“Slovakian national” murders Irish woman

Ireland is mourning. Ashling Murphy, a beautiful and loved 23 year old Irish woman, was brutally murdered on January 12th while out on a jog. The largest newspapers in Ireland called the suspect, Jozef Puska, a “Slovakian national”. This is offensive to Slovakians and is done intentionally. If Puska had done something good, the same newspapers would of course have correctly identify him as a Slovakian gypsy.

Jozef Puska

Let me tell you something about gypsies. Every Eastern European hates them. Even liberal LGBT+ Slovakian women who advocate about BLM and diversity and how companies need to higher more blacks would balk at the suggestion of gypsy affirmative action. They don’t want to work! They would steal! These are all things you would hear from basically any Slovakian no matter how indoctrinated to be pro African they are. It’s fascinating how the Eastern European liberal can have the cognitive dissonance of being pro african while also being openly racist about gypsies.

One reason is because Slovaks don’t have experience with blacks, but they do with gypsies. Remember, in America there is a positive correlation of proximity to blacks with racism against them. The same is true in Eastern Europe.

Slovakia has one of the largest gypsy populations. Atleast 7.5% of their population is gypsy. Take a look at typical gypsy neighborhoods.


Even moderate Slovakian politicians acknowledge the problem. Robert Fico, former prime minister and leader of a center left party, said gypsies “make babies because they want money” and that he wanted to stop their demographic growth. In neighboring Hungary the generous child subsidies the Orban government gives out to encourage birth rates are specifically designed to exclude gypsies (you have to work to be eligible).

You don’t even want to know what the Slovakian far right has to say about gypsies. Of course you do. Marian Kotleba’s party is one of the most nationalist in Europe!

Marián Kotleba

Here’s how Wikipedia describes the People’s Party Our Slovakia position on gypsies. “The party sees and describes the unintegrated groups of Romani people as being a drain on the social security system due to large Roma families receiving a higher amount of benefits for children compared to ethnic Slovaks. This especially applies to illegal Roma settlements, where these “gypsy extremists”, as the party calls them, often reside in. Occasionally, the party has said that it wants to crack down on “Gypsy terror”, and uses the Krásna Hôrka Castle fire of 2012 as an example of “gypsy criminality”, whilst using rhetoric that describes the “gypsy extremists” as “social parasites and extremists that steal, rape and murder decent people””

Various factions are trying to destroy Kotleba specifically and make anti-Roma sentiment politically incorrect, or more accurately stated un-kosher! In the 2020 Slovak parliamentary election Kotleba’s party received 8% of the vote. A few months later Kotleba was found guilty of supporting and propagating a movement whose aim is the repression of human rights and freedoms, and doing so publicly. This was due to him in 2017 donating 1488 Euros to poor families. He was sentenced to four years and four months in prison. He has appealed the decision and a verdict from the Slovak supreme court is expecting in February. It’s possible he will be legally prohibited from running in elections in the future. I’ll keep you informed of any news.

Pictured: crime

Last night a large crowd of Irish folk expressed their anger against Puska outside the Dublin court. 

I have a hypothesis. I think that violent crime against white women by minorities is constrained by the reaction the host population is likely to have against them and their communities. Gypsies, lacking other means of protection, survived in eastern europe by avoiding outraging the local Slavs.

If this murder happened in modern Slovakia, can you imagine what the reaction would be? How well would Puska fare in the Slovakian prison system? Would there be consequences for his clan?

Do you think these thoughts might have factored in his mind before he decided to strangle that poor Irish woman? Perhaps in a Slovakian town he would have seen a beautiful white girl, but a sudden mental vision of Kotleba would have retarded his attack.

In 1991 a 21 year old gypsy hit and ran some Polish kids in the small town of Mława. One died on the scene, another could never walk again. For two days Gypsies hid the perpetrator and his vehicle. This led to the so called Mława riot(sometimes referred to as a pogrom), where many Poles burned down to the homes of the gypsies. The police and officials did little, until the influential jew Adam Michnik who ran our largest newspaper angrily and effectively demanded they do something. As a consequence of the riot many gypsies fled to less racist pastures – such as Ireland. 

Ireland should learn lessons about gypsies from Slovakia, and Slovakia should learn from the deadly consequences of tolerant Ireland. And journalists should say that the suspect is a gypsy, not a Slovak!

Paul Mieczyslaw
I am a hyphen report writer, so I have hyphen report responsibilities.

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    1. I’m glad to be of Italian descent. According to this article, we hate gypsies the most and rightfully so! Go to any train station in Rome and these savages shit up the place by groping tourists and harrassing train riders.

      Would have been nice if Mussolini had succeeded in his ambitions, but something something “muh diversity” “not our values who we are, right for shitskins to rob and rape”…

    2. “Gypsies” are genetic sub-continental dothead Indians. Orcs. They are wilier than niggers – which makes them more dangerous. The “riot” you described is the correct policy .

    3. That slovakian national looks about as slovakian as Stalin looked Russian.
      Look at real russian women of viking stock, they kick arse, don’t blame them for being retarded from living in a sorry-ass brain-frozen society of drunk men.

      Both Stalin and this Imp guy look like they crawled out of a sewer in Bolivia, and both smell like a Bolivian Unicyclist’s Jock Strap.

    4. He will do 18 months in an Irish open prison where his every need will be taken care of, his legal representation will be paid for by the stupid Irish tax payer, in Ireland he and all his family have free housing, free money, free education and medical treatment. He is one of the protected classes and is considered one of the “new Irish” anyone questioning open borders and the millions of welfare chancers the Irish tax payer is supposed to provide for is called a racist. The indigenous Irish will be outnumbered by 2030.

      1. Only racism in Ireland is towards irish figures don’t lie look up article burkean done on housing numbers of foreign born it’s clear native Irish are the victims of racism in their own country wealthy in Ireland want this as they have drove down wages by getting in non irish and broke unions while creating a housing market that benefits landlords through higher prices through uncontrolled immigration

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