Fundamentalist Jewish Terrorists Begin Week of Passover Violence with Attacks on Al-Aqsa

After a late start in May 2021, the annual Passover ritual of violence against non-Jews has begun right on schedule in 2022 with a Jewish raid on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  The background for the escalation in violence is the unique convergence of Passover, Ramadan, and Christian Holy Week in Jerusalem which follows a series of Palestinian attempts to physically remove Jewish squatters from their towns as we covered here.  Since that article was written, the Israeli police have been on high-alert as knife attacks have been continuously launched but mostly foiled. 

“Look at this photograph.” The uncle of an anti-occupation fighter who popped off this week in Tel Aviv.

Raids into Jenin by the Israeli army have seen some gunfights and dozens of arrests.  Now, during the week of Passover, fundamentalist Jews have threatened to slaughter goats on the temple mount to honor an ancient tradition of pointless bloodshed but mainly to threaten and instigate Muslims. 

Muslims, despite losing control of most of Palestine, have never completely lost their rights to control Al-Aqsa.  Security is managed by Jordan which is a partner to Israel and the US but which is still a Muslim country that stands up for their pilgrims.  Forays by Israel onto the temple mount are always international incidents due to the legal arrangements between Israel and Jordan.  Radical Jewish terrorists within the Israeli national body and the Israeli government, however, see this as weakness and have several times demanded their government destroy Al-Aqsa.  There are two issues that are important to understand here but can be difficult because of the far reach of pro-Jewish talking points in the American political consciousness:

  1. Muslims – despite Jewish media myths of being dirty camel farmers – are actually clean freaks to the point of bothering people who live near them.  Muslims have to wash their hands and feet several times a day which leads to water all over the floor in bathrooms, an aversion to dogs, and just a general obnoxious sense of superiority that Muslims hold over non-Muslims who aren’t as fastidious as them.  Slaughtering goats at their holy site violates their pride and religious rules but it is also just extremely “icky” for the germophobic Muslims.
  2. Jews in American media portray Muslims, again, like ignorant Bedouins, but amongst themselves in Israel, Jews see them as a larger, more advanced tribe of conquerors who they find intimidating.  Like the Romans, Muslims defeated and massacred rebellious Jewish tribes and also like the Romans, the Muslims used Greek administrative methods to manage the Jews like just another minor nation.  Jews find the presence of Muslim artifacts and society to be a constant reminder of past defeats but also see a risk of Muslims remembering past glories.  Better, in their view, to raze these physical testimonies of Muslim domination.

It seems, given the longstanding hatred Jews feel for Muslims in Jerusalem, that the situation can only escalate.  Already this morning parts of the temple have been damaged by Jewish vandals and there isn’t really a way to replace a thousand-year-old section of stained glass.

This may be the most interesting flashpoint to students of radical Jewish terrorism but this is not the only place in the world heating up.  In Ukraine, Russia intensified cruise missile strikes overnight in what is anticipated to be a major offensive to take all of Donbas beginning this weekend.  China has announced air and naval drills in Taiwan which are not without recent precedent but check out the new heated language from the Chinese spokesman as reported by TASS:

These actions are aimed against repeated wrong signals from the United States regarding Taiwan. This ill-considered behavior and machinations by the United States are utterly futile. At the same time, they are very dangerous. It is play [sic] with fire.

Since we tell the actual truth here on this site, we don’t have the luxury of funding like the Gateway Pundit or American Conservative.  Unfortunately, this means our writers occasionally have to leave the bunker; to say goodbye to the portraits of Nasrallah and Assad and to conduct gainful employment in the real world.  When we get back from that, we should have more details on this fast-developing global squall.  Until then, follow us on telegram for small updates and check out the NYT’s live updates on Al-Aqsa.

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  1. Godspeed to our Palestinian borthers in their fight against the zionist invaders.

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