Double Standard! FBI Issues Warning to Asians to Beware of Black Criminals, Offers Nothing to White People

The criminal FBI is finally coming out in defense of average American citizens; the only problem? Those citizens are strictly Asian-American.

On Monday, June 27th, In yet another racially-biased move by the American government, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a crime warning to Asian Americans in the state of New Jersey. Officials are now urging them to be aware of an increased risk of being victimized by “sophisticated criminal groups.”

According to Special Agent Mike Ratta of the Newark field office of the FBI, Asian business owners in the garden state could be being monitored by black criminals from the outside. They’ll note when these businesses open and close, and will “rummage through their cars to determine where they might live; then they would do surveillances at the residence as well,” he said. “They would follow them to and from work and other places.”

“once they determine a pattern of life and they felt comfortable with knowing when people are coming or going, they would then begin to formulate a plan to burglarize the home.”

Why are Asians alone being targeted? According to the FBI, it’s because of Asian culture. With an age-old belief in keeping valuables like cash, guns, and jewelry hidden under the mattress at home and out of the hands of usurious banksters, Asians, especially the Chinese, have adopted those same habits here in America. Enterprising black criminals, however, have caught wind of the custom, and now they’re targeting Asians at unprecedented levels. As recently as 2021, a law enforcement dragnet saw the bust of one such interstate burglary ring, sentencing eight prolific criminals with conspiracy, and ending an Asian-focused crime spree that totaled an a staggering fifty homes.

While the criminals arrested in this particular ring had their names published in local and national media, their mugshots were nowhere to be found. The lack of transparency over the identities of such efficient criminals alone lets one safely assume the race. While unsubstantiated, the names of the perpetrators and the areas where each criminal was supposedly from (all in close proximity to the crime-laden no-go zones of Philadelphia, Camden, and Newark) all strongly indicate that the ring itself was predominantly, if not completely, composed of blacks. 

“In one burglary, about $500,000 in cash was stolen, according to a criminal complaint…Searches of homes and vehicles used by the suspects revealed numerous items stolen from various homes, according to the complaint, along with “derogatory descriptive terms to identify the ethnicity of each of homeowners for the respective residences.”

But while Asians receive a fair warning and full-spectrum systemic support from the federal government regarding increased racially based crime risks, White citizens of the country are afforded no such justice.

Why won’t the FBI offer an official warning to American citizens of European descent about their increased risk of being targeted by non-White criminals? Will we ever see a statement warning us of an upward trend of Uber driver assaults? When will White women be issued a notice to be on the lookout for “sophisticated criminal groups” (i.e. blacks) looking to rape them in the streets? The data would clearly justify such an effort, that’s for sure! 

According to the Department of Justice’s own Bureau of Justice Statistics, 90% of all interracial crimes in the United States are committed by blacks against Whites. In 2019, White victims suffered an astronomical 3,591,900 victimizations of violent crime. That trend has only climbed upwards in a nation that has drastically begun to unravel in the aftermath of the 2020 George Floyd riots.

Still, the FBI would rather stay silent about these unfortunate trends and instead play the role of political commissar for the jewish elite in Washington D.C. When they aren’t busy instigating—then subsequently thwarting—fake terrorist attacks by grooming the mentally ill in online chatrooms, or condemning innocent January 6 “insurrectionists” in slovenly dungeons, the agency bides its time by reinforcing the purposefully misleading “Stop Asian Hate” narrative. This sinister blood libel masks an uptick in post-Covid black crime against Asians by inferring White victimizers. 

“It is fitting that these arrests come at a time when society is raising awareness regarding crimes against our Asian American citizens,” FBI Special Agent in Charge George M. Crouch Jr. said in a statement.

The heavily astroturfed “Stop Asian Hate” movement acts as a compass to steer rightfully upset Asians back on course for jewish anti-White ideology.

Even without the racial bias, believing that the FBI has the best interest of the ordinary American citizen is becoming an increasingly hard sell. Rife with scandals involving corruption, domestic abuse, sexual deviancy, and even outright murder, the agency—much like the federal government as a whole—has been engaged in a prolonged legitimacy crisis that it has no sign of ever overcoming. Simply put, if everyday people need to be warned about a “sophisticated criminal group” looking to victimize them, there’s no better place to start than the FBI. 

Ultimately, it cannot be overstated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an inherently anti-White institution that cares little for the majority population of the country it supposedly serves. While Asian Americans might be offered unwavering federal attention to keep them infused with jewish, anti-White political doctrine, White people continue to suffer from an unspoken double standard that remains prevalent in all of our institutions.

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Jack McKraken
Jack McKraken is a former New York State Correctional Officer turned political dissident and author. For more stories and universal truths about America’s correctional system, check out his book “Livin’ the Dream” by Antelope Hill Publishing.

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