Juneteenth: Just Call It Black Purim

Originally published on Dissident-Mag.

Just as the African slave trade was promoted and led by Jews, black emancipation was inherently a movement promoted and led by Jews. It was followed by Jew-led emancipatory campaigns on behalf of every ostensible White-oppressed group for over 150 years, up to and including gay, trans, and pedophile rights. Intersectionality was a rhetorical invention created to further this strategy.

In its early stages, black emancipation was used as a cover for obfuscating the dominant role of Jews in the African slave trade while advancing nascent Zionism. It didn’t even begin in America. “British” abolitionist Nathan Meyer Rothschild led the abolitionist movement in Great Britain 30 years earlier, with his business partner, Moses Montefiore, loaning the British government over 1.5 billion pounds (in today’s currency) at interest to compensate slave owners for their emancipated slaves. The debt was paid off by British taxpayers in 2015. Rothschild himself was a claimant under this arrangement.

A portrayal of Rothschild in the German press

While it’s true that Jews were a major proponent of the slave trade and most of New York’s Jewish community were ardent supporters of slavery, this attitude changed during the Civil War era. As noted by Ken Yellis in the (Jewish) Daily Forward, Jews took up both sides of the issue until it became clear that the utility of emancipation and industrialization had more, shall we say, intrinsic value, than mere profits from the slave trade. In reality, this was more about waiting to see which side was victorious than it was about suddenly realizing the value of emancipation.

Abolitionist Rabbi David Einhorn

Two yentas protesting against child slavery in an undated photo

Black emancipation wasn’t the first shot fired in the war on Whites in America, but unleashing the black masses on the Northern United States while economically devastating and “reconstructing” the South, subjugating southern Whites and exacting a political price and a pound of flesh for crimes that were ultimately perpetrated by Jews, went hand in hand with Jew-led and Jew-instigated revolutionary movements in America that followed nearly 100 years later during the Civil Rights era.

A special bond: Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (left) and Martin Luther King (right) marching in Selma, Alabama

Jewish groups participate in an apparent 6 million-man March on Washington in 1963

Both then and now, these campaigns are cravenly used for the expressed purpose of inciting violence against Whites. As Jonathan Tobin rather ironically admits in one of his seething rants against BDS and the Mapping Project in the Jewish News Syndicate, a Jew for Jew publication:

“…intersectional ideas lead this movement inevitably to a position that treats Jews as hateful oppressors and legitimate objects of protest—something that always leads to violence.”

Tobin is enraged that his golems can’t tell the difference between White and Jewish supremacy, but if we simply replace the word “Jews” in this sentence, it perfectly encapsulates the Jewish doctrine of destruction against White Americans since our nation’s inception.

Jonathan Semite Tobin, conservative opinion-maker

If it is an a priori fact amongst Jews that treating one group as “hateful oppressors and legitimate objects worth protesting always leads to violence”, then this isn’t just some tin-foil hat-led anti-semitic conspiracy theory. It is a centuries-old pre-meditated war on Whites, replete with some of the most heinous human rights abuses ever to go undocumented by mass media.

Blacks, latinos, and asians made up 89% of all mass shootings in 2021. Up from 86% in 2019 and 2020. Data courtesy of

Similarly, blacks and latinos comprised 92% of all mass shootings so far in 2022. Data courtesy of

Juneteenth is indeed a celebration of blacks triumphing over Whites, but the group that benefits the most are the ones who made all of it possible. Without Jews, blacks would never have set foot in the Americas. Their presence, their destruction of our once beautiful cities, and their ability to commit brutal acts of violence against Whites without recourse from law enforcement or the judicial system is a problem of Jewish origin.

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