Impossible Red Meat: The Unraveling of Jewish Power in American Politics

The screenplay was, of course, written by a Jew, Sidney Buchman. As fascism swept across Europe and onto American shores, Jews desperately wanted to reassure Americans that fundamental changes they desired were all possible if only they worked within the existing system. The Nazis, Italian fascists, and Falangist Spain agreed with this conclusion, as the movie was banned by all three.

After the war, Buchman was fined and blacklisted in Hollywood (but continued working in film in Europe) after being outed as an avowed communist party member. He also refused to name other communists working in Hollywood.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington also debuted in Oct 1939, one month after the German invasion of Poland and while the U.S. languished under the Great Depression. It made Jimmy Stewart a household name. Stewart would later join the military and fight in WWII. The film was a highly sophisticated Jewish propaganda film posing as dramatic cinema portraying a just-so tale of good triumphing over evil.

It seemed to have gotten the job done – and managed to persist for almost 80 years.

Two generations of mostly White men followed in Jimmy Stewart’s footsteps and returned from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam to seek public office. Filled to the brim with jingoistic American propaganda, they believed if they could single-handedly defeat Hitler and stem the tide of Communism, then changing the system here at home should be easy. In the end, and with few exceptions, the system changed them.

When it didn’t change them quickly enough, the vast system of surveillance-driven sexual blackmail first implemented by Meyer Lansky and Sam Bronfman, then inherited by Roy Cohn, Les Wexner, and Jeffrey Epstein, ensured virtual perfect loyalty to the new “American” regime. The 1960s, and especially 1965, brought the Hart-Celler immigration bill that would change the face of America forever, civil rights, Vatican II, student loans, and the financialization of the economy. As NJP founding member Joseph Jordan once put it, these shackles were America’s Treaty of Versailles.

Meyer Lansky, Jewish mafia leader, takes a break outside the High Court of Israel where he was appealing for permission to stay (on the lamb in perpetuity) in the Jewish state as an “immigrant” in March 1972.

As though pictures of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in a dress weren’t incentive enough, the objective for all elected office holders in this post-WWII hellscape, were made abundantly clear by the assassinations of JFK and RFK and the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Their only role as legislators was to maintain order by chucking “red meat” to plebs as they dutifully delivered real, tangible results for ascendant Jews and nothing for Gentiles. At first, this manifested simply by soaring promises for either a return to Kennedy’s Camelot, LBJ’s Great Society, or simply to Make America Great Again – the slogan for Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, created by a Jewish GOP political consultant named Arthur Finkelstein.

Fink me once, shame on you. Fink me twice, shame on Jews.

With two decades of these undelivered and undeliverable promises to voters beginning to wear thin, Jews began to change things up a bit. Congress swung to the GOP in 1994 for the first time in 40 years. Finkelthink, a political strategy birthed for conservatives by, its namesake, Arthur Finkelstein, exploded as the logical next evolution in this system. By making “liberal” a pejorative for Democratic office holders, voters could now be inflamed into opposing Democratic candidates while at the same time accepting and supporting candidates who didn’t have to promise much of anything other than to “stop” the opposition.

The Republican party stood for nothing more than to conserve what people perceived they “had” a decade or so before. No bold new proposals, no sweeping changes, nothing sensational except wars on behalf of Jewish geopolitical interests (enter neoconservatism) and outrageous rhetorical “red meat” to those who opposed them. Meanwhile, Democratic supporters were shifted away from standing for worker’s rights, protecting wages, and fighting corruption to promoting Jewish social issues such as abortion, homosexuality, faux-environmentalism, and ineffectual opposition to Jewish wars. All of these issues stood in perfect opposition to one another in the context of finkelthink.

This system more or less remained intact and in relative balance through the waning years of the administration of George W. Bush until three events happened in quick succession: First, the GOP attempt to ram through amnesty under the guise of curbing illegal immigration via the Gang of 8 spawned an intra-GOP resistance movement known as the Tea Party which eventually became co-opted and transformed into opposition to taxes.

Gang of Eight Ladybugs

Second, just two years later in 2008/2009, the bubble burst on a massive Jewish financial scheme that sent the economy into a tailspin. A grassroots movement known as Occupy Wall Street rose up to oppose the criminality of Wall Street bankers and the total absence of any meaningful pursuit of justice for their role in the financial collapse. Occupy, too, was overtaken by Jews and turned into a glorified dudeweedbro tent city until the movement petered out and died.

Third, in 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations were people too, and thus the First Amendment prohibited any restriction on financial contributions from corporations, non-profits, and labor unions. The SpeechNow v. FEC case that followed paved the way for the creation of SuperPACs, allowing unlimited amounts of dark (and Jewish) money to flow into the American political system. Yes, the architect of two decades of well-placed lawsuits that led those these decisions was none other than Arthur Finkelstein. Congress had a historical 80+ seat swing to the GOP that fall, predicated on the transparent lie that it was going to stop (and even impeach on the basis of the birther question) America’s first black president, Barack Obama.

Rush Limbaugh defending his 2007 parody song “Barack the Magic Negro”, written by Jew Chip Saltsman.

It was at this point that American politics became even more explicitly racialized. Until then, the all-consuming contest for president had been almost exclusively between two White men and thus the parties were divided by class, and to some extent, race. The age of Obama and the Reverand Jeremiah Wright “Goddamn America” scandal exploded the racialization of American politics.

From your lips to God’s ears, Rev.

Though he had run a decade and a half earlier, 2012 saw Donald Trump toy with entering the presidential race by exclusively baiting White voters on Obama birtherism. For those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, birtherism was the probably not incorrect conspiracy theory that Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro was not born in the United States and was thus disqualified to serve as president.

You must read this tweet aloud with your very best Donald Trump impression to achieve the intended effect.

Trump stepped back into the periphery and ultimately allowed Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to become the GOP nominees for president and vice president that year, giving mainstream conservatism one more bite at the apple rocking the proverbial White baby of racialized White American politics back to sleep.

It failed.

Trump returned in 2016 with implicit appeals to White voters on immigration issues even as Jeb Bush stood as the party’s backup, and Hillary Clinton as the ultimate failsafe. Trump defied reality and won. I still contend that the original plan was for Trump to lose, have the media and the GOP declare in unison that his brand of “White nationalism” dead for all time, while the GOP picked up the pieces under a President Clinton.

It was not to be. A perfect political shitstorm ensued.

For all of Donald Trump’s (intentional) legislative failings, his brand of self-serving political agitation, and the need to keep some level of support required that he not completely and thoroughly disavow Charlottesville. He eventually did, but at first, his hands (and his tongue) were tied.

Jews will not replace us.

Whites were awake and they weren’t going back to sleep. We weren’t just becoming self-actualized about race, we were becoming ever more acutely aware of Jewish power, too. Jews will not replace us became the anthem response to the Great Replacement.

Then Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and killed in prison by an unknown assailant. Vast portions of Jewish sexual and pedophilic blackmail networks controlling American and international politics were exposed to millions. At a time when confidence in the so-called American “experiment” had already plummeted to record lows, an opioid crisis caused by Jews was in full swing, and the one man who had declared that he would stop it all let blacks out of prison instead.

And now you know why Epstein never smiled. Les Wexner is shown peering over his left shoulder.

Q Anon was created by intelligence operatives to throw virtual “red meat” that could never be thrown by elected politicians to Trump supporters to keep them in line and off the trail of Jewish power. Leveraging a quasi-end times prophesy scheme whereby its followers clung to future dates promising delivery of a revolution that never came, Jews barely weathered the storm until January 6th, when they hoped they could put it all to rest in one grand “seditious” finale.

Please believe me bro. Trump is gonna be president bro. The deep-state is finished bro just you wait bro. Tom Hanks and Justin Beiber are going to prison for life bro. Seriously bro.

In spite of censorship, doxing, financial ruin, and an effective Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctioning of White people, the mounting political problems faced by Jews just won’t go away. Their tried-and-true compartmentalized silos for Whites, such as evangelical Christianity, boomers, veterans, police respecters, patriotards, party sycophants and ladder climbers, gun guys, country music culture, NASCAR, etc., ad infinitum were all being consumed by the multi-cultural highly-financialized homosexual capitalist leviathan.

NASCAR shoehorned “Bubba” Wallace, a black who has never won a single race, into their almost exclusively White roster. Jews celebrated the decision with glee.

All of the reliable safe offramps back to race-agnostic political causes were crumbling faster than the real offramps and bridges around the country. It was this crumbling infrastructure and the burnt-out towns across the American midwest and deep black south scattered along the length and breadth of thousands of miles of broken road that told the truth about the future of White people in America that their political leadership refused to tell them: your country is being systematically destroyed and we’ll say and do anything but actually stop it.

Future America in Centralia, Pennsylvania

After nearly 80 years – one full lifetime – of subversion, mass media manipulation, demographic replacement, and physical destruction of their country, the White American electorate is no longer interested in the solutions being proposed by America’s entrenched polity. Nor are they interested in impossible burger white nationalism. They want red meat and they want it raw.

In the aftermath of January 6th, I began using the phrase “Kosher Pro-White Advocacy” to refer to the phenomenon in which implicit White advocacy, in the form of Trumpism, had been thoroughly burned and the only logical place for Jews to take right-wing politics was either toward:

1) explicit advocacy for Whites but always tightly choreographed and controlled by Jews or
2) a humdrum Dole/Kemp/Bush/Romney/Pence/Please Clap style of conservatism

This created the usual Catch-22 for Jews and has no doubt been the subject of heated JforJ debate:

Option 1 poses significant risks because of how starved Whites have been of political representation that Jewish mechanisms of control would get quickly consumed by authentic pro-White, and more importantly, anti-Semitic pro-White advocacy.

Option 2 is so obviously a path to obscurity and irrelevance that it would create a power vacuum and allow people like us to walk right in the front door. So, they have no choice but to pursue option 1.

Taken to its logical conclusion, Jews will eventually have to cede all ground. In order to make that possible, NJP founding member Warren Balogh shared some critical advice recently on Telegram:

On a larger scale, there is a risk for Jews to continue pursuing roid-rage tier Weimar conditions in America, but discontinuing that push gives us an opening – an even larger Catch-22. We’ve seen this movie before:


That’s where DeSantis and kosher “anti-woke” politics come into play to dial down the temperature. Tucker Carlson has been a vanguard of this phenomenon – not because Tucker himself is Jewish, but because he is a manifestation of all of those interests – unfettered, on a glowing Jewish TV screen. So too has Laura Ingraham, who said after Jan 6th that there was a “war on Whites”. Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have also both affirmatively used the word White in connection with by sympathetic to Whites as a recognized political group.

Some more recent notable examples of explicit, but kosher, pro-White advocacy:

  • Lawsuits challenging Harvard and UNC’s affirmative action policies for admission were initially on behalf of Whites and Asians but became slanted toward Asians when Jews got involved. SCOTUS will hear these cases in 2022 and
  • Stephen Miller’s 2021 lawsuit ostensibly on behalf of White farmers who were discriminated against by government loans to minority farmers during COVID. The lawsuit didn’t even use the word “White” but instead listed some European ethnic groups along with, of course, Jews.
  • In his postponed Jan 6th anniversary speech this year, Trump attempted a bit of reverse psychology by saying that Whites were being denied access to vaccines because of their race.

More is on the way – much more – especially as the 2022 midterms give way to 2024. While it may be tempting for the uttering of the word White by a prominent mainstream politician or pundit to feel like a “mask off” moment or like “we have arrived”, unless it is also explicitly anti-Jewish, you’re being taken for a ride.

At a time when we’ve never had such an advantage, it’s no accident that as the global order fractures, Jews and their allies will try to curb the inevitability of White collective action by attempting to sing along as the fire burns hotter. We must not look to ready-made “cheat codes” and “new”, “original” ideas that are comfortable, low-stakes, inadequate substitutions for national socialism. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We face a choice to either stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and learn from their successes and failures or lie down for another Jewish trick that has been tried successfully dozens of times before. In order for Whites to be able to truly act on behalf of their own interests and pursue their shared destinies throughout White European countries all around the world, they must be freed from the shackles of Jewish subversion and control.

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  3. […] Impossible Red Meat: The Unraveling of Jewish Power in American Politics […]

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