GREAT REPLACEMENT: Jewish Groups Use Lutheran NGOs to Bring ‘Refugees’ Like Jupiter Paulsen’s Killer to the Midwest

Originally published on Dissident-Mag.

Without HIAS and its front groups Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (LSSND) and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), Arthur Kollie would still be in Liberia and Jupiter Paulsen would still be alive.

Arthur Prince Kollie is a 24-year-old Liberian currently on trial in Fargo, ND for the brutal stabbing of 14-year-old Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen. While police and immigration authorities have been fairly circumspect about Kollie’s history and simply state he has “no permanent” address, it is not possible for Kollie to have arrived in Fargo, ND on his own. Kollie has a long criminal history, including a string of jail sentences, probations, and firearms charges – each instance a glaring example of the system’s failure to adequately prosecute and sentence Kollie according to the law.

What we do know is that Fargo, along with other small and medium-sized, virtually homogenously White, midwestern cities, have been demographically targeted as Great Replacement Ground Zero by refugee groups for resettlement of non-Whites not long after the passage of the infamous Hart-Celler immigration bill in 1964. Prior to the passage of this bill, these refugee groups predominantly focused on the resettlement of Eastern Europeans in Minnesota, many of whom were Jewish, in the immediate aftermath of WWII.

In 1960, Minnesota was 98.8% White. Not counting Indians, North Dakota was 99.991% White. The same was true of South Dakota. Today, Minnesota is 81.64% White, North Dakota is 86.58% White, and South Dakota is 84.27% White. Roughly 70% of the White ancestry of those states is comprised of Germans (39%), Norwegians (17%), and Swedish (10%). From this perspective, it’s easy to see why this area of the country was identified as “high-risk” to ascendant Jewish power in America. Jews transplanted themselves there first and began flooding the plains with detritus from the 3rd world soon after succeeding at what amounts to a soft coup of half a century of American immigration law.

In 1948, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (LSSND) settled Alex Golubowicz in Fargo, ND. Golub-owicz – translated means son of Golub, a well-known Ashkenazi Jewish surname, even though Golobowicz and the stream of “Eastern Europeans” that followed claimed to be Lutheran. Prior to WWII, LSSND had found a noble cause in helping impoverished North Dakotans during the Great Depression.

Since then, it had since gotten involved in refugee resettlement, resettlement of unaccompanied minors, LGBTQP+AIDS activism, and finally full-blown political activism as a refugee resettlement partner of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). As recently as 2021, LSSND had joined a lawsuit with HIAS against the Trump administration for an executive order that would have allowed state and local governments to veto refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions. That order was blocked by a judge in early 2020. Fast forward to the present day; in 2021 LSSND reported a $3 million budget shortfall and announced it was closing its doors after 102 years. The parasitic HIAS had bled LSSND dry.

Another Lutheran non-profit, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) – I’ve decided to add the word Alien to their name so we can just refer to them as LIARS – is also an HIAS partner, also joined in the suit against Trump’s immigration order, and is one of just two such organizations resettling unaccompanied minors in the United States. LIARS has played a critical role in resettling thousands of Africans, including Liberians and Rwandans, in Fargo and throughout the upper midwestern states of Minnesota, and the Dakotas.

According to the LIARS website:

“In close coordination with the State of North Dakota, refugees served by LIRS North Dakota in Fargo will receive a comprehensive set of services including cultural orientation, school enrollment, coordination of initial health appointments, referrals to ESL classes, and employment preparation and placement.”

Imagine if there were agencies that did this in rural America for the people who were actually born here?

In June 2020, LIARS ran a Facebook campaign entitled “Transgender Activist & Immigrant”.

The CEO of LIARS is an Indian woman named Krish O’Mara Vignarajah. Yes, that’s right, the CEO of a Lutheran organization in North Dakota is literally a pajeet. Watch her do a victory lap on changes to refugee policy in 2021:

As usual, Jews have found the perfect steward for their surviving front group, as LSSND CEO Bob Otterson shutters his organization with tears streaming down his face. The only explanation here is that HIAS, partners of both organizations, determines that LIARS and Vignarajah were the future and Otterson was not.

Without either of these groups operating as fronts for the Great Replacement of Whites in America by Jews, Minnesota and the Dakotas would still be almost entirely White – and Jupiter Paulsen would most assuredly still be alive, shredding on her skateboard somewhere in downtown Fargo.

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