President Duda, sign foreign ownership of media bill!

The so called ‘lexTVN’ law passed the Polish Sejm on Friday. It would enforce rules about foreign ownership of Polish media. American owned TVN is the target. It is the largest liberal private news broadcaster, very similar to CNN, because TVN is owned by the same company that owns CNN!

CEO of Discovery WarnerMedia, which owns TVN


The vote on the bill was a surprise. It passed (PiS voted for, Konfederacja choose not to vote). Now it only needs to be signed by our president, the puppet of PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński, to be law and Discovery WarnerMedia to be forced to sell. TVrace is very upset. Here are some pictures from todays pro TVN protest.


Nationalists to Auschwitz. TVrace mad! France has same law btw, and so does America! Rupert Murduch had to give up his Australian citizenship to satisfy the legal requirement for US television network ownership.


The pro-TVN protest poster. the TV losing signal is apparently a bad thing. Also why a black guy? This is a protest in fucking Poland. Was there even a black at the protest??


“Hands off TVN”. Media in Poland is different than America or UK. There is no tradition or value to being or pretending to be neutral or unbiased. TVN opposes the conservative government and backs the liberal opposition. TVN is pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, pro-refugee, pro-EU, anti-Polish Nationalism, and pro jewish ideology and interests.


The lightning symbol of Strajk Kobiet, the pro-abortion protest, and the pro-TVN symbol.


TVN exists due to loophole. It is technically headquartered in this abandoned shack in an Netherlands airport. Zero employees. Isn’t rule of law something Polish liberals claim to care about?




Paul Mieczyslaw
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