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FTN: Jews Would Like You to Kindly Move to Gulag


FTN recently got the scoop on an extremely kind offer from a man who identifies as an ultra-nationalist Russian.  Our readers who are Esteemed Researchers of Anti-Semitism in their own right, probably knew part of the shot as soon as they saw the headline:

Source: RT

Well, isn’t that nice.  The extremely trustworthy and pro-White Russian government is offering a home for innocent people caught up in whatever mysterious commotion is afoot in America.

I’m actually not sure who, if anyone, among American or European nationalists is under the impression that the Putin/Abramovich kleptocracy is “based and Hitler-pilled.”  Does anyone actually believe the myth that Russia is pro-White just because it is anti-NATO?  Jazzhands of FTN has probably been most influential in snuffing out the braindead Putin-shilling that was common a few years ago.  He has talked about Russia and Putin from many angles but the single most important take from Jazz may be: “Ask Russian nationalists what they think about Putin.”

These guys could all be in jail for all we know.  Here’s an article full of western disinfo but it discusses some of the phenomenon of Russian nationalists being controlled or persecuted.

Russia has all sorts of laws against Holocaust Fact-Checking, Anti-Semitism Research, or taking your own side.  There is a common phenomenon across borders which, again, credit to Jazzhands for identifying this issue, is that everyone seems to think the grass is greener somewhere else:  Americans liked Bolsanaro, Salvini, Orban, and Putin but people in those countries can’t stand their fake-nationalist figureheads.  It goes both ways because Italians, for example, thought Trump was doing great stuff in America even though they could see through Salvini at home.

There it is.

Oh Gawd.  Some jew is posing as a Trump figure and giving White people an escape clause to go to open-air gulag in Siberia.  There is shock to be imagined, then there is this.

To be clear, all credit goes to FTN for this find.  Please check out the show in the video at the top of the article or at FTN 469: Jewish System Enjoyers ( for your daily overdose of bias-confirmation.


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  1. Darn good one.
    Articles like this are why I check out hyphen every day.
    clue+/clue+ – homozygous wild type for the clue gene.

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