Hypocritical jews ban new Anne Frank book

The publisher of the new book “The Betrayal of Anne Frank” apologized after torrent of jewish pressure and promised to stop printing the book. The very same jews writing about how horrible it was that maus was pulled from a single school districts recommended reading list, likely will work to make sure this new book is kept out of any school curriculum in America!

Journalist who just wrote article about how censorship is bad getting rid of remaining stocks of “The betrayal of Anne Frank”

Why the censorship? Well the book, written by goys, is a result of 6 years of investigation, supports the theory that a jew had betrayed Anne Frank. Arnold van den Berg was a member of the german created Jewish council of Amsterdam. His family was never deported. The authors lay out their case but conclude with “Because there is no DNA evidence or video images in such an old case, you will always have to rely on circumstantial evidence. Yet our theory has a probability of at least 85 percent. We don’t have a smoking gun, but we have a hot weapon with empty casings next to it,”

The jewish reaction to censor this book has nothing to do with if the story is true, it’s because Anne Frank is one of the most influential holocaust narratives and they simply don’t want jewish collaboration to be part of that story. If the book claimed that a goy had betrayed the Frank family, with the same strength of evidence, jews would be heaping praise on it. Certainly no one would have the motive and power to have the publisher stop printing it.

The book had the danger of altering this important jewish narrative that is taught to all American children. A jew collaborated with the Germans against other jews would have been added to the story. There are many many cases of this happening of course during the war, but having this narrative added to the Anne Frank story is not something jews want. So the book was taken out of print.

Don’t believe me? Just read jew to jew publications, which unlike the articles written for no-jews will tell you the same thing I will. Here is a quote from an article in the Times of Israel.

“Now the main statement is: a Jew betrayed Jews. That stays in the memory and it is unsettling.”

Censorship comes in many forms. And which is a stronger form of censorship? Taking a book out of a mandatory reading list for children in a single school district, or pressuring a book to be taken out of print?


Paul Mieczyslaw
I am a hyphen report writer, so I have hyphen report responsibilities.

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