Poland’s “How to spot a Jew” Controversy

How to recognize a jew. 1) Name, 2) anthropological features, 3) way of speaking, 4) appearance, 5) character traits, 6) methods of operation, 7) disinformation.

The Israeli media was in a frenzy!

Confession, I’ve written about Jan Gross myself

I was not able to get the text of the article itself. Tylko Polska is run by Leszek Bubel, who is not a serious guy in Polish politics. He is a good disco Polo musician

Now here is a question for you, is it anti-semitic? Is it anti-semitic to sell a “how to spot a jew” guide? Yes? Yes you say? Of course not! You couldn’t be more wrong! 

The editor of Tylko Polska donning a “I am an anti-semite” shirt.

BASED libertarian Janusz Korwin-Mikke explains why Tylko Polska is anti-semitic, but “How to recognize a jew” isn’t.

Korwin also reacted to the newspaper getting banned from the parliament kiosks.

Korwin (real name Ozjasz Goldberg) is a principled libertarian. I wish he wasn’t so we could ban anti-Polish newspapers. KURWA!!! JEBAC TVN.

I hope this article has helped you. 




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