Destroy Israel Today–Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Welcome to 2022, the year that we destroy the entity known as Israel.  It is long past time that we have a heartfelt discussion about the occupiers of some ordinary land in Palestine that jews are squatting on.

New York Times.

The above is an article from the NYT about some jews doing their bit and it is not unusual.  Our very own turncoat jew, Dr. Shekelstein, has published a bit about this here in which he describes the state of Talmudry present in American discourse.  You see, jews are saying you need to invite browns in and then be mad at them when they show up.  We at the Hyphen-Report are somewhat nonplussed about this whole arrangement and wish to reverse it by destroying jewry at its source.

I’m talking about removing Israel from the map.

We believe that Palestine exists and the people therein are real.  They have a right to their neighborhoods and should Shoah any jews squatting there just because.  The King David Hotel bombing doesn’t really factor into it.  The theft of American nuclear weapons doesn’t factor into it.  The attack on the USS Liberty doesn’t factor either.  Jews simply should not be allowed to be there.

Please let me squat. I’m crying tho.

There was a flare-up in tensions back in 1930 and some jews were moved around Europe.  Eventually they landed in Jerusalem of all places and claimed it as their home.

Niggers also do not understand this.

Why here?  Jews have no territorial claim to Palestine except in some book they forged 6 million years ago.  If you like the Old Testament and respect it, you are among scores of sad men who gave all for nothing.

Meanwhile jews have been staging terrorist attacks on gentiles and laughing all the way to the bank.  

These guys aren’t White and don’t you dare defend them.

There is no reason in 2022 that we have to accept the existence of Israel as a terrorist state.  We have hearts and need to recognize the men in the photo above have hearts as well.  Someone could say this is a photo op and the men in the photo merely participants but who killed the kids?  

“Why do Israeli soldiers suffer from PTSD less than American counterparts” is the title of this article in the NYT.

These niggers killed the kids.  They did it from their computers and their techno-battlestations.  It’s far past time to remove them from their stations.  Every jew we meet and every jew-enjoyer we entreat is a crime against the people they displace.  Whenever you meet a jew, we ask you to challenge them to defend this behavior.  Until all jews in America answer for the crimes of their fellows in Palestine, don’t relax or enjoy your New Year.  Tell every jew you know that Israel is “a bit too disgusting for me to endorse.”  It’s very simple.  Every crime against Palestinian kids is a crime jews want to do to you and yours.  Remember that in this new year, and we will win.


Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. More importantly, as some gnostics knew, Marcion for instance, Jews are not exactly human.
    They derive from neanderthals and their tribal war god is the demiurge. We’ve been fighting the neanderthals since …they were neanderthals.

    Here’s the deal though, if you use the N-word (don’t get me wrong, I think it’s one of the funniest words in the self-revealing orwellian english language.. cracks me up and cracks up the few non-brainwashed blacks who have no chip on their shoulder – a few do actually exist)… If you travel the joo-carved trail of “divide and conquer”…you will in no way set yourself apart from the phony-ass daily stormer type websites of false opposition.

    Couple things, we’d all be listening to shmaltzy jew-twanged sh*t music if it weren’t for blacks – hello mary sue goodbye heart…or beatles I wanna hold your hand… vomit…
    Secondly – during wood-toothed jew blackmailed Wilson presidency, it was mainly the Blacks that said f*ck off to all foreign wars of the Rot-childs.

    If only they would stop their sh*t anti-music rap bullcrap (joo instigated, no talent required and easy money)..and lose their need to be “COOL” – f-ing get an education –


    1. So u tellin me we one struggle up in dis bitch mufugga?

    2. So we should send all blacks to Israel. Sounds like a good plan

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