Mr. Bond Sentenced to 10 Years: Biggest Sentence on Record

In what may be the longest sentence ever issued for speech crimes in Europe, Austrian rapper Mr. Bond  was sentenced to 10 years.  While the court spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment, preliminary research indicates that this is, in fact, the highest sentence issued in Germany or Austria.

While this may seem like a poorly-timed joke, it is probably the best way to get the attention of the court spokeswoman.

In 2005 Ernst Zundel was sentenced to the maximum of 5 years in Germany under a similar speech law.  A site that supports Mr. Bond (real name Phillip Hassler), also makes the claim that past sentences have ranged from 33 months to 5 years.  Evidently the maximum in Austria is greater than that in Germany.

Mr. Bond has been recording rap lyrics to the tune of popular American songs since at least 2016.  Most readers will be familiar with his songs but here is an example:

So far, the only mainstream source for his sentence of 10 years is Barron’s which cites Agence France Presse (AFP).  While the AFP News site does not actually have a bulletin or article about this case, it does seem unlikely Barron’s made it all up.

If this is indeed the highest sentence handed out for anti-jewish speech alone, it would make sense given the timing:  jewish power in Europe and America is challenged by a rising tide of popular anti-jewish sentiment as well as outside competitors like the BRICS nations.  As Europe and America wane, it is likely that elites will increasingly act out on the domestic population, particularly those who seek to act as ringleaders and instigators in the populist sphere; in other words, artists and activists will increasingly be denied their EU human rights and US civil rights.  As the site puts it, “an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

Phillip Hassler (excellent name given how chaffed, hassled, and harried jews have gotten over just a few songs), can receive donations at the following links per that same site.

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  4. Hass means hate in german

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