Israel Reaches Highest Corruption Index Ever; Wealthy Refusing to Serve in Armed Forces

People are starting to ask: are jews ok?

From the Times of Israel

An anti-corruption watchdog on Tuesday gave Israel its worst-ever score in a global ranking of how countries tackle government graft.

We’ve slipped from No. 28 five years ago. In our region, we’re now considered more corrupt than Qatar. Among the 37 OECD members, we’re 29th and falling, though still deemed a little cleaner than Italy and Poland. (The UK is in 11th place, Canada 13th, the US 27th, Iran 150th, and Lebanon 154th. If you were wondering.)

Israel is definitely not cleaner than Poland in any possible metric that matters.  As more people travel to Poland and fewer people respect jews, you are going to see them shut their lying mouths about Poland.  Poland is a country that jews were historically invited to and given special privileges and you can see how well jews treat them today for that kindness.

The word is out: always be disrespecting jews.  The nicer you are, the more time you are going to do for it.

Moving on, here’s the meat of why Transparency International gave Israel their lowest score ever:

On the same day that Transparency International published its 2021 index, Shas party leader and former minister Aryeh Deri pleaded guilt to tax offenses at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors that also saw him resign from the Knesset.

Opposition MKs Yaakov Litzman, David Bitan and Haim Katz are also each facing possible indictments for various graft offenses they committed during their careers in public service.

The current coalition has also just ordered a state commission of inquiry into the purchases of submarines and other naval vessels under previous governments led by Netanyahu.

Among other global issues it cited over the past year, the report highlighted the use of the Israeli NSO Group’s Pegasus software, which has been linked to snooping on human rights activists, journalists and politicians across the globe.

How did it all go so wrong?  Why are these people in social and political freefall?

It’s a huge mystery.

These people are conmen to each other and have no loyalty to anyone.  One of the first things they do when setting up shop in [next host] is identify the other jews they are going to enslave.  You can see this with the Zwi Migdal case.  This is a classic example of one of Kevin MacDonald’s points in A People That Shall Dwell Alone which is that jews crack the whip on other jews first.  I would even go so far as to say you can see that in the extreme covid measures in Israel but that may be a distraction.  The point is, jews have always ripped each other off and now it is reaching its crescendo in their little pirate state.

Much more serious than corruption, which can chug along for millenia in some cultures, is the collapse of martial vanguardism in Israel. 


One of the classic ways elites in a failing society exploit their position is to avoid fighting.  In a healthy society, it is the other way around.  

Retvrn to Hallstatt.

From the ToI again:

Motivation to serve in combat units in the Israel Defense Forces has risen significantly over the past two years, but only among potential recruits from the country’s lower socioeconomic rungs and from its geographic periphery, Army chief Aviv Kohavi said Wednesday.

Israel may literally need diversity to survive.

ToI goes on:

Kohavi’s comments come as part of an ongoing struggle within Israeli society over the status of combat troops, amid a rise in prestige for soldiers who serve in elite technological units, like the Military Intelligence’s Unit 8200. As veterans of these units have also gone on to earn high salaries, Israeli teenagers — and their parents — have increasingly seen these positions as being preferable to service in combat units.

The debate came to the fore last month after a high-tech company put up a billboard in the central Israeli city of Herzliya saying “The best to cyber,” a riff on a long-time saying in Israel that the best recruits become pilots. At the time, Kohavi harshly criticized the poster, saying it was “a mistake” and a sign of “distorted values among segments of the population” and insisting that the “best are first of all the fighters.”

I would like to personally thank whatever jew came up with unit 8200 as well as the NSO group which sprang from it.  This is such a poisonous corruption of military values it absolutely boggles the mind although, admittedly, one becomes less boggled in remembering we are dealing with jews here.   Thanks to unit 8200 jews are now known internationally and across all industries as the producers of Pegasus and, domestically, jews who fight are known as rubes.  It’s a perfect situation for Israel-disrespecters and we salute unit 8200 for their service to the White Race.

For a broader perspective of where jews are at, jew elites didn’t always dodge the call to service.  However, a few millennia ago they learned a lesson that they aren’t likely to ever forget.  

The great humiliation by the Romans seems to have truly chased them off from the idea of making a military stand as a people, unified from top to bottom.  Educated and entitled jews know what happened at Masada and are all too happy to send ignorant jews to fight in their place.  Unfortunately for jews, you can’t really have a country for long if the elite is disconnected from bloodshed in times of national struggle.  The Romans really got into their heads, in my opinion, and basically installed a poison pill that will forever prevent jews from surviving as a state.  The only way for jews to get over this humiliation would be to stop teaching it to their next generation of elites but to stop teaching racial victimhood would to be cease being jewish.  The Eternal Roman wins either way.

As we alluded to in our article on the retreat of the Holocaust into a “Shoah by Bullets”, Jewish Power is looking like it could go out with a whimper rather than a bang.  I’ll take it.

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  1. Ditto Amerika.

    Look you chumps, all modern wars are nothing but jew central bank scams for real estate and depopulation of the goyim… yet you dumbarses cheer for your side like it’s a football game, and jump on the bandwagon – just before it turns into a “bring out your dead” wagon.

    It’ll be a great cover for all the autoimmune deaths from producing a viral antigen in your own cells – basic freshman immunology.

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