Jews are Contracting Polio and That Might Just Be Your Problem.

The nonstop disease vectors known as Orthodox Jews have struck again in Rockland County, New York.  Some would say this is an issue for America, with all her wealth, to solve, but the editors at the Hyphen-Report know better: Jews simply just can’t help themselves when it comes to close physical contact during a disease outbreak.

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The first case of polio in the United States in a decade has been diagnosed in an Orthodox Jewish man in Rockland County, just north of New York City.

Local health officials announced the case Thursday and said they would begin a drive to increase vaccination against the potentially deadly virus. They said the victim was experiencing paralysis, a hallmark of the disease, and that he had not been vaccinated against it.

And why would he be vaccinated against it?  Never mind the fact that the disease has been declared bunk in the US for a hundred years, what about the fact that Jews are constantly coming down with weird diseases like this?  I’m sorry for offending but it seems like Jews have a specific problem in their specific community.  A targeted response is merited.

In the Orthodox Jew community it is common to practice what is known as oral suction circumcision.  In their gib, it is called metzitzah b’peh.  Many have remarked that this is an onomatopoeia of the experience of the Rabbi doing his bit but it is not.  Simply, the Rabbi cuts or bites the foreskin of the child and then removes the blood and skin through oral suction (i.e. sucking the tissue with his mouth).  Many children have contracted herpes from Rabbis this way.

Per the New York City official health site:

Public health experts have found that metzitzah b’peh can put babies at risk of getting a harmful virus called herpes simplex virus type 1 or HSV-1. Some of these babies became seriously ill. Some developed brain damage, and others have died. There is no proven way to eliminate the risk of HSV-1 infection from direct oral suctioning, though there are options to reduce the risk.

Why do Jewish Rabbis continue this religious service given the ongoing public health crisis in their community?  The only rational explanation is that they simply want to.  From the NY Post

Michal was 21 when she went for help with infertility to Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg — an Israeli kabbalist who had a massive following of people seeking blessings and supernatural healings. After a year of counseling, the rabbi began hitting on Michal. “You are not holy enough,” he said, when she refused his advances. “Maybe I made a mistake trying to help you. I thought you were on a higher level.” In 2018 he was convicted of sexually molesting eight women, but gained early release in 2021

This is by no means a solitary incident.  Rabbis have been raping boys and girls in the thousands going on decades.  What exactly is the issue with this community?  From the same article:

“A rabbi in my high school molested schoolmates, and he was simply removed from my all-girls school and placed in the boys’ school,” says Shlomit, who told Sztokman she had witnessed several rabbis abusing her classmates when she was in school. “He then went on to become my community rabbi and had sexually inappropriate relationships with congregants.” He was only removed a decade ago after a synagogue investigation. As an Orthodox Jewish educator in her 40s, Shlomit now witnesses this same sort of abuse happening to her peers.

This simply must stop.  Readers may justifiably lack an affinity for the jewish community given their concerted efforts to deny White statehood and deny Palestinian rights to their lands but the simple fact is that a public jewish health crisis is at our doorstep.  What can we do to stop the reign of biological terror by these rabbis?  Should we shirk the calling and say that it is a minor series of events or should we grab the issue by the horns and say that no more kids will be raped in American cities?  The answer is in stopping rabbis from practicing their Judaic law in defiance of the American system.  

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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    It couldn’t possibly be that they are filthy and disgusting and lie about everything, including that jews were intentionally spreading the plague.

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    Something something every faggot, and every jew.

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