Elderly White Man Threatened by Black Man and Accused of Saying ‘F****** N*****’ in Viral Video, Loses Job of 20 Years

An elderly White man has lost his job of 20 years at a Dillard’s department store in Dallas, Texas after a viral Instagram video shows what is purported to be the aftermath of an incident in which the employee is being accused, without evidence, of saying “fucking nigger” loud enough so that a black man and his alleged 10 year-old-son could hear.

Dillard’s official Twitter account confirmed the termination in a tweet:

The Dillard’s employee was accused of making these remarks after the unidentified black man and his son asked where the dressing rooms were. It was at that point that the Dillard’s employee pointed them in the direction of the dressing rooms and then, for no apparent reason, is alleged to have said “fucking nigger” as they walked away.

The Instagram video does not depict the incident itself (and no such video has been released), but instead shows the black man and his son verbally abusing the elderly White man. The black man doesn’t specifically mention the alleged incident in any part of the video, but claims he would never “never disrespect any human being by calling them outside of their name.”

The unnamed black man went on to make implied threats of violence:

“…it wouldn’t be a cop. It wouldn’t be a security guard. It wouldn’t be nobody [sic] that can stop me from getting on your ass if I wanted to, [do] you understand me? So I want you to know that, think about that. It doesn’t matter about the age.”

The black man, his son, and the individual who recorded the video have not been identified. Dillard’s has not responded to a request for comment.

The swift termination of the man in this alleged incident is one in a long series of race-based discipline targeting White Americans; as always, with malice and contempt prior to – and often without – investigation.

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