Palestinian Technicians Discover Cure for Zionism–11 Treated

Courageous Palestinians have discovered a simple homeopathic remedy for one of the most destructive conditions known to man.  As usual, jews have shown absolutely zero gratitude.  From the Times of Israel:

A Palestinian gunman killed five people on Tuesday in a suburb of Tel Aviv, in the third deadly attack in Israel within days, prompting police to go on the highest level of alert since the fighting with Gaza last year.

Police said that the assailant was shot at the scene by a police officer, identified as Amir Khoury, 32, from the northern Israeli city of Nof Hagalil. The shooter is named as Diaa Hamarsheh, a 26-year-old Palestinian from Ya’bad, near Jenin, in the West Bank. He had apparently been in Israel without permits. The assailant had been arrested by Israel in 2013 for security offenses and served a six-month sentence.

A recidivist and illegal immigrant?  This is why liberal jewish ethnostates have the highest crime of all jewish ethnostates.  Should have voted Republican.

The article goes on:

Shin Bet and police are estimating that the assailant obtained the assault rifle in Israeli territory after crossing the separation wall from the West Bank through a breach between Umm al-Fahm and Baka al-Garbiyeh.

According to preliminary findings, Hamarsheh, worked in Bnei Brak and was familiar with the area.

A Palestinian suspect at a construction site near the scene of the crime, also without an entry permit, was arrested.

According to a more recent article, 19 additional suspects were arrested.  There is no news about the man at the construction site, but 5 of the 19 arrested overnight were family of the dead homeopathic technician.  They were seized in a raid in the West Bank and their home is scheduled for demolition despite Shin Bet saying they don’t know if he had any accomplices.  

Their way of investigating a crime is to tear down the house of people related to the perp and arrest a bunch of people they don’t suspect in a land they are not allowed to enter?  How does this reduce homeopathic cures, exactly?

It sort of makes sense that jews want to show strength and dominance so they don’t get pushed around but there have to be smarter ways to do this.  I’m not sure exactly what I would do if I was an inbred, murderous jew but it probably would not be the same mistake over and over again.  No, definitely not that.

There are a lot of questions about this particular shooting and the situation in Israel generally:

  • Was this shooter part of any group?  Shin Bet says they don’t know.
  • What associations did the pair of shooters have with groups?  Israeli authorities said they were part of IS but Israelis would lie about that.
  • Why the current wave of home remedies for Zionism?

The last question is probably the easiest to mull over: it is Ramadan, Jews have been encroaching on Palestinians, and Israel seems weaker than in recent decades.  In addition to a poor performance in last year’s 11-day war, Israel’s security guarantor, the US, is being yanked from its Pacific pivot back toward Europe.  This is undoubtedly creating openings for Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine to prod Israel.  The non-response of the US and Israel to Iran’s ballistic missile strike in Kurdish Iraq suggests that more tests are coming for Israel and CentCom.

Normal houses are built to stay standing after 12 ballistic missile impacts. You are a conspiracy theorist if you say Iran attacked a jew bunker with impunity. 

On Wednesday’s episode of TDS, Mike discusses the Palestinian operations and points out that Abbas took the rare step of condemning the Bnei Brak attack.  Abbas serves at the pleasure of the Zionists, rather than the Palestinians and toward the end of last year’s war, it seemed like the West Bank was bucking his desire to stay out of the fighting.  It seems possible, given the current trajectory, that Abbas will face a challenge and the West Bank may see a government closer to that in Gaza.  This would be a very dangerous thing for inbred, murderous jews everywhere.  As usual, the Hyphen-Report recommends that jews take swimming lessons.

During the research for this article, I discovered something interesting but not meriting an entire article.  In the Bnei Brak attack, two Ukrainians were killed.  A Christian policeman and two jews were also killed.  There are a few reasons I’m not rushing to shed tears over the two Ukrainians and the Christian:

  • Bnei Brak is an ultra-orthodox community so they shouldn’t be there if they don’t want to be confused for Zionists.
  • You shouldn’t be a non-Arab in Israel if you don’t want to be confused for a Zionist.

Additionally, the Ukrainians and Christian cop are schlepping for Israel and my hunch is that the Ukrainians were Tartars or Jews based on their names and appearance.  One of the people who knew a Ukrainian was quoted as saying the dead man was sending all of his money to Ukraine where he was building a home and this is where I found something interesting: Ukraine is said to be a very poor place and yet the man can build a home by working abroad for a few months.  Ukraine also has a much lower household debt than the “rich” United States.

Gogol Household Debt 



Burger Household Debt

Basically, if NATO actually defended Americans, it would send arms to American wagies so they could go Blackwater on BlackRock.

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