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Man Predicts Inflation


Kindly unfold wallet.

Chamath Palihapitiya, alleged Canadian, has a reputation for winning bets in the tech sector in the past decade.  His top accomplishments appear to be 1) attaining the status of King Pajeet during Facebook’s boom 2) betting on Tesla and 3) ditching his Bay-Area-Gook-Cult wife for a svelte Italian.  He is now breaking with other fintech bubble pumpers in admitting that inflation is here to stay but, of course, he has his angle: he wants you to know he is long Google and Microsoft.  

In an interview with larval podcast team Savvy Finance, Palihapitiya said “I think that the Fed and the ECB, this time next year, are really in a tighter posture.” He predicts “tech stocks in the fucking toilet.” This isn’t brilliant insight and it’s evident the man can hardly communicate better than pharmacological freight train and fellow-retard Cathie Wood.  What is notable about this interaction though is that the most stalwart system freaks are starting to peel off in the wake of the most-recent CPI print and no effort is being made to give Powell social cover for his baseless assertion that inflation is transitory.

You can find edited video and good doom commentary here: 

  What’s really remarkable about this YouTube video is how cogent the presenter is compared to the mudblood and the squishy toads interviewing him.  


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