Fred Leuchter Eviction (Nearly) Averted by Quick Organizing: He Needs a Few Hundred Dollars More

Many on Telegram have heard the news of Fred Leuchter and his impending foreclosure by shifty, beady-eyed globalists.  If you didn’t hear, this is the original telegram post that went around:

Who Is Fred Leuchter?

Some people in the nationalist scene today do not know who Fred Leuchter is which is unfortunate, because he is one of the bravest and most-influential “holocaust” fact-checkers ever.  He has been punished for his contributions by Jewish criminal enterprises calling themselves “activist groups” while engaging in brazen tortious interference.  Here’s a quick rundown of Mr. Leuchter’s life and work with help from a confused and angry NPC journalist.

From the Guardian:

The lethal dosage equipment was revolting, [Leuchter] says. The condemned person had to lie on a gurney for 40 minutes staring at the ceiling. “You could put a television in the room, music, pictures on the wall, rather than put him in a concrete room. That’s not humane. We must never forget that the person being executed is a human being.”

After the lethal dosage machine, Leuchter went to work on the gallows. And after the gallows he progressed to the gas chamber. Before long he had mastered the four methods of execution practised in America. He then discovered that by far the least efficient method of execution was gas. Whereas electrocution rendered the condemned person unconscious within 1/240th of a second, gas took three or four minutes to kill. And then there was the danger of leakage. “Every time there is a gas execution, it’s an accident waiting to happen.” That greatly worried Leuchter, who became a proselytiser. He went around telling state after state that the chair was preferable to gas, and this is where his problems began.

I think I know where this is going.  

He says he went to Zündel’s defence because he wanted to defend his right to free speech. Perhaps the most important factor was that it gave him the opportunity to flaunt his expertise. What Leuchter did next was horrifying. He and Zündel went to Auschwitz to prove the gas chambers could never have been gas chambers. They filmed themselves chiselling away at the walls and ceiling of Crema 2 for samples to be used as evidence that hydrogen cyanide had not been used.

When Leuchter returned to America, he sent the samples to a laboratory without explaining where they had come from. They were returned with the finding that there was no traces of cyanide. In his pamphlet The Leuchter Report, Leuchter wrote that he had expected the crematoria to be explosion- and leak-proof, but they weren’t. He argued that if the camps were effectively slave labour camps, why would the Nazis have killed off the slaves? He was never saying the Nazis were decent people with decent policies, simply that they hadn’t gassed millions. Who knows, he suggests, perhaps they had other methods. “Why not just blow them up? Shoot them? Maybe they had 50 gallows. Maybe we’ll find an execution chamber under Berlin with 3,000 electric chairs,” he tells Errol Morris.


Why Use Gas Instead of Other Methods?

First of all, that is the question, isn’t it?  Why did they not just shoot them?  Many Jewish organizations like Yad Vashem are indeed retreating to a “Shoah by bullets” because of the issues with gas chambers being fake and bullets being incredibly cheap.  We wrote about this here.

Second, putting the seriousness of Leuchter’s sacrifice aside for a moment, this could be the greatest prank of all time: Fred Leuchter and Ernst Zündel were messing around one dayjust a couple of lads hanging outand decided to drive to Auschwitz.  They wandered around in some dumpy old building, probably with a 6 pack of Żywiec, and left with a time bomb that will someday destroy the Jewish postwar order.  Jews did not enjoy this prank:

Leuchter testified for Zündel in 1988 on April 20 – Hitler’s birthday – but his evidence was dismissed. Soon after that Jewish lobbies began to campaign against him, prison officials stopped talking to him, and his work dried up. Shelley Shapiro, director of the Holocaust Survivors and Friends Education Center, calls him “an anti-semite, a hate-monger”. Even for her, though, Leuchter remains an enigma. “He looks as if he’s under a spell, under his own spell. He truly believes what he has done is right.” Errol Morris says he also can’t truly understand him. In all the years he has known him, he says, Leuchter has never uttered an anti-semitic word. Morris calls him an accidental revisionist, a Citizen Kane figure – perhaps no one will ever be sure what motivated him.

Except for leaving out that the filmmaker is a Jew, this article has it all: man becomes advocate for humane treatment of death row inmates, man learns to be top expert in his field, man comes to question foundational myths of Jewish postwar order, Jews ask why man is now hitting himself.

Why Fred Needs Our Help

Fast forward to 2022.  Fred Leuchter is now facing having his home sold out from under him.  It sounds like a typical story of an older, White American: he is caring for a disabled stepchild and his reverse mortgage that was supposed to pay for basic living needs was pillaged by a bank when his spouse died with debt.  Since we live in a society, Mr. Leuchter is being squeezed by shekel-grubbing freaks in his 79th year of life and they have absolutely no qualms about doing this.  They are planning to do it to your parents and you, too, by the way.

The American system in a nutshell: get paid social security at 65, find that it isn’t enough and reverse-mortgage at 70, incur medical expenses so bankers take the reverse mortgage at 75, get charged fees and lose your home at 80.

Fred Leuchter’s Details for Money Order, Western Union

The pool parties from the TRS community have raised some money (the Hyphen-Report and the White-Papers have also contributed) and right now we have 3000 of the 3700 he needs.  That money is going to be handed over to him by a local but the remaining 700 needs to be sent in.  

A local nationalist (Tony on telegram) met with Mr. Leuchter and confirmed the payment information is:

Fred Arthur Leuchter

172 Belmont Street

Malden MA 02148


[email protected]

Mr. Leuchter has asked that you use Western Union because it allows him to get an email notification that money is waiting for him.  It is important to include the email address.  The Western Union website says that a middle name is required if it is on his ID but this is not true in practice: you can put just Fred Leuchter but I’ve added his middle name from his ID card to the above information.  The tracking number should be sent to him by email but please save your tracking number just in case.  

HR Managed Fred Leuchter Crypto Fund

A lot of people have wanted an internet link or crypto address but the issue is that a fundraising link will get nuked within hours and Mr. Leuchter is not savvy with bitcoin and monero.  I did create a Bitcoin wallet and a Monero wallet for this purpose and I’ll post those at the end of the article but please just go to the Western Union and send it to him directly like a White Man.  As usual with donations, no one should assume that someone else will take care of it: send 20 or 50 or 100 (or 1200 like one pool party member did) because he is still at risk of losing his home down the road; more money will not hurt the man.

When you send the Western Union please notify us by email [email protected] so we can try to track progress toward this last 700.  If you are a serious guy and interested in buying his home as an investment, please contact him directly.  There may be an option to form an anonymous LLC to buy the home while protecting your identity.

Note: The BTC and XMR addresses are removed from the article because they are not actively being monitored.  If you need to send money to Fred this way, please send an email.

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. My favorite thing about Mr Leuchter was when he responded to a bullshit accusation that he isnt a lisenced “professional engineer”.

    As he correctly responded, thats for insurance reasons related to buildings. That and his specialty was in killing people. Not avoiding killing people. I dont think there is an actuarial table for those risks.

  2. Raised 1730 by crypto. Just got the cashiers check and will be sending it to him tomorrow. All the rest was already sent to him by individual money orders and he hit his goal about a day after the article was written.

    1. Thank you !!

  3. Leuchter is a grifter, unfortunately. Look into this, I read an article by a fellow revisionist recently that goes into detail of how he is scamming everyone, owes $20k to a cancer patient, etc. Don’t send him a dime.

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