How Gay is Defense Contracting?

This past week, highly-online leftists were in a furor over news that one of their own is an employee for the Military Industrial Complex.  Apparently, there are some e-communists who still think they can score points by calling out Lockheed Martin for little things like drone-striking school buses.  However, Lockheed and other MegaCorps have been putting work in for decades, greasing the skids with funding for gay employee conferences, disability equality projects, and vocal support for BLM terrorists so as to be able to send the message: “I may work for Murder, Inc. but at least I’m not a bigot.”  It is a phenomenon that has already been discussed in articles by the pervert community as an example of giant corporations leeching off their identity but it seems to actually be their identity as we will explore.

The subject of this inane but educational struggle session is Ana Mardoll.  Mardoll is a fiction writer and wears so many labels it was not immediately clear if this trans activist was born a man or a woman.  Typically, Male-to-Female tranissaries will come out and state that they were born male so that they can collect their social credits early and often while Females-to-Male will use a man’s name and grow convincing stubble with the help of drugs.  In the case of Mardoll she appears to have been born a woman and is living more or less as a fat-woman.  She doesn’t seem to identify as a man or take any male hormones.  She describes her identity here and we will republish it at some length:

Language is hard. The ultimate goal of language is to communicate. So even though I’m trans and sometimes a woman, I don’t use that community term out of respect to people more marginalized to me, because “trans woman” means–to most people–someone who was assigned male at birth. I am trans and I am very rarely a woman, but I was never assigned male at birth.

Related: Even though I’m nonbinary and I could abbreviate as “NB”, I don’t use it out of respect to Black women who coined that term for “non-Black”. I use “enby” (a word we coined to not steal Black women’s labor) and “genderfluid” or “demigirl”. Does “enby demigirl” make some people dismiss me as twee? Probably. Does it mean I’m not hurting Black women and trans women? Yes. Are terms and labels easy and clean and everyone agrees on them? NO.

Already the reader will find several edifying terms to enable personal understanding and enhance communication between diverse groups of people.  The most useful one is perhaps NB.  An example of use-in-context might be:

  • “My fellow NBs and I crossed the street to avoid a feral pack of NNBs.”
  • “As an NB, I find hooting and loud music played on a cell-phone to be a sign that I may be in imminent danger.”  Or,
  • “As an NB woman, I will only date NB men and I won’t be bullied from that position, even if you ostracize me.”

Going beyond that one interesting term, we see Mardoll is both a trans activist and not a trans activist because that might steal someone’s emotional labor.  It is a very noble position to have, one has to presume and guess, because it is hard to see what the position actually is.  The position, if it exists, is buried under an encyclopedia of platitudes.  Whereas there may be an idea of a Patrick Bateman, there is no idea of an Anna Mardoll and that suits Anna Mardoll just fine.  The internet-freak community actually has a word to describe someone who hides behind an array of identities: tenderqueer.

An NNB blogger using the name Dolly Rose sums up the term:

I don’t remember the first time I heard the word “tenderqueer” but as soon as I did, I knew who they were, and I knew that I wasn’t one. In fact, I’m pretty certain that it would be just about impossible for a Black woman to get away with tenderqueer behavior at all.

In tenderqueer discourse, much is often made of their sartorial choices—overalls, cozy sweaters, primary colors, bowl cuts… jokes are made about their craft fairs, daytime dance parties, and birdwatching clubs, but I believe it’s important to state that the tenderqueer can present themself in many forms. 

As far as I can tell, the hallmark of a true tenderqueer is an unwavering avoidance of responsibility or culpability at all costs, paired with the use of social justice and personal advocacy language to ensure that lack of accountability.

In the first link in this article (posted again here), American University Radio describes a similar conflict between oppressed perverts and pervert oppressors which breaks down predictably along racial lines.  In that story, Degenerates of Color were demanding that corporations and police not be allowed to participate in 2017’s D.C. Pride Parade.  The corporations and police have since nationally gone into overdrive talking past the issue by centering White and Fellow-White sex-addicts who identify as a persecuted class.  In 2019, Lockheed Martin produced a velvet propaganda piece which is very telling.

There are several big admissions in this short video.  First, David is visibly jewish.  Lockheed Martin is a huge partner of the jewish state and supplies much of the war material for killing kids in Palestine so this is right up his alley.  Secondly, David affirms that the LGBT Professional Network is an international networking group that is more or less exclusive to broken, freakish people.  Thirdly, David explains that he is married to a man and has been at LM for 13 years before literally turning to the camera and saying, “and that’s why I work at Lockheed Martin and that’s why I stay at Lockheed Martin.”

We have a saying at the Hyphen-Report along the lines of “when a murderous gay jew tells you who they are, believe them.”  It is totally believable that this is exactly who David is and it is unbelievable, to the point of being a conspiracy theory for kooks, that he is not just a gay, murderous jew but is pretending to be in order to hide behind the emotional labor of black and brown bodies.  David wants to use black and brown bodies, sure, and he wants to create black and brown (and White) corpses, no doubt, but he is no pretender.  He really is this gay and so is Defense Contracting.

Here is some 2021 data for the scope of spending on top Defense Contractors from Bloomberg.  There may be items left off the total accounting due to black budgets and the inclusion of Pfizer is somewhat confusing (Covid) but these figures give a rough picture of the vast scale of defense spending.

  • Lockheed Martin Corp. Obligations: $40.2B
  • Boeing Co. Obligations: $22.1B
  • Raytheon Technologies Corp. Obligations: $20.7B
  • General Dynamics Corp. Obligations: $17.8B
  • Pfizer Inc. Obligations: $13.3B
  • Northrop Grumman Corp. Obligations: $12.9B

These companies directly employ nearly half a million people while subcontractors employ untold thousands more.  They also have direct interaction with DoD employees who number just shy of 1 million civilians in 2021.  It isn’t a far leap to suggest that the culture of these companies affects a broad swath of American life and it is absolutely undeniable that funding for cultural projects comes directly from the US taxpayer.  Since at least 2006, Lockheed and Raytheon have sponsored gay employee networks as attested to in Lockheed’s 2021 article celebrating 16 years of the group and CNN Money’s 2006 article about Raytheon.  That article is an excellent window into the world before Prop 8 and the proposition’s undoing by the Kritarchy.  In it we find the early narratives lauding perverts as both braver and almost more normal than you, the bigoted hillbilly.  The article starts:

Business is booming at Raytheon (Charts), the $22-billion-a-year defense contractor that sells Tomahawk cruise missiles, laser-vision goggles and advanced radar systems to the Pentagon. This, improbably, is good news for the gay-rights movement.

Even if we put our 2006 hats on, how exactly is this improbable?  America has launched massive projects like the B17, the Norden bombsight, and the M69 incendiary bomb to defend gay rights (mostly jewish rights, though) in places like Germany since at least 1941.  American values can be hard to pin down, but we can be certain America is not a nation that will suffer an anti-gay state to exist.  The USA would rather spend billions and murder White children than allow an anti-gay or anti-jewish network to remain in control of Europe.  CNN Money goes on:

Why? you may ask. Not because gay people buy missiles or radar – at least as far as we know. No, it’s because the competition to hire and retain engineers and other skilled workers is so brutal that Raytheon doesn’t want to overlook anyone.

To attract openly gay workers, who worry about discrimination, a company like Raytheon needs to hang out a big welcome sign. “Over the next ten years we’re going to need anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 new employees,” explains Heyward Bell, Raytheon’s chief diversity officer. “We can’t afford to turn our back on anyone in the talent pool.”

Already in 2006 the tired narrative was being rolled out that Raytheon needs all the talent from gays they can get.  Here, CNN Money has gotten their talking point in before their reader gets to the next logical step which is “why are there networks of gays being pampered at the top of corporate America?  Is there some sort of private network of perverts pulling levers in this nation?”

In 2006 it was novel to muse about “how Corporate America fell in love with gays and lesbians” but in 2022 it is tiresome and stifling.  Corporations can now ban users from their subscription to a paycheck over vanilla political views as happened to Tim Kretzschmar just before July 4th.  According to Kretzschmar, he was accused of removing LGBTP flyers and replacing them with PTSD awareness flyers.  After a brief struggle session in a dark room, Kretzschmar was out of a job at Teledyne FLIR, one of the many small contractors making forward-looking infrared optics for weapons systems used to kill White people in Russia and Palestinians.  Something of a revolution has happened in defense contracting and corporate America more generally.   No one asked for a gay revolution and, indeed, voters overwhelmingly rejected it with popular laws like Prop 8.  The gay revolution came from the top down and, like a typical color revolution, was depicted as a grassroots uprising that just happened to have a billion dollars in unearned media coverage.  The cultural debate is presented to Americans in 2022 in as a question of truly oppressed gays and gays pretending to be oppressed when, in reality, a more popular question would be “who put these freaks in charge?”  

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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