Jewish NGOs banned from Polish schools.

Last week I wrote about the education reform amendment that passed in Poland. It empowered education officials to ban undesirable NGOs from schools. We all expected that it would target LGBT recruiters, but three jewish groups made the list as well.

A list of over 200 undesirable organizations that are “highly harmful” to students is associated with Barbara Nowak, in charge of schools in the southern Małopolska province of Poland. It includes the “Auschwitz Jewish Center”, the “Never Again” (Nigdy Więcej) association of Poland, and the “Jan Karski Educational Foundation”. The Association of Roma in Poland was also banned.

I will write a summary of these organizations and give my unsolicited opinion of their ban. 

 Auschwitz Jewish Center

The AJC describes itself as a “non-governmental organization whose mission is to preserve the memory of the Jewish community of the city of Oświęcim and educate about the dangers of anti-Semitism, racism and other prejudices and intolerance.” It was founded in New York.

In response to being added to Nowak’s list, they responded.

“Almost all Jewish Oświęcim residents were murdered because the Third Reich unleashed a campaign of hatred, exclusion, and then mass murder against them. That is why we will never stop responding to hatred, fanaticism, racism, anti-Semitism or homophobia. Because we are learning lessons from Auschwitz. One cannot remain silent here, when prejudices against refugees, Polish women and LGBT + Poles, Muslims or other groups of people are used for political gain… I also informed the US Consulate General in Krakow and our American partner, the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York about this situation.”

The AJC also has a museum that subverts and appropriates Polish culture. “Photographs depicting Polish folk art through a multicultural lens. The images show Polish traditional costumes worn by people of different nationalities.”

Verdict: These fucking Żydzi. They are directly attacking Polish identity and culture. Motivated by fear, they want to destroy the Polish people as a cohesive ethnic group and want our country to become multicultural for their benefit. We can’t let them access to our children. Banned.

Never Again

Let me tell you the story of Simon Mol, winner of the prestigious 2003 “anti fascist of the year” award by the Never Again Association. Simon Mol was an African refugee who knowingly spread HIV in Poland, coercing liberal women to have unprotected sex with him by accusing them of being racist if they resisted.  One victim said he told her she was racist for refusing “because she thought he must be infected with HIV just because he was black”. Mol was diagnosed with HIV in 1999 and died of AIDs in 2008.

Never Again is the group responsible for adding a ban on “racist organizations” to Poland’s constitution in 1996. According to their mission statement one of their highest priorities is to change how Polish children think.

“Never Again is particularly concerned with the problem of education against racial and ethnic prejudices among the young”

If Poland had an ADL, it might look a lot like Never Again. The difference though is that in Poland we are not meek powerless people who bend to jewish demands just because jews make them. For example for a decade they’ve been trying to ‘kick racism out of the stadiums’ but failed to do so in Poland due to Poles distrust of jews. Never Again, with the support of UEFA, ran “Football Against Racism in Europe”. The program consisted of workshops, events, tournaments and training for teachers, coaches and security personnel. The project didn’t work  because “Unfortunately the Polish FA has hindered rather than helped the work.”

Verdict: On the list, never again in Polish schools. Banned.

Jan Karski Educational Foundation

This is the jewish group I know the least about. It is US based and gave an award to John McCain.

Verdict: I trust Nowak at this point, good addition to the list. Banned

Jewish Reactions

This is breaking news, Hyphen-Report is the first non jewish English language media organization to report on it. We will watch story closely!

Right now it’s just a list, but the woman who made it will have the power to enforce it once our president signs the bill into law. Will jewish groups pressure America to pressure Poland? Right now a cost-benefit analysis is probably being run in international jewish circles. 

Comparison to America

Ever since Trump signed the “Never again” act into law(bipartisan support), jewish groups are mandated by law to have access to American schools. H.R. 943 was more widely discussed in Poland than in America, as its relevant to us that the ADL has the power to educate Americans about WW2.

Here is the law in Arkansas,

“Beginning in the 2022–2023 school year, Holocaust education shall be taught in all public schools in a manner that: (1) Generates an understanding of the causes, course, and effects of the Holocaust; (2) Develops dialogue with students on the ramifications of bullying, bigotry, stereotyping, and discrimination; and (3) Encourages tolerance of diversity and reverence for human dignity for all citizens in a pluralistic society.”

Based Belarus Factchecking

Hero of Europe

In yesterday’s episode of popular American podcast, TDS, on, some inaccuracies about Polish-Belarusian border situation were made.

The crisis started because Lukashenko dropped the visa entry requirements for Muslim and African countries, enabling people from Iraq and Africa to fly into Minsk and then get smuggled into Europe. Lukashenko had various motivation, but he did state it was retaliation and a “hybrid attack” on the EU.

Poland’s response was flawless and should be applauded. Poland did not let them into Europe. Refugees found in Poland were literally thrown back, or “push backed” into Belarus. Journalists were banned from the border. German proposals to bus them from the Belarus border to Germany were rejected. Eventually the migrants gave up and flew back to Baghdad or Ghana.

Here are some curated videos.

After the climatic push to get into Poland was repelled Lukahsenko went to see the refugees.

Here is a video from August. Made and published by Belarusian border forces.

Poland is the border of Europe. A wall against unending masses of invaders and raiders. This is Polish culture! We should remember Vienna 1683, when we worked together with our brothers to save europe. This is what children should be taught.


Paul Mieczyslaw
I am a hyphen report writer, so I have hyphen report responsibilities.

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