Heartwarming Kosher Bipartisanship from Lindsey Graham about Black Women on Supreme Court

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is in favor of President Biden’s commitment to put a black woman on the Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Breyer on the Jewish Seat of the Supreme Court.

As you may remember from the Kavanaugh days, Lindsey Graham is on the Senate Judiciary Committee which holds the hearings for Supreme Court nominees.

“Put me in the camp of making sure the Court and other institutions look like America. You know, we make a real effort as Republicans to recruit women and people of color to make the party look more like America.” – Lindsey Graham

This is actually not all that surprising from Senator Graham. He is an important tool in the overall Republican strategy of directing white energy into the ground. With the exception of the Kavanaugh scenario, he doesn’t even try to present as a populist the way that many other Republicans do. He is generally an unapologetic advocate of the “establishment” and he takes the lead on kosher bipartisanship efforts. I’ve lived in this state for almost a decade and have yet to meet someone who is willing to say they like him. This fact has no bearing on his role as a major Republican insider.

Graham then went on to specifically support J Michelle Childs, a judge from South Carolina who is currently in the list of black women being considered for the Supreme Court. She currently has a role as a federal district judge, a position she was appointed to by President Obama.

Judge J Michelle Childs

It’s not clear to me why Graham would favor Childs out of the shortlist, unless Graham is attempting to feign some sort of state-level patriotism. It’s certainly not because she has any record of doing good things for the people in South Carolina – she in fact has the opposite record.

She recently upheld an employer vaccine mandate for contractors at the Savannah River Site, denying a petition by actual workers. The Savannah River Site (SRS) is a massive nuclear plant and a major employment site for blue-collar workers here in South Carolina. Judge Childs’ ruling resulted in many blue-collar workers losing their jobs and many others complying with invasive mandates under duress.

Her only other contribution here of note is that she forced gay marriage on this state in 2014, despite widespread opposition to it and legitimate state law banning it. This was prior to the nationwide imposition of homosexual marriage by the Supreme Court in 2015. This may be the reason that the probably homosexual Lindsey Graham supports Childs.

Whatever his reasoning for supporting Childs, Lindsey Graham is breaking with other Republicans who are accusing Biden of doing some kind of affirmative action. Graham had this bizarre thing to say:

Affirmative action is picking somebody not as well qualified for past wrongs. Michelle Childs is incredibly qualified. There is no affirmative action component if you pick her.” – Lindsey Graham (emphasis mine)

The emphasized bit is not true. Affirmative action is NOT a form of reparations for past wrongs. Affirmative action is a measure designed to achieve diversity (less white people), and it is often justified as a countermeasure to discrimination or systemic bias in the present, the existence of which is inferred from underrepresentation of some group. Current Supreme Court precedent in the form of an opinion from Reagan appointee Sandra Day O’Connor allows some affirmative action in academic admissions due to a “compelling interest in obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body.”

I don’t know why Senator Graham is lying about affirmative action. It might be because the shared goal of both Biden and Graham here, which is to “make the Court look more like America”, is exactly in the spirit of “affirmative action”.

Senator Graham further justified his position:

“President Reagan said, [while] running for office, that he wanted to put the first female on the Court.” – Lindsey Graham

This is true, of course. Conservatives should feel completely BTFO by the fact that “RINO” Lindsey Graham is acting in the tradition of Ronald Reagan here. Reagan fulfilled that promise by nominating the above-mentioned Sandra Day O’Conner to the court, who went on to affirm affirmative action. Promises made, promises kept.

Graham went on to make the dubious claim that the black judge has “wide support” in the state of South Carolina. This is what else he had to say about the judge who imposed faggotry on the state and bullied his mostly conservative constituents into losing their jobs over vaccine mandates:

“I cannot say anything bad about Michelle Childs. She is an awesome person.” – Lindsey Graham

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