Queer Judiasm: A Tactical Overview Of The Jewish Obsession With Gayness

The following article, which was intended to be a breakdown of the link between religious jews and LGBTQ+ lifestyles, was submitted to the Hyphen-Report by an anonymous author.

One of the far rights’ largest criticisms of jews is that they are to blame for all of the societal ills that plague White societies today. Even uppity Liberals, who claim to be well-read (yet somehow insist with a straight-face that Mein Kampf is a turgid, anti-semitic screed) will be quick to decry the poverty and nastiness of places like the jewish upstate New York orthodox community, Kiryas Joel. It leaves one asking, however: how can our elite’s most “pious” be so susceptible to their own subversions? 

The same goes for degeneracy. How can we silly goyim claim Jews to be behind almost every sexual perversion thought of by man? One would assume that orthodox rabbis would be very conservative, backward thinking, pious men of G-d? As I’ll try to demonstrate, jews and their depravity, along with their piety, are actually one and the same. The flavors may vary, but the substance stays the same between all their semitic denominations. 

Jews and gayness actually go together like peanut butter and jelly, or more appropriately, milk and honey

Biological transgenderism, for instance, as seen in our current era was pioneered by one particularly odious jew named Magnus Hirschfeld. Operating the Institute for Sexual Science in Weimar Germany, he began trying to find ways to make men into women and vice versa. Hirschfeld was not trying to legitimize drag or advance science in any real kind of way; he was simply a mad scientist. Interestingly enough, it was Hirschfelds Institute that became the target of National Socialist book burners. Remember that next time a conservative gets angry and shouts about Nazis burning books, it was only Hirschfeld’s sick drivel that incited the citizens of the Reich, not Plato and the classics as modern pundits would have you believe. 

What about pornography? The jew Al Goldstein mainstreamed the once-taboo “artform” and, in doing so, left an indelible mark on the course of Western history. Just to highlight the degeneracy that is essential to these people’s core values, here is a quote attributed to him, from the book XXX-Communicated: A Rebel Without a Shul:

The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism. Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream, its subversive character becomes more charged. 

There’s so much more this spiteful “kike” (yes, Mr. Editor, that’s a quote from the book as well) babbles on about in his hateful stories. What’s more important—other than his sheer lack of morals—is that he was a trailblazer for porn as a legitimate media form. When people refer to pornography as a free speech issue, that’s Goldstein speaking from the grave. It was his review of porno flicks, along with homosexual Jim Buckley in the publicationScrew. The ensuing lawsuits and court cases which came from their degenerate antics birthed this line of argumentation.

Screw Magazine was pioneered by Al Goldstein. This cover, used as an example, is actually pretty tame compared to the countless others.

They are not alone, though. The advent of infinite free internet porn? PornHub and David Tassilo, unifying the different subscription-based websites under the Mindgeek conglomeration, now sans money. It’s not market trends or a more consumptive, libertine society demanding things like incest and bestiality porn. Quite the opposite, in fact. These Jewish supremacists at Mindgeek and their army of fellow degenerates get off on forcing White girls to stoop to such low levels of existence.

Onlyfans? After being started by two Brits, it was purchased by Leonid Radvinsky, through his acquisition of Fenix International Limited. Under Radvinsky’s ownership, the performer-based platform began peddling smut and incentivizing the poor life choices of single mothers and poor university students. Dating, or more accurately, hook-up apps? Tinder’s founder, the Persian Jew, Sean Rad, sold it to IAC/Match Corp, run by Jews Barry Diller and Joey Levin. IAC itself is another rabbit hole of Jewish tricks for another time. The list and examples, however, go on seemingly without end.

Now that we’ve had a good refresher on the jewish monopoly on the many sexual deviancy industries in our civilization, I’d like to redirect us over to this Tablet article titled “The Minyan: LGBTQ Jews.” In it, ten Jews were interviewed as a group (Minyan, Hebrew for a group of 10 Jews who assemble for the purpose of public prayer), each representing Jews with different sexual deviancies. Let’s take a look at these ten kippah-wearing contributors.

Ari: 47, New York City, gay man

Shoshana: 31, Brooklyn, trans nonbinary/transwoman

Aviad: 32, metro Detroit, bisexual man

Jaime: 53, upstate New York. “I am the T in LGBTQIA, and I am a gay guy.”

Esther: 25, New York City area, nonbinary lesbian

Rebecca: 52, Atlanta, queer

Daniel: 30, Chicago, gay man

Sarah: 30, Ogden, Utah, lesbian

Meg: 36, Phoenix, queer woman

Steve: 63, Los Angeles, “old fashioned gay”

Wow. That’s quite the list. Of these individuals, only two seem to be non-ethnic Jews (Aviad and Meg). So, if homosexuality is as bad as we understand it, then why would deviancy-pushing Jews adopt these anti-social behaviors on their own? Why are they socially permitted to engage in these lifestyles by their co-ethnics if the lifestyles themselves are specifically created to undermine goyish civilizations? Even further, if these same Jewish overlords allow their gay cousins to disfigure themselves, can they truly be as omnipotent as the dissident right believes?

My goal will be to quote these creatures as little as possible as they are, at the end of the day, sub-average degenerates, and the broad strokes the article paints can be boiled down to insane fag-babble. Thankfully, they don’t go into much detail about the intricacies of their sexual perversions. They do, however, use vocabulary that should make working-class men and childbearing women nauseous. 

These lower-class Jews function solely as commissars and NKVD agents, ensuring compliance, forwarding cultural agendas on the frontline, and acting as metaphorical flood sensors. It’s why these people are able to become clergy in the synagogue. Daniel, the “gay man” speaks to this:

Am I trying to change this thing? Yes, I am. And I’m also a member of the clergy. And I think trying to change this thing is very much within our tradition. Things have evolved so much from 50 years ago, 100 years ago, and certainly from 3,000 years ago when the Torah was first written. I think part of our tradition is that things evolve over time. So, yes, I want to change it; not to the extent that it’s unrecognizable, but in steps. When I was ordained as a rabbi, my teacher told me, “I don’t know all the answers to all the questions about how queer people can be a rabbi. And that’s one of the reasons I’m ordaining you—so that there can be people like you, and other people who are working on this and can do this work.” The work can be done. But if you’re constantly not creating spaces where LGBTQ people are affirmed and can feel safe and comfortable, then that’s not going to happen.

There’s a huge motivation to keep mainstream, public Judaism pozzed. Mainstream Christianity uses Judaism as a reference point for its own beliefs. It’s why the words “Judeo-Christian” is constantly shouted from the pulpit. Female and homosexual rabbis and the liberalism of the synagogue can be seen as a stick to beat Protestant denominations into reforming which allows for heretical nonsense like female pastors or gay marriage within the church body.

Synagogues and reform Judaism give blasphemous pastors like John Hagee and Joel Osteen the room they need to operate their heretical grifts. It’s a hallmark of the Dispensationalist Zionism first injected by Scofield, and his notes on the Bible are still represented today. Here’s some psycho babble from the Bronx tranny to further hammer home the religious angle:

…You know, the one quick example I’ll give is going to queer Talmud camp at SVARA. It was interesting—I found that even in SVARA, there were different pockets of people and I found a lot of really radical trans Torah happening among the trans and nonbinary clergy, but also just people who are very invested in these texts. There was, for example, a whole presentation on the trans Toldot [generations] of all the patriarchs. This has always been a queer story.

A spiritually jewish tranny who goes to talmud camp. Checks out in my book! While I’m no expert on mystic talmudry, it sounds like this conservative Jew, who keeps Shabbat, stays kosher, and observes all Jewish holidays (i.e genocide celebrations), has deep religious conversations about the ability to keep Shabbat and still dilate on a Saturday. Lol. Lmao.

SVARA’s queer Talmud camp. Of course, something like this would exist in America.

Jewish convert Aviad shows us just how assimilated he’s become, insulting Christianity in the way a true Jew would. When asked about his multifaceted identity and his need to assault people with his gay faith verbally, he states:

“I was raised mainline Protestant. I spent six years at a very conservative Protestant Christian school growing up, where if I came out as bi, I would have most likely been expelled. Since then I’ve been dealing with hang-ups about religion, being able to come to terms with my identity both in and out of religious spaces… In terms of my identity as a Black Jew, I’ve had microaggressions toward me in the past, like people assuming that I’m not Jewish if I enter a Jewish space that I’ve never been in before, or people mistaking me for another Jew of color who doesn’t even really look like me at all. And it hurts. But I also know that more often than not, it doesn’t come from a place of hatred, it comes from a place of ignorance, and it’s just a reminder of the work that still very much needs to be done.

While most low-class blacks typically treat the idea of Jesus as a superstitious voodoo doll on a cross, this black, gay Christian turncoat makes the claim that the gentiles are actually the evilest and repressive people of all (despite his jewish friends possessing a white-knuckle grip on vice, sin, and global control of the neo-liberal system). I’m so sorry that your Protestant community frowned upon your endless sodomy and eternal hatred of the son of god, Aviad. We’ll promise to do better 😔✊🏿 

Sarah, a mischling, Halachic Jew, sends the point home about her faith and gayness being the feminine equivalent to a warrior or occupying class of ethnic supremacy:

When Shoshana talked about joy in queer Jewish spaces, I had to think of the last time I was in a queer Jewish space, and I can only think of one. So it’s really nice to know that there are places out there for people like me where people find joy. And that’s not to say that I don’t have plenty of joy here, but it’s kind of lonely with me being one of I would say maybe five “out” Jewish people in my congregation, and that’s rounding up (and includes my girlfriend, who’s not Jewish). It’s definitely isolating. And my little congregation in Ogden is tiny. We have about 49 member units right now, and that’s really big for us. So yeah, it’s small. My synagogue is very much DIY; we don’t have a rabbi, we don’t have any staff. It’s really what you make it. And when I moved back from college in Seattle to my hometown synagogue, which is really all I’ve ever known, and I started leading synagogue services and joined the board of trustees, I really wanted to make it fit me. And that meant coming out to the members and coming out to myself, which was harder. And really just saying, “Damn the consequences; I want to see if I can fit here.” And I can. And I’m really glad I can.

Here, we see how an occupying force is created. The Ostjude pioneers an area, Ogden, UT in this example. This Jew, the interviewee’s mother, then attempts to mimic the natives, the Mormons. She attracts a Mormon husband. They have children steeled in the ideological ovens by living as Jews in a Mormon community, lecturing Christians, and receiving social upcummies by publicly celebrating the worst and most disgusting Jewish holidays. 

Then, when the children reach college age, they leave for centers of Jewish power—metropolitan universities—seeking the knowledge of elders (radical professors and faculty). Here, they learn the ways of Jewish power and anti-Whiteness, how it’s flexed, and where its weaknesses must be ironed out. Once they earn the trust of the elite in their sphere of activism, they are rewarded with fake-yet-pretty credentials and sent back into polite society armed to destroy all that is good and wholesome (i.e. White). The similarities to being promoted from being the help to middle management are rife.

The battle standard of the fifth-column elite flies at every bank, business, and government building from sea-to-shining sea.

The purpose of these people is simple, then. They exist solely to create a reality where anyone who even thinks the word “faggot” as they pass one of these novel disease-ridden, petri dishes becomes brutally subjugated under a deviant’s heel. They create an environment that suffocates sanity, enables degeneracy, and allows the spread of its roots through disaffected communities. These people, then, are allowed to operate unopposed by the public. They are shielded from public criticism, immune to harmful media exposure, and unencumbered by things like laws and morals alike. A perfect, untouchable warrior class? Not quite.

Now, multiple times in these conversations, the point of highlighting that these gay jews were in the clergy was made abundantly clear. There were three institutions, however, that were also mentioned in the article. Two were mentioned rather quickly and just in passing, but one was referred to multiple times, by multiple people, and with a little more prominence than the rest. These organizations are SVARA, 92Y, and IKAR.

After some research, I found that SVARA, mentioned earlier as a host of a queer Talmud camp, is self-labeled as a “traditionally radical yeshiva”. They promote “hardcore, queer, and radically inclusive” Talmud lecture and are led by Rabbi Benay Lippe. She (thankfully, her pronouns were listed on the website, I wouldn’t want to disrespect) was selected as one of 2013’s Sexiest Rabbis by Jewrotica. Yes, that’s a thing, and yes, it’s about as gross and retarded as you could imagine.

Rabbi Jill Hammer PhD, one of Jewrotica’s “Sexiest Rabbis of 2013.” They aren’t bringing their best.

More importantly, she was listed in 2020 as one of the most influential Jews of the American diaspora. Number 10, to be exact. People who get to associate with her essentially work with modern-day Kaganovitches and Yurovskyes, the ones who get the final say in who gets to live or die.

Next up, 92Y. It’s not linked in the article, but after some Jew-gle searches, I found multiple references to the 92nd St Y. Surely this wasn’t a YMCA? No, it wasn’t. It was a YMHA! This 150-year-old institution was founded to foster Jewish cultural influence on American society. Located in the heart of downtown NYC, they provide extensive outreach to racial minorities and low-class inhabitants of all races and provide the young and upcoming Jewish population of NYC networking opportunities and extremism training.

Finally, there’s IKAR. Based out of LA, this congregation is openly mocked by their fellow, more “serious” Jews. “Who can ignore that little science experiment you call IKAR?” says Rabbi Wolpe. While comments like these are made in jest, IKAR’s beliefs are actually insane to the point where even normal, baby-dick-biting jews are forced to allude to its insanity. IKAR is so crazed that Rabbi Wolpe’s “science experiment” quote came from a Purim prank video, a roast about the extreme disposition of the brainchild of Rabbi Susan Brous. Brous was named one of the most influential Jews a few years ago. Despite their abhorrent and confusing j-left progressive value structure, they are die-hard in their beliefs and consider themselves more serious than the other organizations mentioned.

Rabbi Sharon Brous led a prayer service during the 2013 Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

They are also the only organization that openly demands a tithe to remain a member in good standing. Different levels are offered for different contribution amounts; there’s even a rank they name Ezra. It’s quite clear that this membership tier is a pay-what-you-can option, allowing as many willing adherents to come along and serve the Jewish race as transsexual freaks who derive great joy from the blaspheming of Jesus and the sullying of the wholesome.

So, to close what was initially supposed to be a quick response to deluded Jews who want to put their genitals everywhere but where God intended, I hope this provides some insight and context to the history of Jewish perversion. This warrior class of religious gay jews is by no means a new tactic used by our semitic friends. The only thing that’s changed in the modern day is the battlefield on which it’s fought. It’s much darker now as the night grows nearer. With this approaching darkness, the metaphorical armies of Judea are adapting their strategies. They no longer need Jews alone to move tr endgame forward, they use random trannies and a compliant pedophile elite. No need to create more Sigmund Freud’s. They have already reached the land of milk and honey.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Hyphen-Report. Any content provided by our editors or anonymous authors is of their opinion.*

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