“Great Replacement” Controversy Roils Stormwind City

Before and after. Direct proof of replacement. Look at the left picture for a reminder of what it is we’re fighting for.

I don’t know how they can still call the “Great Replacement” a conspiracy theory at this point. The persistent, accelerating, and engineered replacement of whites with non-whites has been going on for quite some time. The latest news on this front comes from World of Warcraft’s Azeroth, in particular from the City of Stormwind.

Ah, Stormwind City. Seat of the ethnostate and homeland of my people.

For most of its 15 year history, if you looked around the city you saw almost exclusively white people. There are areas, such as the Dwarven District that have always had some non-humans, but even the dwarves there were all white. That all rapidly changed last year. Overnight, black people started showing up, often directly replacing white NPCs.

Before and after. Direct proof of replacement. Look at the left picture for a reminder of what it is we’re fighting for.

The consequences of this rapid diversification are far-reaching and still not fully understood. Some are hard to measure. Take a look at the above picture. If you are a mage, you have to go to that person to get training in making portals. How many good people would have been helpful mages with portals who just aren’t now – because the nice portal training chick was replaced by this angry DMV lady?

How many people don’t meet at the taverns anymore? How many love stories are now unwritten because the streets of Stormwind just don’t feel safe anymore? Even the force that is supposed to keep order in the city is undergoing demographic transformation.

What do you call a black member of the Stormwind City Guard? “Captain”

These changes haven’t gone unnoticed. In fact, the official World of Warcraft forum had a lively thread about this last year, around the time the changes started happening. The noticer got some real pushback. “Why do you care?” is the general spirit of many of the system shills in the thread responses. Some respondents made more hostile insinuations. “What’s the matter, goy, scared of being erased or something? Hahahahaha!”

A Level 51 (((Goblin))) Warlock. Every. Single. Time.

More recently, another controversy erupted among the World of Warcraft community council Discord server. One user noted that there were “too many Black people in Stormwind”. This caused a major meltdown, the user was kicked from the community, and the discord was purged.

In times of universal gaslighting, noticing is a revolutionary act.

Note that the idea behind this community council is that a broad set of users could give feedback on such things. But some feedback truly isn’t welcome. You’re going to get replaced and you’re going to like it.

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