the more damaging theory and doesn’t even attempt to hide it, they just zero-in on minor details: “oh gawd, they were just good kids on a work vacation and they didn’t have valid visas.  We all make terrible mistakes in our youth but the real crime is that these boys were accused so anti-semitically for working under the table in a blue-collar fashion.”

Like building corduroy roads for thousands of miles, avoiding terrible theories takes discipline and leadership.

Our Distinguished Readers may point out that there are many more reasons than the dancing Israelis to suspect the Zionist Entity of carrying out the murder of 3,000 Americans and, as usual, our Esteemed Scholarly Colleagues are correct.  It is simply beyond the scope of this anti-semitic screed to cover 9/11 so let us get back to Bobbi Sternheim.

It seems plausible that Sternheim was granted SCI access in order to handle specific evidence related to her defendants.  If even one interview along al-Fawwaz’ chain of detentions was deemed TS/SCI, Sternheim would need that clearance to do her job as a lawyer.  There isn’t really a spooky conspiracy here and the way that her professional page advertises this clearance is normal: TS holders are allowed to publicly advertise their clearance because it is an employment credential for hundreds of thousands of government contractor positions.  What is fishy is that the cases were tried quietly in the Obama era, years after Bin Laden’s death, and anything to do with al-Qaeda at this point just smells like jew fakery.  Here’s why I say that:

  • Hillary Clinton was advised by jew Jake Sullivan that Al-Qaeda was on the side of the US in Syria.  Sullivan is currently Biden’s National Security Advisor.
  • Al-Qaeda was trained by the US to fight in Afghanistan and Kosovo.  There seems to be a search-engine sanitization effort afoot and readers are requested to send in sources for this to be added to the article.
  • Naming things “the Base” (Al-Qaeda in Arabic) seems to be a calling card for controlled militant groups.  The organization led by Rinaldo Nazzaro, a “former” FBI and Pentagon employee, is called The Base.  There is a separate organization called The Base which is an antifa honeypot for gentiles.  We were unable to find articles or tweets about the antifa organization and request that readers and commenters send in any sources.

Our sources say this article was originally supposed to be about the woman on the left, Bobbi Sternheim.

Top jew Bobbi Sternheim will never be disbarred for defending a racial supremacist because the racial supremacy Ghislaine Maxwell advocates is jew supremacy.  Strike and Mike go into the Maria Farmer interview in which a gentile who knew Maxwell and Epstein is unequivocal in stating they believed in the racial supremacy of jews over Whites.  You’ll have to get behind the paywall to listen to that.  

Another jew who came up in the research of this article was Jacob Wohl.  Wohl was outed in 2020 as having received $25,000 from Maxwell to smear her victims as well as the NY AG bringing the case against her.  The NY AG was successfully removed by Trump’s jew US AG, Bill Barr, and the case against Maxwell proceeded just two weeks later under a more malleable New York bureaucrat.  Wohl is a jew supremacist defending a jew supremacist and he cannot be canceled despite being repeatedly criminally charged because he is ethnically and politically a jew.

Less than a year after Wohl was outed as a Maxwell operative, Weinstein defender Nicholas J Fuentes appeared on Wohl’s show “Man Up.”   A five-minute preview can be found here and it is just wild.  Wohl gets Fuentes to fold up his anti-Zionism in seconds and makes him bend the knee to King of Israel Grobald Bliff in May 2021.  You are strongly advised to watch the whole thing and tell me whether or not this is a hostage video in the comments.

Every generation gets its own Roger Stone and Dago Troon.

Some people find the layers upon layers of schemes and fake nationalists to be a daunting or even insurmountable obstacle but we don’t agree.  One just has to keep plugging away at this stuff.  If even a tiny fraction of people learn how jews can coopt and corral ostensible anti-semites like Fuentes, the trick will not work on anyone for long.



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Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. For reference, here is the interview of Maria Farmer by Whitney Webb which you referenced above. Its over 3hrs but worth listening to. The Jewish supremacists stuff is in the second video.

    I would recommend downloading. These are already mirrors as I’m sure the originals were already pulled

  2. I’ll see if this comment actually shows up since nothing I write here does… me thinks it’s because I routinely call BS on the doctor evil psy-op wuhan garbage and back it up with the fact that I was a mol biologist actually working on this stuff for years.

    wuhan or otherwise – Pure Wurlitzer

    The tangled web of jew-elry (hey, aptly named) grows tiresome once you see the scams they use over and over. Any interview with one of these neanderthals as one of the parties in any discussion is a waste of time and “interviews” are one of their favorite scams – use the goy’s ego and decades of groupthink horse-shit “racism” blocking installed in the reptilian brain stem.

    1. you might be being filtered because you’re posting links

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  4. […] Maxwell, the jewish socialite sentenced to twenty years behind bars for luring young girls into the semitic clutches of arch-pedophile Jeffery Epstein, is being moved to a low-security prison in Tallahassee, […]

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