Eisenhower Had an Oswald Mosley-like Mentor and his name was George Van Horn Moseley. A Cautionary Tale About Infiltrating the GOP.

Maj Gen George Van Horn Moseley

In a recent article, the Hyphen-Report alluded to a man who mentored Eisenhower and other leading military figures, mentioning that he was famously antisemitic and that details about him were hard to find.  It took quite a bit of searching on Unz.com to find the article and his name: George Van Horn Moseley.  

Here’s the relevant section from that Unz article:

Although his name would mean nothing today, Deputy Chief of Staff George Van Horn Moseley spent most of the 1930s as one of America’s most highly-regarded generals, having been considered for the top command of our armed forces and also serving as a personal mentor to Dwight D. Eisenhower, future Secretary of State George C. Marshall, and numerous other leading military figures. He seems to have been well-liked within our military establishment, and had an excellent personal reputation.

Moseley also had very strong opinions on the major public issues of the day, and after his retirement in 1938 freed him from military discipline, he began to aggressively promote these views, going on a nationwide speaking tour. He repeatedly denounced Roosevelt’s military buildup and in an early 1939 speech, he declared that “The war now being proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.” He stated that only Jews would profit from the war, claimed that leading Wall Street Jews had financed the Russian Revolution, and warned Americans not to let history repeat itself. Although Moseley’s outspokenness soon earned him a reprimand from the Roosevelt Administration, he also received private letters of support from other top generals and former president Herbert Hoover.

In his Congressional testimony just before the outbreak of World War II, Moseley became even more outspoken. He declared that the “murder squads” of Jewish Communists had killed “millions of Christians,” but that “fortunately, the character of the German people was aroused” against these traitors within their midst and that therefore “We should not blame the Germans for settling the problem of the Jew within their borders for all time.” He even urged our national leaders to “benefit” from the German example in addressing America’s own festering domestic Jewish problem.

As might be expected, Moseley’s 1939 praise of Germany’s Jewish policy in front of Congress provoked a powerful media backlash, with a lead story in The New Republic denouncing him as a Nazi “fifth columnist” and The Nation attacking him in similar fashion; and after war broke out, most public figures gradually distanced themselves. But both Eisenhower and Marshall continued to privately regard him with great admiration and remained in friendly correspondence for many years, strongly suggesting that his harsh appraisal of Jews had hardly been a deep secret within his personal circle.

Bendersky claims that Moseley’s fifty boxes of memoirs, private papers, and correspondence “embody every kind of anti-Semitic argument ever manifested in the history of Western civilization,” and based on the various extreme examples he provides, few would dispute that verdict. But he also notes that Moseley’s statements differed little from the depictions of Jews expressed by General George S. Patton immediately after World War II, and even maintained by some retired generals well into the 1970s.

Moseley deserves a deep dive or ten, but I want to jump ahead to the reason I looked him up in the first place: his mentorship of Eisenhower.  Despite having an antisemitic mentor, Dwight Eisenhower would become perhaps the greatest killer of German men after peace was established in Europe.  Why would a person who was presumably j-woke in the extreme support a lite version of the Morgenthau plan?  An answer is provided by Unz in a different article in his American Pravda series:

Although initially released by an obscure publisher, Bacque’s book soon became a sensation and an international best-seller. He paints Gen. Dwight Eisenhower as the central culprit behind the tragedy, noting the far lower POW losses in areas outside his control, and suggests that as a highly ambitious “political general” of German-American ancestry, he may have been under intense pressure to demonstrate his “harshness” toward the defeated Wehrmacht foe.

I’ll add a little narrative here for the contemporary audience to chew on: Eisenhower’s career did not end in 1946.  Eisenhower went on to become the GOP candidate for the Presidency in a race that he won.  While Eisenhower was infiltrating the GOP to be based and redpilled at some later point, one presumes, his colleagues from WW2 were endorsing antisemitic research from outside the power structure.  The Iron Curtain Over America (full text here) written by John Beaty and released in 1950 would not have reached public consciousness except for being endorsed by many military men including Lt. Gen. George Stratemeyer.  In what could be compared to an earlier instance of a Streisand Effect, the ADL put Stratemeyer on notice for endorsing an extremely jew-aware text about political infiltration in the United States.  It was so bad for the ADL that I would actually propose renaming the Streisand Effect the Stratemeyer Effect.  From that same Unz article:

Books by unknown authors that are released by tiny publishers rarely sell many copies, but the work came to the attention of George E. Stratemeyer, a retired general who had been one of Douglas MacArthur’s commanders, and he wrote Beaty a letter of endorsement. Beaty began including that letter in his promotional materials, drawing the ire of the ADL, whose national chairman contacted Stratemeyer, demanding that he repudiate the book, which was described as a “primer for lunatic fringe groups” all across America. Instead, Stratemeyer delivered a blistering reply to the ADL, denouncing it for making “veiled threats” against “free expression and thoughts” and trying to establish Soviet-style repression in the United States. He declared that every “loyal citizen” should read The Iron Curtain Over America, whose pages finally revealed the truth about our national predicament, and he began actively promoting the book around the country while attacking the Jewish attempt to silence him. Numerous other top American generals and admirals soon joined Stratemeyer in publicly endorsing the work, as did a couple of influential members of the U.S. Senate, leading to its enormous national sales.

Compare the results.  On the one hand you have a man who murdered hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of German POWs and boys to get a shot as the Big Guy.  On the other you have everyone around him, mentor and colleagues alike, doing the right thing and telling people the truth about jews.  For those who ask what good that did (as if it isn’t obvious that millions of Americans being aware of a scholarly proof of jewish power is bad for jewish power), I’d ask you: what good did Eisenhower do by infiltrating the GOP?  He had to screw over the entire country of Germany for a chance at…screwing over America?  The wiggers over at cozy.tv should really start selling shirts that say: “I killed the best generation of men the world has ever seen and all I got was this lousy speech about the Military Industrial Complex.”  It’s appropriately tedious and you could wear it to your next Wigger First meetup provided you remind everyone that you are behind six layers of irony.

Wiggers First Eisenhower. “Key desegregation figure.”

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  1. Thanks, this was a great history lesson about the GOP, the ADL, and the attempts to wake Americans up to the danger of jewish occupation.

  2. You think the vile kike Ron Unz is on your side?

    1. Email me at [email protected] for your thought-out opinion.

      Short answer: no, I don’t think he is on my side. Do you have an issue with what he wrote though?

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