Gab Sponsors AFPAC; Extremely Well-Adjusted Internet Hominids Call for Torba’s Head

I may not be the best person to write this article because I just don’t care about the gay drama which never stops and which this site may someday break completely free of. 

That day is not today, however, because demands have come in to be infotained on this particularly retarded issue.  

Some background on this is that Fuentes called Gab users low-IQ and the Gab base of actual-Nazis was pretty mad.  Even Torba got on his hind legs and said that Nick should please, kindly, stop being a meanie.  Yes.  We need to all ask Nicholas J. Fuentes just a few more times to be nice for gosh sakes and he will put out the fires of infighting and gay drama, fed by bundles upon bundles of faggots, and the resulting peace will usher in the Seventh Reich.

This is technically the 8th Reich.

Nick, Torba or even Trump don’t hold the keys to nationalism working smoothly.  None of these people have the power to bring back 2016 Energy by behaving more civilly because they don’t have that power at all.  In the case of Nick and Trump, their entire relevance I call into question because they don’t seem to actually push narratives with an organic base, they follow narratives with a ginned-up base.  Torba is the only person who may matter here because his users are real and their nationalism is real, generally.  In that sense, it is understandable why Internet Nazi Zealots would want to pressure Torba to avoid bending the knee to these charlatans.

Then again,

many people have pointed out some suspect things Torba has already done like send around this newsletter written by some sneaky, subversive jew, trying to get boomer Christians on Gab hooked into Autismal Theology.

Credit to Jo for sharing this.

Shane Schaetzel is a slippery one.  If you search for him on Google, he has been doing this bit for a while but as an Anglican convert, not a jew convert. 

Gonvert :DDD

It is only now that he is shucking and jiving on Gab that Schaetzel wants to defuse Christian anti-Semites from the persona of a based Jew in the hopes that the audience will trust the next converso they come across.

Wait a heckin’ minute. It doesn’t say commit sudoku in here.

Torba seems committed to allowing all sorts of conversations to happen on his site without censorship but stuff like this makes me uncertain.  Why promote a based jew when you could, I dunno, just not?  Why bend the knee to Fuentes at all?  20,000 dollars to AFPAC is a pretty big tip-o’-the-knee, especially when a lot of the free speech zealots giving you $15 a month are Nationalists trusting you to build up Gab, not build some big, creaky tent with menorahs hanging from the peaks.  

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