Gay Couple Arrested for Molesting Adopted Kids: Not the First Time

In a surprise to no one, a Georgia gay couple was arrested for allegedly raping their two adopted children.  William and Zachary Zulock were raided by Walton County deputies on July 27th after a child abuser in their local network informed on them.  

The two accused rapists were revealed to authorities after a man 17 miles away from them was picked up on suspicion of accessing Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).  The unnamed individual informed deputies that the two Zulocks, 32 and 35, were creating their own CSAM nearby.  Authorities obtained a warrant and executed a search the same day, revealing what the Sherrif’s Office claimed was evidence of molestation of the two children in the home.

The Zulock’s social media footprint shows that they are self-professed gay activists who made a pilgrimage to the Human Rights Campaign in D.C. and support the standard fare of left-wing causes like the cult of the Notorious RBG and the Holy Floyd.

Prior to their arrest for raping children put in their care, the Zulocks wanted everyone to know how normal they were.  As we pointed out in our last article about the massive cultural effort to normalize the gay lifestyle, homosexuals who may or may not rape children really want people to know how they are just like any other family and, in fact, they might just be more normal than a redneck bigot like you.  Photographs of the pair with faces painted “No H8” drive home the point that what they are doing is fine and if someone hates them for it, that hater had better check themselves before they get doxxed and fired.

Apparently, raping two brothers who were entrusted into their care is the end result of #gaylove and #loveislove at least in this one case.  One wonders, could there be more gay couples out there creating CSAM with children in their care at this very moment?  Wonder not, because here is a list of the times gay couples did some minor rape with a special guest appearance by a co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign.

Mark J. Newton and Peter Truong – In 2012 a gay couple from Australia was picked up in Los Angeles and accused of flying their adopted son around the world to be abused.  The boy was born of a Russian mother and the case was the final straw for the Russian Federation which locked down gay adoption.  The couple had been featured in a 2010 documentary by journalist Ginger Gorman about the challenges of LGBT adoption.  Here are two interesting excepts from an article she wrote after their arrest:

Newton and Truong told me the Russian surrogate mother they had chosen got pregnant almost immediately via artificial insemination with Mark’s sperm. It now looks likely that this is untrue. Authorities in the US believe Boy 1 was purchased from his Russian mother for $US8,000 and is not a blood relative of either man.

At this point in the interview I said:

“Do you think that there was a suspicion there…[that] this must be something dodgy? There must be some paedophilic thing going on here?”

Newton replied: “Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m sure that was completely the concern”.

My recollection of this moment was that both Newton and Truong were smiling at the absurdity of the idea they might somehow be suspect of something. Did these two smiles signify how uncomfortably close to the truth I was? Or were the smiles simply brazenness? I will never know.

“We’re a family just like any other family,” Newton said a few moments later.

Sticking to their story, the completely normal gay family claimed the Los Angeles authorities were reading too much into an unfortunate coincidence.  From an Australian local paper

The men blame their predicament on innocent visits to three men in the US, New Zealand and Germany who, to their complete surprise, turned out to be collectors and producers of child pornography. All three were arrested last year.

Craig Faunch and Ian Wathey – A completely normal gay couple was convicted in 2006 of abusing boys with autism and drug addiction left in their care by the foster system.  Neither man had a criminal record, so they were approved by the local authorities to have total responsibility for the welfare of teenage boys.  They were sentenced to five and six years.

Michael Riley and Jason Millar – This time from Scotland, a normal gay marriage was destroyed when a selfish 13-year-old boy reported them to the police.  The boy’s mother had allowed them unsupervised access to the child so that they could provide him with “support and guidance,” but they ended up blackmailing him into sex.

Amanda Wright and Besline Joseph – Normal black lesbians beat their three kids and forced them to eat dog feces.  The children were threatened with murder if they spoke up.

Frank Lombard –  This is a case where the gay was abusing his 5-year-old adopted son but was not married to the adult gay man he lived with.  One wonders if the power of marriage or perhaps freedom from stereotype threat could have saved him from making a little mistake like inviting an undercover cop to have sex with the child.  The adult gay man living with Lombard is not named because he was not charged.  The focus of the article linked above is on the ways in which this news might harm the chances of gay couples to adopt kids. 

Robert Aaron Inman and Matthew Eric Inman – A highly-normal gay couple was arrested after abusing a child over the course of years.  The parents of the child suspected something and had a police detective drop in.  The detective was able to convince them to let him search a phone and found CSAM they had produced.  

“Matthew indicated that he knew the videos feature child pornography and that he was upset at Robert for sending them to him,” the detective said. “However, Matthew never deleted the videos from his phone.”

This very normal couple fled to another state after charges were announced and were eventually caught and sentenced to 25 years.

Matthew Oscar Aranda and Norberto Velasquez – This time a normal Indio gay couple were convicted of killing their adopted 3-year-old daughter.  The girl had fallen down some stairs, they said, and broke all of her ribs which led to high-fever and death.  One of the noble savages had fled to Mexico prior to sentencing where he was attempting to get plastic surgery to change his appearance. 

Rosana Cândido and Kacyla Pessoa – This normal lesbian couple from Brazil amputated their son’s genitals in an attempted DIY transition before murdering him a year later.  The pair stabbed and beheaded the boy while he was still alive because he reminded them of his father before removing all skin from his face to hamper attempts to identify him.  PinkNews, the host of the link for this story, is very careful to refer to the boy as “them” rather than “he” because he had evidently wanted to be a girl, according to the women who hacked off his genitals and head.  Thank you, PinkNews, for ensuring the conversation remains very normal.

Terry Bean – The co-founder of Human Rights Campaign, the prime mover for gay culture in American corporate life and the creators of the stickers bad drivers use to identify themselves, had charges dropped in January 2022 after his accuser refused to testify.  Bean was one of the brains behind the effort to convince Americans that gays are just like anyone else.  Sure, they may account for 83% of syphilis cases in the US but they have something you lack which is style and grace.  Just look at the fashionable, fit people in the photos above.


Bean was brought to court several times but on each occasion his accuser declined to testify.  In 2019, evidence was introduced that he had bribed the alleged victim to the tune of $200,000.  The trial was delayed due to Covid and, shortly after the process resumed, Bean had all charges against him dropped despite his alleged co-conspirator being convicted by a jury for the same encounter with a 15-year-old.

In short, gays are all perfectly normal and have a right to unsupervised access to little boys.  Love it or leave it, bigot.

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  1. All child rapers should be executed. Period. The End.

  2. Don’t forget about the AIDS Rights leader Harvey Milk and the economist John Maynard Keynes!

  3. If you want to do a horrifying deep dive, read up on what child protective services in Berlin were doing. In the 1970s, a psychologist (Helmut Kentler) proposed the preposterous idea that pedophiles were the ideal foster parents, so for a period of about 30 years, at-risk kids in Berlin were being put in the care of known pedophiles. I’ll let you guess what happened.

    1. I might just do that. Thanks borther.

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