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Philosemitism and Basketball

Enes Kanter on America's Newsroom

Philosemitism and Basketball
By Edward Weston
December 14th, 2021


Editor’s Warning: This is a major effort post


On November 30th, Enes Kanter, a third string professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics, gave an interview to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.1 What was the occasion for this NBA benchwarmer’s interview on America’s most popular conservative television show? Ostensibly, it was to celebrate the now Turkish-hyphen-American athlete’s acquisition a day earlier of US citizenship, along with his simultaneous name change to Enes Kanter Freedom. I am not joking, the man changed his surname to “Freedom”. Indeed, Tucker Carlson, who once famously said “America is a people, not an idea”, is now, with open arms, welcoming into America a 29 year old  6’10”, 250 lb male of an ethnic group that waged war upon Europeans for centuries. And he is doing this because “Mr. Freedom” (Carlson calls him that) shares certain political ideas with Carlson. Not only does Carlson genuinely love that “Mr. Freedom” is now a citizen of our country, but he also exhorts “Mr. Freedom” to tell his siblings to come to America as well, and he even says please! Tucker Carlson Tonight was not the only show on Fox to feature Kanter that day. Earlier, he appeared on “America’s Newsroom” with Bill Hemmer and the former press secretary for George W. Bush, Dana Perino.2 Furthermore, it was not even the first day Enes Kanter has been featured on Fox News media. A search of for “Enes Kanter” reveals 11,600 results, the large majority of which are explicitly political and go back years. For comparison, searching for the name of the Celtics’ two other centers, who get much more playing time than Kanter, Al Horford (393 results, and he’s a five time NBA all star) and Robert Williams (7350 results, the top featured of which are almost entirely unrelated and about black crime), shows much less coverage. A search for Lebron James only yields 16,500 results. To understand Kanter’s prominence on Fox News that is wildly out of proportion to his prominence on the court as a reserve player, you only need to understand the shirts and shoes Enes wears, the school he went to, and, above all, why he changed his name the first time five years ago.


Enes Kanter on America’s Newsroom

When Kanter appeared on Perino’s show, he wore the flag of a country that was not the United States on his chest. This flag represents a country that doesn’t even exist, and that the shirt he wore called for the liberation of. That country is East Turkestan, the desired homeland of Uighur separatists in China’s Xinjiang province. One Uighur separatist group known as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is considered to be a terrorist group by the United Kingdom, European Union, Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, United Nations, and Kanter’s native country, Turkey, along with other states.3 In Syria, ETIM has fought in coordination with Al Qaeda in Syria (AQiS) against the government of Bashar al-Assad.4 AQiS is, of course, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, the group our government blames for the deadliest terror attack in American history. AQiS is also the organization that Biden’s National Security Advisor and former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department, Jake Sullivan, told his then boss Hillary Clinton was “on our side in Syria.”5 ETIM was also considered to be a terrorist group by the United States; but in 2020, exactly two weeks before the Presidential election, the group was taken off the list because, according to one State Department representative, “for more than a decade, there has been no credible evidence that ETIM continues to exist.”6  This is somewhat humorous, because a Defense Department memo released publicly in February of 2018  stated that “U.S. forces conducted air operations to strike Taliban and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, or ETIM, training facilities in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province.”7 Hopefully the Defense Department was correct about who they targeted, and the State Department representative was wrong about ETIM not existing, otherwise it is very possible that the US military “accidentally” killed scores of innocents in a strike which was targeted at a now supposedly nonexistent terrorist group.


During the interview on America’s Newsroom, Kanter and the hosts firstly extolled the virtues of American liberty and then moved on to criticize China for their alleged oppression of the Uighurs and also attacked Lebron James for not making any statements criticizing China himself. In a mildly awkward moment, Hemmer seemed to attack Kanter for not confronting James in public, at a recent game where the two men faced off, regarding James’ lack of criticism for the PRC. Perino eventually rescued the situation by saying to Kanter “you’re not afraid to talk to China, so I would believe that you would talk to Lebron James as well since you have stood up on principle before.” The interview ended with the hosts congratulating Kanter, and Kanter jokingly urging (or perhaps, not-so-jokingly urging) Hemmer to do a practice citizenship test to see if he would be able to pass, since Hemmer had said earlier he should do this in response to Kanter’s claim most of his American friends struggled with the practice questions he used to study with. How charming, surely most of us ignorant natives could stand to learn much from this scholar of American civics!


In the interim, Kanter’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, or some other handler, must have told him to ditch the East Turkestan shirt. He appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight wearing an American flag shirt that said “U.S. CITIZEN” on it. At the beginning of the interview, Kanter further explains why he is so happy to have American citizenship, telling Carlson that he has had “a rough six years” because the Turkish government revoked his passport and put his name on an Interpol list. Kanter’s situation regarding his home country is somewhat more complicated than what was discussed during the interview. Kanter neglected to explain that he is wanted in Turkey (a member of NATO and supposedly a vital American ally!) for his connections to a group the Turkish government considers to be a terrorist organization.8 After asking Kanter if he agreed that in Carlson’s words, people who “move here from countries that aren’t free appreciate the freedoms here much more than a lot of us who grew up with those freedoms”, Carlson moved on to the subject of the basketball shoes Kanter wears on the court. These shoes feature art protesting the alleged persecution of Uighurs in Xinjiang. Kanter explains, in somewhat broken English:

“Well obviously, you know, someone had to do it. I’ll be honest with you, there are so many athletes, so many actors, so many celebrities out there who are scared, because if they criticize China obviously they will be affected. You know, their endorsement deals, their contract, or their money will be affected. And they’re scared to say anything. But to me, you know, human rights, democracy, and freedom is way more important than everything they can offer me. You know, morals, values, and principles are the most important thing in life. So, to me, I wanted to stand up for my Muslim brothers and sisters who are in, you know, concentration camps and are getting tortured and raped everyday. And I don’t care whoever said which organization or which company, I don’t care about any of that, I care about to be the voice of all the innocent people out there who don’t have a voice.”


And then Carlson asked Kanter to bring his family to the United States with him.


A pair of Kanter’s custom game shoes advocating independence for Taiwan

I am sure that any day now he and his family will become pro-White activists fighting for the victims of White genocide to receive justice, given the undeniable genocide against Whites is the most pressing human rights issue in the country where he currently resides! Carlson, who once confronted anti-White professors that explicitly called for White genocide9, did not ask Kanter about this topic. Anti-Whiteness apparently matters little to Carlson now. Former concern, likely feigned, for the long term future of his own race has been replaced by a desire to promote the exigent narratives of a foreign policy establishment that shares the same anti-White goals as the rest of the American system. What now matters to Carlson is pushing Anthony Blinken’s State Department propaganda targeted at China, Turkey, and other illiberal countries while also celebrating the immigration of non-Whites if these immigrants are supporters of American style “human rights”. Who cares what possible role Carlson’s dubious accusations might play in getting the public behind a future armed conflict between the United States and a distant power? Who cares how many young White men from all across America might be sacrificed in the militarized meatgrinder of America’s foreign wars? Clearly not Carlson. He might as well say, “Waukesha? No! Uighurs? Yes!”


Such a visible, abrupt shift in the political priorities of a pundit is not indicative of genuine intellectual development; rather, it demonstrates the prior dishonesty of someone who has been acting as a controlled political operative and is now responding to a changing political landscape.


For all his trouble in speaking out against Turkey and the PRC by toeing the Zionist uniparty line, Enes Kanter will be paid more than $2 million this year in his role with the Celtics. He has earned more than $100 million as a player in his decade-long professional career. And, despite his poor performance on the court, on December 1st, in his debut game as Enes Freedom, he received loud applause from his home crowd when he checked into the game for the first time.




Fox News is not the only media entity with a stake in Enes Kanter. On November 2, Alan Macleod of Mint Press News wrote an article describing more of Kanter’s ties to conservative media.10 MacLeod shows that Kanter has also been praised by the National Review and Glenn Beck. I have also found dozens of fawning articles about Kanter on Breitbart, DailyWire, and in the NY Post; along with more on MSNBC, CNN, the Huffington Post, and in the New York Times. Kanter actually gave CNN the TV interview scoop about his name change a day before going on Fox News!11 Furthermore, The Washington Post gave Kanter space to pen his own op-ed condemning Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.12 Kanter even gave some quotes to Rolling Stone13, in an article that described Kanter as a “devout Muslim and outspoken liberal”, where he said he encouraged his teammates to get a COVID vaccine on the grounds that it would help them win a championship, and said he encourages vaccine skeptical Muslims to put aside their concerns and take the novel drug, telling them, “It saves people’s lives, so what is more important than that?”


MacLeod also outlined in his article how Kanter’s connections to the system go much deeper than the media, with Kanter having demonstrable ties to the American security and foreign policy establishment, western NGOs, and a bipartisan array of Zionists and Jews. He has met with John Bolton, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton; he was lauded by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and in early May of this year met with Massachussettes Democratic Senator Ed Markey to, in the words of Markey, “announce new legislation that condemns the human rights abuses committed by President Erdogan in Turkey.”14 That legislation, S.2403, the Turkey Human Rights Promotion Act of 2021, was cosponsored by two other Democrats, the Senators from Oregon Jeff Merkley and the Jew Ron Wyden. It should be noted that Kanter played for the Portland Trailblazers at the beginning of 2021. S.2403’s companion House bill, H.R. 4546 was introduced by Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and is cosponsored in part by Liz Cheney (R-WY). Both bills are currently under consideration by each of their respective bodies’ Committee on Foreign Relations.


Enes Kanter with Bill and Hillary Clinton

Even though Kanter has substantial support in congress, he still claims his life is in danger from those who disagree with his political positions. But in spite of the supposed danger his life is in for his “activism”, Kanter can breathe a little easier when his girlfriend (Ariana Rockefeller, granddaughter of David Rockefeller15) comes over for dinner, now that the FBI has given him a “panic button” and a “direct line” to their agents.16


Enes Kanter with John Bolton

Kanter has also spoken numerous times on behalf of the Human Rights Foundation, which Macleod will tell you was founded by Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, “the son of a former Venezuelan government official widely accused of being a CIA informant and a gunrunner for the agency’s dirty wars in Central America in the 1980s, and is the cousin of convicted Venezuelan terrorist Leopoldo Lopez…[who has] told journalists that he wants the United States to formally govern the country once President Nicolas Maduro is overthrown.” I would add that the current chairman of the Human Rights Foundation is former chess grandmaster and vocal Vladimir Putin critic Garry Kasparov17 (born Garik Weinstein), and the organization has received funding from the Brin Wojicki foundation of the Jewish 23andMe founder Anne Wojicki and her Jewish former husband and Google cofounder Sergey Brin.18


Kanter’s Jewish connections go far deeper than his ties to Jewish media and NGOs. To Macleod’s credit, although he himself does not use the word “Jew”, or any derivation thereof, he names many Jews while referring to them as Zionists. Despite Kanter’s supposed concern for the lives of innocent Muslims, he helped campaign for rabid Zionist and Iraq war supporter Representative Eliot Engel (D-NY), the former chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Engel lost his reelection, but unsurprisingly while in Congress he was also a critic of Erdogan.19 However, Macleod did miss at least three of Kanter’s other notable connections to Jewish congressmen, one of which is to Senator Ron Wyden. When Kanter played for the Portland Trailblazers, Kanter and Wyden gave a public interview together on a local radio station. Wyden, who supported the Israel Anti-Boycott Act of 2018, which would have placed restrictions on the ability of American citizens to advocate for the boycotting of Israel over their genocide of Palestinians without the risk of government counter-sanctions, talked about how when he was younger he was sent by Larry Weinberg and Harry Glickman, the Jewish founders of the Portland Trailblazers, to Moscow to negotiate with Soviet officials over the terms of Lithuanian Arvydas Sabonis’ entrance into the NBA where he would play for Portland. In the same interview, Wyden referred to his relationship with Kanter as a “wonderful friendship” and Kanter said to Wyden, “You are one of the biggest reasons I want to get into politics because I see leaders like you can make a big change, impact lives and touch hearts, so you inspire me.”20


Enes Kanter with Ron Wyden

It would be a big mistake to think that Kanter’s tribal connections only extend to “the left” side of the American political aisle. Kanter is heavily involved with Jews on the “the right” as well, particularly those involved in Israeli politics. Macleod shows that Kanter has posted a video of himself in a meeting with Jared Kushner and the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., the Likudnik Gilad Erdan. Kanter later co-authored another op-ed, this time in Newsweek, with Gilad Erdan, wherein Kanter and Erdan wished to highlight the piece’s release on “Yom HaShoah, Israel’s Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day.”21 In that op-ed, Kanter and Erdan revealed that they have had a convergence in their worldview, they have both come to realize that “The way to defeat anti-Semitism and, by default, all racism, is to join forces in the fight against ignorance and hatred.” To this end, they call for “unity and teamwork” to “make the haters feel hated, unwanted and outcast” by establishing “common mechanisms” to tackle anti-Semitism “from the extreme Right and the extreme Left.” They conclude:

“We believe it is time for the world to ramp up the fight against such ignorance and bigotry. World leaders that project hatred must be held accountable. And we must demand that powerful social media companies—Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more—do much more to clamp down on all forms of hate speech. There should be no excuses.”


Enes Kanter with Jared Kushner and Gilad Erdan

According to Macleod, along with Erdan, Kanter has also met with at least two other Israeli government officials named Ofir Katz and Lior Haiat, a Likudnik Member of the Knesset and an Israeli Consul General, respectively. Another Jewish congressional contact Macleod left out of his piece is between Kanter and one of the two Jewish Republicans in all of congress, New York Representative Lee Zeldin. In a press release by Zeldin in 2019, the congressman describes how he and Kanter discussed “human rights violations being committed in Turkey as well as other topics.”22 Zeldin’s own press release also acknowledges Kanter met with only two other congressmen during the same visit – New York Democrats Eliot Engel and Senator Chuck Schumer.


Enes Kanter with Lee Zeldin

It should greatly disturb every working and middle class White American that a foreigner like Enes Kanter has greater access to American politicians, law enforcement protection, and foreign dignitaries, who hail from ostensibly allied countries, than they do. That this is the sad, yet prevailing, state of affairs in this country is a testament to the illegitimacy of the current American state. But although it may seem like Enes Kanter is a novelty that the system is throwing at Whites to demoralize them or persuade them to engage in Zionist approved activism, he himself is the product of a long term Jewish operation, likely going back at the very latest to the Clinton Administration. The sudden and seemingly unwarranted prominence of Enes Kanter on the political scene can be traced back to one man: the Turkish, Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen. Gulen is a man that the current Turkish government considers to be a terrorist, the terrorist in question that Kanter is wanted in Turkey for his connection to. Gulen is a man that the US government is allowing to claim asylum and live in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. And he is also the man that ultimately directed the childhood education of Enes Kanter in Turkey.




Born to a “humble family” in 1941 and “raised in a spiritually enriching environment”, Fethullah Gulen became a licensed preacher in 1958, according to a biography (or perhaps more accurately, a hagiography) of Gulen on a site created by his followers.23 During his mandatory military service in the early 1960s, Gulen’s commander exposed him to “Western classics” which provided Gulen with his first exposure to Western philosophy. After his military service, Gulen began his political career, and in the early 1960s he created an “anti-communist association” in an eastern Turkish city that is about 100 miles away from the border between Turkey and the former USSR. However, Gulen has tried to cultivate an image of himself as non-partisan. Although by 1965 he was  “[organizing] evening lectures and talks” his supporters write that “In this phase of his career, just as before, he took no active part in party politics and taught only about moral values in personal and collective affairs.” By 1969 he was also organizing “summer camps for middle and high school students.” By the 1970s, Gulen’s movement (known as the Hizmet movement, Hizmet being the Turkish word for “service”) had amassed a dedicated following, and his summer camps had evolved into full fledged educational institutions. These institutions have expanded in the decades since, and are now present not only in Turkey, but throughout the broader Muslim world and in the West as well, including the United States where Gulenists run several federally funded charter schools. Gulenists tout their schools’ “secular curriculum” but make it clear that “the majority of teachers are chosen for their noble character…the moral aspects of education are conveyed through teachers’ behavior, rather than proselytizing.”24 They also cite praise given to the schools by Western media:

“Describing the achievements of schools established by Fethullah Gülen’s followers, Le Monde Diplomatique claimed that the schools could be taken as examples, stating, “From the Balkans to China, he [Fethullah Gülen] wants to see elites formed with Turkey as their model”…Le Monde de L’Education wrote that these schools could be taken as a model by other German schools for ethnic communities…New York Times wrote about Fethullah Gülen’s follower’s schools as a gentler vision of Islam and an alternative approach to education that could help reduce radicalism”25


A young Fethullah Gulen

As a child, Enes Kanter went to one of these schools in Turkey, became a dedicated follower of Gulen, and, as his basketball career progressed, a public spokesman for the Hizmet movement. In August of 2016, Kanter announced to the world that he had changed his name to Enes Kanter Gulen26, although that appears to have been a public relations stunt since the name Gulen never appeared on the back of any of Kanter’s game jerseys. Kanter’s announcement came just three weeks after an alleged coup attempt in Turkey on July 15th that the Erdogan government blamed on Gulen and used as a pretext for labeling Gulen as a terrorist and removing Gulenists from positions of power and influence in Turkish society. Although Kanter and the Gulenists deny that there was ever an authentic Gulenist coup, and instead make the claim the events of July 15th were a stunt by Erdogan to consolidate power, Kanter admits that on the night of the supposed coup he and Gulen met together and “prayed for Turkey.”27


Enes Kanter’s announcement in Turkish of his name change and continued support for Gulen

Gulen and Erdogan had actually been friendly allies since Erdogan’s party first came to power in Turkey in 2003, with some sources going so far as to almost label Gulen a kingmaker. But Alan Macleod writes that in 2010, after Israel raided the Gaza freedom flotilla (of which three ships were Turkish owned) in international waters, “cracks began appearing…after the preacher [Gulen] condemned Erdogan for sending aid ships to Gaza.” Macleod describes Gulen as “a staunch supporter of Israel” and points out that “Gulen condemned the entire Gaza Freedom Flotilla and continued to stand with Jerusalem, even after the assault on the Mavi Marmara (a Turkish vessel) by Israeli special forces.”28 Gulen has been in contact with powerful Jews since the 1990s. In 1994, Gulen organized an interfaith conference between “leaders of religious minorities in Turkey such as the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, Armenian Orthodox Patriarch, Chief Rabbi of Turkey, Vatican’s Representative to Turkey and others”29 and in 1998 he hosted Israel’s chief Sephardic Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron in Istanbul during the first visit of a top Israeli rabbi to Turkey.30


Fethullah Gulen with Israel’s chief Sephardic Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron

Like Kanter, I also attended a Gulen school, a charter in the United States, for two years. In my experience, the math and science teachers were English-speaking Turks here on visa, and the English and history teachers were Americans. The school was primarily black and Hispanic as well, in my graduating class there were maybe four or five White people, including myself. During my final year, the school was required to begin offering language courses, so another Turk was brought in and we were taught basic Turkish for a year. The most extraordinary thing about these two years, aside from the teachers and Turkish language class, was that in each year we went on a field trip to a “Turkish cultural festival”, and the only memorable part of these trips was eating Turkish ice cream. Aside from these differences, the school very closely followed the state and federal educational standards, and there was no political instruction beyond the normal indoctrination any American kid can expect to receive in a public school. I did not find out the school was run by Gulenists, nor did I even know what a Gulenist was, until the 2016 “coup”, which was long after I had left that school. Although I have no sources to back up this claim, it is my belief that the main purpose of these schools, as they exist in the US, is not to indoctrinate American children with the Gulenist ideology, but to bring educated Turks to our country so that they can be immersed in American style liberalism. Many people, including Macleod, describe the Hizmet movement’s operations in Turkey as akin to “a state within a state.”31 I believe that once these Turkish teachers’ visas expire, these extra-liberalized Turks go back to their home country, where they are encouraged by Gulen and the Hizmet movement to take up important roles in Turkish society, and then spread American liberal ideas in the Turkish institutions they enter. With the Gulenist schools in the West importing and repatriating hundreds of Turkish teachers a year, this exchange helps to ensure that the Hizmet movement will not only retain its liberal, secular values but will move towards a more Americanized expression of these liberal, secular values.


Regardless of who Fethullah Gulen is or what his personal goals are in the political realm, it is an undeniable truth that, for whatever reason, he is being protected by the American government. Gulen has been living in the United States since 1999. Macleod, and other sources, argue that this is due to the Turkish government opening up investigations into Gulen and his movement. Gulenists argue that he went to the United States “to receive medical care for his cardiovascular condition.”32 In 2008 two former U.S. ambassadors to Turkey, Morton Abramowitz (George H.W. Bush appointee) and Marc Grossman (Clinton appointee, and current Vice President of The Cohen Group, which was founded by former Clinton Secretary of Defense William Cohen) both wrote letters in support of Gulen’s green card application.33 In 2015 the Turkish government issued a warrant for Gulen’s arrest34, and in 2016, following the supposed coup attempt, formally requested his extradition from the United States.35 In response, America’s Vice President at the time, Joseph R. Biden, visited Ankara and gave a press conference with the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who was at the time a member of Erdogan’s party, where Biden condemned the coup, denied American involvement, and promised American assistance to the Turkish government. To the Turkish people, Biden gave the assurance that they have “no greater friend than the United States of America.” Biden went on to tell the Prime Minister that “the United States government is committed to do everything we can to help your government… to bring those to justice who are responsible for the coup attempt, while adhering to the rule of law, which is the foundation of both our societies.”  Speaking on Gulen specifically, Biden stated:

“Let me say publicly the same thing I said privately to the Prime Minister: Gulen — Mr. Prime Minister, I understand the intense feeling your government and the people of Turkey have about him. We are cooperating. We are cooperating with Turkish authorities. Our legal experts are working right now with their Turkish counterparts on the production of and the evaluation of material and evidence that needs to be supplied to an American court to meet the requirements under our law and the extradition treaty to extradite Gulen. And we’re going to continue to do so as you continue to bring forward additional information. We have no — no, no, no interest whatsoever in protecting anyone who has done harm to an ally. None. But we need to meet the legal standard requirement under our law. I should make clear under American law: No President of the United States has authority to extradite anyone on his own power. That only an American court can do that. Were a President to attempt to do that, it would be an impeachable offense. But we have no reason to do anything other than cooperate with you and take every substantiating fact and make it available to the extent it exists to an American court. It always takes time, and quite frankly, it’s never understood by your people or our people. It’s never understood why the wheels of justice move deliberately and slowly. And it’s totally understandable why the people of Turkey are angry. But there should be no doubt that we will continue to work closely with the Turkish government as this process unfolds.”36


As anyone familiar with the duplicitous rhetoric of American politicians might be able to predict, Gulen has not been extradited. While Biden is now President, Gulen continues to reside in his mountain “camp” in the Poconos. His presence has certainly brought a degree of vibrancy to the mostly White community of Saylorsburg, and other nearby towns, where many of Gulen’s followers have taken root around him. A 2019 Philadelphia Inquirer piece covered the varied responses of the Saylorsburgers to Gulen.37 Many of Gulen’s neighbors, particularly those that do business with the Gulenists, had positive things to say about the presence of Gulen and his movement. The township supervisor of Saylorsburg, a Republican named Howard Beers who had been in the position for almost three decades, described the Gulenists as “the nicest people” and stated his belief that “there’s nothing to fear” about their presence in the town. Beers opposed Gulen’s deportation, saying that he was “in favor of the wall with Mexico, but that’s the difference. This is a matter of legal vs. illegal…From what I’ve read, Erdogan is out of control — we don’t know what would be in store for him [“him” being Gulen, if deported].” Beers was also a local contractor and “helped construct some of the buildings on the camp’s property.”and he sold his childhood home to the Gulenists for $250,000 in 2014. David Huhn, an employee of Saylorsburg Lumber who claimed he “usedto make deliveries [to the Gulenist camp] four or five times a day” found nothing peculiar or dangerous about the Gulenists, and said, “One year, I mentioned my son was studying Islam in school, and they sent me home with textbooks and CDs to give to his teachers. They’ve never been a source of conflict here, except from the conspiracy theories people like to spew forth.”


However, in a process resembling the takeover of communities in southern New York by Orthodox Jews, some residents of Saylorsburg have begun to feel like the Gulenists are dominating, or at the very least bringing unwanted attention to, their small, quiet community. One “longtime resident” who asked to remain anonymous, told the Philadelphia Inquirer she hoped the federal government would deport Gulen and felt that the Gulenists “are taking over our area” and that “they’re able to do whatever they want, and nothing is ever done about it.” Many of Gulen’s neighbors feel uneasy at the secrecy of Gulen’s camp, and share “rumors of late-night gunfire and helicopter landings.” Furthermore, unlike in the domination of towns by Orthodox Jews, there is a very loud and public, equally unwanted but also equally permitted, political force to explicitly oppose the Gulenists in Saylorsburg: pro-Erdogan Turks also living in America. Pro-Erdogan/Anti-Gulen Turks fly loud planes above Saylorsburg “pulling banners declaring him evil”, and after the supposed coup attempt in 2016, “Erdogan sympathizers spent a few months’ worth of Saturdays parading up and down Mount Eaton Road carrying Turkish and American flags.” Down the road in another town called Wind Gap, where many Turkish families have taken up residence as well, tensions were high between Turks of the Erdogan and Gulen factions even before the “coup”. In 2015, “the Gap Theatre, the town’s movie house that typically features first-run Disney films, was hired by two groups to show dueling Gulen documentaries in the span of a week.” The first film was pro-Gulen, the latter anti-Gulen. The Inquirer writes that the large crowds of Turks from New York brought to Wind Gap by this mini film festival “caused a stir.” Bill Reese, the owner of the Gap Theatre, said “We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We had cops driving by to check on the place, and we decided that was enough. We didn’t want to get in the middle of this.” Unfortunately for Mr. Reese, by not deporting Gulen or doing anything to curb the activities of his movement in America, the State Department has implicitly declared that Reese and his neighbors are in the middle of this and must remain in the middle of it until they leave and abandon their towns to the Gulenists or until Anthony Blinken (or his successor) decides Gulen is no longer useful as a tool to advance the interests of liberalism and Zionism, and deports Gulen back to Turkey. Even worse, Tucker Carlson, along with his allies in the media and the federal government, wants to compound the problem for the White people of the Poconos, and of the whole country, by importing more Gulenists and more non-Whites that share the same political goals as a government that hates us!


The Gap Theatre



The Kanter-Gulen saga is a very small part of a broader, systemic narrative involving the seemingly increasing incomprehensibility of American foreign policy despite the emergence of a foreign policy consensus among elites, the power of ostensibly adverse media entities to work together to promote that elite consensus in the public discourse, the betrayal by the American conservative establishment of its White constituents, and the callous manner in which the American government treats its citizenry to accomplish Zionist objectives.


By treaty Turkey is an American ally, and by volume China is our biggest trading partner; meanwhile, Israel is a nation whose “closeness” to America brings our people nothing but difficulties and grief. Nonetheless, our government seems to be on a somewhat hostile footing with Turkey, and is certainly on one with China, while we give billions of dollars in aid to Israel a year and provide security assurances to them, backed by American men and material, that cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Judeo-Neoliberalism has sunk millions of Americans into a terribly despondent state of existence. From sea to shining sea, Whites are scraping by paycheck to paycheck, attempting their best to sail between the Scylla of financial ruin and the Charybdis of moral bankruptcy that comes with the attainment of a higher status position in our society and the parroting of anti-White ideology that is required to maintain such a position. Yet our government doesn’t just keep pushing our people down the dark, slippery slope of liberalism, it also seeks to drag the rest of the world along for the ride! Since 1861, at the very latest, the United States government has engaged in constant warfare, with little reprieve, with the aim of imposing its poisonous ideology upon people across the world. Even now, as America has been humiliated in Afghanistan and pushed out of the country by a more popular but relatively under-equipped and under-trained force, our government is now doubling down on its tough stances towards Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, and the enemies of Israel in the Middle East; that is, we are continuing to saber rattle against groups who are much more competent in their abilities to defend themselves than the Taliban. All this, despite our impotence becoming more salient. So why is America continuing to subscribe to a foreign policy that is seemingly completely irrational? The simplest explanation is that, to the ruling regime, our current foreign policy is the only way to accomplish the regime’s real goals, the foremost of which are staying in power at home and preserving the security of Israel. If large countries like Russia and China were able to create functional systems that were nonetheless illiberal and that provided their people with increasing levels of prosperity, this would put the legitimacy of the American system into question, particularly as the American system continues to bring the American people into ever greater states of precarity. If smaller countries like Iran and Venezuela were able to do the same as China or Russia, with even less resources, the negative effects on the legitimacy of our Zionist occupied government would be even greater and would encourage other smaller countries to break away from the neoliberal bloc. And of course, if Israel’s enemies were unopposed by the behemoth of the United States, they would stand a much greater chance of being able to prevail over Israel and would then be able to impose terms upon the Zionist state, possibly including its dissolution, that Jews would find intolerable. Given the dislike the average Turk feels towards Israel and their genocide of Palestinians38, the government of Turkey, if not constantly threatened with economic and political subversion by the United States, would likely be friendly towards anti-Zionist coalitions and might even come to occupy a position of leadership in such an alliance. This is why the Zionist run United States promotes Enes Kanter and provides comfort to Fethullah Gulen, they serve as a philosemitic counterweight to the popular will of the Turkish people. The Gulenists are a Sword of Damocles that keep Erdogan from bending to that popular will by acting as a potential vanguard to facilitate a Zionist regime change operation that would depose Erdogan. Clearly, the only rational position for right wing political dissidents in this arena is to oppose all forms of foreign meddling done by the system, and loudly so, especially when it is obviously being done for the advancement of Judeo-Neoliberalism.


Every day, tens of millions of Americans get their political narratives from corporate, Jew-run media. Moreso, many of these individuals, if not most, believe there are substantial differences between the narratives they get from their preferred outlets and those from “competing” or “enemy” sources. But it is unclear how long this delusion will continue to hold power over the American people, particularly when the targeted audiences take the slightest time to expand their usual media view and see other networks, some of which they might normally feel a strong revulsion towards, time and time again putting out the same foreign policy narratives as their usual choices for propaganda. Few media outlets in the United States disagree that Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are serious threats to the national security of the United States. Few disagree that the security arrangements we have created around the world to oppose those countries and preserve our dominance are very important, regardless of the massive sacrifices required to maintain them. Few disagree that “democracy” is something the United States should advance on the international stage, and that fascism, communism, and all other forms of “radicalism” are things America should oppose. Fewest of all disagree that Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East, if not the entire world, and thus must be provided with various forms of aid. And, apparently, few of these media outlets disagree that a bench warming Turk on a basketball team has important things to say about America’s foreign policy. Unfortunately, it is almost certainly true that many, if not most, of the individuals that comprise these targeted audiences do agree with the propaganda they are shown; although the degree to which they fully internalize it is an open question. It is up to us to make direct, reasoned, and evidence-based arguments demonstrating that the Jewish media exposes them to nothing more than dishonest manipulation. Then our people can accept the truth of the world; and the truth only benefits us politically, as we have the best claim to having a worldview that is in line with reality.


The media would not be such a united front were it not for the acquiescence of America’s nominal “right-wing”. Tucker Carlson has in the past explicitly brought attention to pro-White causes, but now he promotes the interests of Turkish liberals and Uighurs. Carlson’s bosses, the Murdoch family, are worth tens of billions of dollars, which would give them the power to promote the interests of White Americans and better resist Jewish, anti-White harassment. Yet, for whatever reason, they have chosen to throw in their lot with Jews, and thus their media empire is one of the loudest voices in favor of a hawkish, pro-Zionist foreign policy. But the betrayal of Whites by the right is not limited to the narratives put out by the conservative media. It is no surprise that Jewish Republicans like Lee Zeldin are ardent Zionists, but there is no prima facie reason why the GOP Representative from Wyoming, Liz Cheney, should be one. Certainly the average Wyomingite is far more concerned with the economic situation of themselves and their neighbors, or immigration and demographics, or the moral decline of American society, or the very real human rights abuses perpetrated against White citizens in our own country, than they are concerned with allegations of human rights abuses in Turkey or Xinjiang. However, once you understand that one of Cheney’s biggest donors is Steven Schwarzmann’s Blackstone Group39, the driving force behind Cheney’s priorities becomes clear. And the treachery of conservative politicians is not just apparent on the national stage. When men like Howard Beers welcome foreigners into their communities, profit off of them, and then go on to advocate for their permanent residency, then they are doing nothing more than selling out their people, and their own souls, to mammon. The degree to which the mainstream right has taken up the cause of the Gulenists pales in comparison to their support for Jews and Israel, but it is yet another indication of their venality and irredeemableness. It is long past time for White Americans who want to reverse the decline of their nation to understand that the Republican Party and “Conservative Inc.” offer no real hope for our salvation. These Jewish controlled and Jewish allied Republican and conservative groups exist solely to advance Jewish interests, while ensuring any nascent right-wing movement that might actually effect important political change is smothered in the cradle before it can become viable. The sooner the liars, grifters, and traitors are removed from the conversation, the sooner a legitimate and empowered right-wing can meet the demands of the true American people.


The United States government has made a disgusting habit of cavalierly sacrificing the lives of its young men and the resources of its productive class in Zionist wars, and then forcing all Westerners to accept the masses of refugees that inevitably follow these wars. Thousands of young White American men have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two decades. Tens of thousands more will have to deal with crippling physical injuries and debilitating mental trauma, without adequate healthcare and counseling, for the rest of their lives. Trillions of dollars of taxed treasure that could have been spent on building hospitals for underserved rural, predominantly White counties was instead spent on “nation building” within nations that never wanted us there. While these Zionist military actions inflict terrible losses on our own people, the losses of the people who live in the countries our government attacks are far greater. Hundreds of thousands of civilians die, infrastructure is turned to rubble, and millions become internally displaced. Our government, with the on-the-ground assistance of Jewish-run NGOs, then takes these millions of refugees and conveys them to the West, where they are provided with free housing, free healthcare, free education, welfare, and various other forms of public assistance that otherwise could have gone to native Western peoples, including White Americans. Thankfully, thus far tensions between the United States and Erdogan are much less dire than they were between the United States and Saddam Hussein in 2003. We are certainly very far off from losing tremendous amounts of American lives in a hot war with Turkey, a war that would predictably cause a refugee crisis that would make the events of the past decade in Europe look like a minor, solitary border incident. However, the political events in Turkey during the last half decade have already caused a relatively small refugee crisis in Europe, with thousands seeking asylum in response to Erdogan’s post-coup crackdowns on Gulenists. To what degree that coup was a genuine Gulenist uprising, and/or supported by the American government, I will not speculate on here; however, it seems sensible to think that political repression against Gulenists in Turkey, along with their asylum seeking in the West, is bound to get worse, or at the very least continue, so long as the United States maintains its protection of Gulen. For the White people of Monroe County, PA, their communities have clearly been affected by the influx of Gulenists, and their Turkish opponents, for decades, and the situation has gotten much worse since the alleged coup. That our government has done nothing to ameliorate the conditions of Whites in these towns and neighborhoods can hardly come as a surprise, given its lack of concern, either at home or abroad, for much more serious forms of White loss and dispossession, collateral damage, and blowback that results from its foreign policy.


The Gulenists are Zionist pawns, but they are not without agency. As “dissidents” that represent a liberal ideology, they have strategically hitched their wagon to Israel and the United States. This undoubtedly makes it easier for Gulenists to organize and operate, and it is also unquestionably an avenue pro-White dissidents could never, and should never, utilize. However, if there is one thing the Gulenists can teach those of us who oppose Jewish power and liberalism without any hope of state backing, it is that there is strength in organization, and not just in explicitly political ways. The Gulenists are far from atomized, and the majority of Gulenist organizing is done around seemingly non-political institutions (like their schools) that can then be leveraged in a variety of ways to achieve political ends. Furthermore, the Gulenists are not egalitarian. Within the institutions they create there is leadership and a hierarchy. Although these institutions may not coordinate or communicate with each other, the leadership of these organizations ultimately pledge their loyalty to and take instructions from a central leadership figure, Fethullah Gulen, and his closest advisors. That the Gulenists have achieved a notable measure of success, regardless of the support they have received from Jews and the US government, is a testament to the power of organization. If we want to reacquire power, expel these Turkish interlopers and their Zionist protectors, and put an end to all subversive activities that originate in this country, we will also have to become organized under the leadership of capable men. Given the evil that Zionists have inflicted on our people and the entire world, organization in opposition to them should not be thought of only as a winning strategy, it must also be seen as a moral imperative. Only then will our people have the moral confidence to do what is necessary to crush this beast system.




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