On the Death of Civilization and Christianity

If during reading this you have a hostile or negative emotional response, it is not the responsibility of the writer to care about your feelings or what you may think is your own personal truth. The fact of the matter is that no one takes God seriously anymore.

In fact, thanks to civilizational decline, caused by “outside forces” or “demonic influence” or “the enemy,” you wonder why church attendance is so low. You wonder why all the pastors for every church sound like emasculated sodomites. You wonder why even the pope himself is pushing disgusting and abhorrent beliefs including allowing gays and saying that Hell doesn’t exist, even though it is literal canon. Wanna know why? Because instead of rejecting The Modern World©, you embraced it. You allowed your altruism to blind you to the reality of the situation. You thought that just because someone may look and sound like you for a time, that they would never defraud you or worse, betray you from the very beginning. Not even for money. Only to make sure you and the rest of the stupid GOYIM keep spinning your wheels while everything you were promised is stolen from you right in front of your eyes. Including your own religion.

“Uncle Samantha here to tell you all about our lord and savior, Moloch”

You let CI Scofield edit The Holy Bible and deface it with blasphemies in concert with his JEWISH WIFE. You allow child abusing FAGGOTS to wear the cloth and corrupt the teachings of God Himself. You treat the temple you worship in as a grifting platform for snake oil salesmen, race baiting hucksters and blaspheming heretics. You supported the ethnic genocide of a people in their own country all for the sake of a retconned prophesy born out of a false prophesy. You allowed Jesus to die. You let him die in you and you replaced Him with a falsehood. You let the entire purpose of the religion be corrupted and ultimately destroyed.

“I love jews so damn much” — CI Scofield. Probably.

The purpose? What is the purpose of a religion? In a sane and normal society, a religion gives purpose to life. Thus, religion’s purpose is to serve the people. Therefore, based on my previous commentary in the latter paragraph, religion (in this case, Christianity), has been corrupted and the people serve the religion instead. Why is this a bad thing? Simple. Because as a people serve a religion, racial and ethnic solidarity no longer exists. Religion is used as a tool to split and divide the people. Not only in a racial way, but in an ideological means, and instead of uniting a people behind a single purpose to improve their way of living through wholesome habits and cultural norms, it creates a false unity which we derive all our living morals. As those morals cover a people in poison and filth of a subverted text and the words become twisted and false, the people the religion was created for is corrupted and warped, just as their religion is. 
Turned into a mire or a cesspit of Talmudic reasoning overshadowing the obvious strictures to which that false and destructive reasoning has been put in place by malevolent creatures in small hats with ancient particularisms.

“Yes sir, Shlomo sir, I’ve been a good pope. Subverting the monolith as you desire.”

We live in a time where it is more socially acceptable to betray your own family or your own kind for the sake of some fake and gay salvation you think is coming. God hates you and you know it. God hates you because you lie to his face. God hates you even more because you pray to “God” when in reality the person you are following in prayer is actually praying to Moloch. You got told a story by people that corrupted The Book, and you ate it up hook, line, and sinker. Hell, you even were stupid enough to give your measly shekels to them thinking you would receive some Holy Get-Into-Heaven golden ticket for giving 50 dollars to some Haitian grifting operation. Which gave said money to some NGO in Tel Aviv. NO REFUNDS, GOY.

This kid has the right idea.

God hates you and so do I. Let’s talk about HATE for a second because it is quite an interesting thing. Everywhere you go, you see this garbage bumper sticker logo-ese on everything about loving instead of hating. This golem horde of soulless bugmen and heartless cat ladies with brain parasites are fed this line about how HATE is something to stamp out. Without HATE, Christianity would never have survived or thrived. Even more so, without violence toward lesser-than semi-developed civilizations, the Catholic Church et al would not exist. As you do as an Anti-Pope though, the church is being stomped out and its parishioners are being persecuted as racist, vile antisemites who should give everything to said lesser-thans because equity or some stupid neoliberal buzzword bingo. Dispensationalists deserve to be punished severely for their crimes against White Civilization, and their churches should be razed to the ground as Jesus himself wouldn’t dare step foot in such a demonic place.

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  2. The church has been subverted.

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