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The phrase New World Order has meant many things over the course of a century. The phrase was first used in public discourse by American President Woodrow Wilson to describe a new internationalism he hoped to see emerge after the end of the First World War: a global order in which the nationalist impulse to self-determination would be embedded within a benignly pluralistic League of Nations. The realisation of Wilson’s vision may have faltered in its encounters with national and political realities throughout the 1920s and 30s, but the evocative coinage New World Order has survived and thrived, always just beyond the fringes of normative political theorising, its meaning and usage transforming as the characteristic anxieties of the age have changed.

One of the many cartoons of the era, mocking Woodrow Wilson for his progessive vision of global affairs.

By the post-World War Two era, the usage of New World Order had acquired something of the form we recognise now, having acquired the now-familiar connotation of sinister conspiracy. The phrase was now being used by American hyper-patriots to describe imagined communist shadow governments working toward a single global Marxist-Leninist regime. While the notorious cases of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs demonstrate that there were Soviet agents acting within high levels of the American establishment, the overthrow of that establishment by a secret Communist plot remains strictly a counterfactual eventuality. And yet the conspiracy theories have not perished along with global ‘Soviet-style’ communism; the whispered threat of a coming New World Order has persisted in the political shadows. 

After the end of the Cold War, New World Order continued to take on new shades of meaning, its usage mutating into increasingly incoherent mythological narratives: Christians claimed it was a Satanic plot to bring about the end times, Rightist militias believed mysterious forces deploying black helicopters were going to effect a coup in the United States, professional disseminators of conspiracy narratives such as David Icke or Alex Jones maintained that alien beings from distant planets or alternative realities control the world, and of course: Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist regime was alive and well, with elusive Nazis running the show from strongholds beneath the Antarctic ice, or hidden on the dark side of the Moon. And no survey of conspiracy theories, however brief, would be complete without a mention of the Freemasons who are supposedly the real men behind the curtains.

The cast of characters changes, but there is one unchanging universal theme: the notion of an innocent and gullible public being marched in their sleep towards a totalitarian single world government.

Davos, Switzerland

A New Life

The New World Order mythology continues to evolve in our era: in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shadowy enemy has become ‘Davos Man’, with Samuel P. Huntington’s empirically well-founded concept of a new international billionaire class being wrenched out of his sober analysis and thrust into the traditional garb of the conspiracy theorists’ super-villains. In this dramatic new update of the old conspiracy tropes, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and the United Nations are re-imagined as the institutional tendrils of a technocratic elite who control the policies and executive actions of national governments. And at the apex of this pyramid sit Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.

The people who have bought into this latest iteration of the New World Order mythology, often well-intentioned and otherwise intelligent, have allowed their political thinking to become entangled with a very old conspiracy theory – a conspiracy theory that the people in power, the trans-national Jewish elite and the corrupt gentile politicians who serve them, have always been comfortable with. The decision makers in Berlin, Brussels, Washington D.C., and Westminster are perfectly happy for organisations which hold NO sovereign decision making power to take the blame for unpopular domestic policies and the observable drift of our societies into ‘woke’ madness,  anarcho-tyranny, and hegemonic anti-Whiteness. One might even say of the Powers-That-Be that their attitude regarding political activists who espouse the New World Order belief system is – the more the better. As a political worldview, NWOism serves to identify an arbitrary assemblage of symptoms but never diagnoses the root cause.

Flags of the United Nations and NATO

Where Power Lies

NATO, The European Union, Washington and Westminster possess significant decision-making powers: to regulate economies, to force member states into war, to enact sanctions, to push agendas in the media, and to fund cultural programs. They act as sovereign entities in global politics. On the other hand, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are little more than glorified social clubs for the politicians and CEOs who wield political, economic and cultural power from within national bureaucracies and corporate boardrooms. The United Nations is certainly one of the most corrupt institutions on the planet, but possessing as it does an institutional structure riddled with nepotistic sinecurism and hopelessly micro-managed by member governments, the UN hardly amounts to a viciously efficient and potent instrument of technocratic power. Likewise, the World Economic Forum, in reality, serves as little more than a debating society for the thousand or so corporations that comprise its members; the WEF’s chief contribution to the globalist project is to occasionally publish some reports on utopian economic dreams.

Political power crosses national borders, it tends toward a trans-national elite – but this elite does not take the form of an inhuman cabal bent on enslaving or reshaping mankind for obscure ‘Satanic’ reasons, and using, in mysterious and unfalsifiable ways, toothless internationalist talking shops as its organs. On the contrary, trans-national political power has always been, and remains, a human enterprise carried out for political ends. The unique misfortune for the White race being that it is our form of human life that is the inconvenient roadblock for the Jewish capitalists, the White traitors and their global ‘vision’ of materialistic mediocrity. 

Conceptual schemes, however cleverly devised and well-intentioned, that displace our clear-sighted awareness of the horrifying human reality of the system that rules us onto the comic book villainy of a cabal of sinister technocrats and industrialists, can only serve to muddle thinking and keep us trapped in impotent political ghettos. Yes, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are important actors within a diseased, corrupt and hostile World Order. But it is a dying Order – and one that we as 21st century White identitarians have the responsibility of intelligently surveying and mapping as we attempt to build the foundations of our own New World.

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