David Zegarac Motive Covered up By Winnipeg Police

david zegarac
david zegarac

Previously, Hyphen-Report brought news identifying antifa terrorist David Zegarac. Zegarac is a 42 year old Native American anarchist, vegan, and self admitted pedophile. In the meantime, H-R has been doing its own investigation of Zegarac. On Feb. 4th 2022, Zegarac plowed through a Freedom Convoy crowd, injuring 4 protesters. In response, Winnipeg PD claimed David Zegarac’s motives were not political.

On Saturday, [Winnipeg PD] said [they] couldn’t speak to the driver’s motivations for allegedly striking the protesters, but said the driver had blurted out statements that made police think it wasn’t about pandemic-related mandates. (

However, Hyphen-Report has definitive proof the police lied about the motive of David Zegarac when they said it had nothing to do with the vaccine mandates. Prior to the terrorist attack, Zegarac expressed hatred towards anti-vaxxers and the anti-mandate party on Facebook. Particularly Zegarac bemoaned the anti-mandate party, The People’s Party of Canada (PPC), comparing them to Q-anoners and cultists

david zegarac

Zegarac posted selfies online in the same blue bandana he would wear while attempting to murder people

david zegarac

Zegarac sharing offensive anti-vaxxer memes just two weeks before the attack

“Some comments were made by the accused that tends to suggest this was not specifically about the [vaccine] mandates,” Constable Rob Carver said “He wasn’t for or against any of the general views that are floating around this country.”

Who is Tado Utesni?

How do we know this “Tado Utesni” account is Zegarac’s? For one, he posted selfies, including one in a blue bandana that matches the photo of the attacker in the car. Secondly, Zegarac liked his own semi-obscure band’s Facebook page. Thirdly, the only two days “Tado Utesni” was not active on social media were the two days he was in jail, before getting bail. Finally, in leaked DMs, “Tado” confirms he was a sexual assault survivor and received therapy, following Zegarac’s 2005 meltdown. These DMs from 2018 also identify “Tado Utesni” as David Zegarac due to Zegarac defending himself. Notably, “Tado Utesni” speaks from a first person perspective in response to the accusations thrown against Zegarac, saying “I”.

david zegarac

Exclusive Facebook DMs obtained by Hyphen-Report of David Zegarac confirming the pedophile allegations

The owner of this account is Native American living in Winnipeg and has a burning American flag, a popular anarchist symbol, as a profile picture. “Tado” also has posts advocating anarchism, identifying as vegan, and loving punk music, all of which match Zegarac completely. Disturbingly, despite Zegarac’s admitted background of grooming numerous children, he runs a used toy store based around mostly 80s toys and Marvel items. Zegarac is a schizophrenic soyboy, believing the Illuminati spoke to him through Marvel movies a week after the attack. This insanity is not an act, posts from the prior year advocate for multiverse genocide.

Q predicted this

David Zegarac The Political Terrorist

While it is not clear if the Winnipeg police intentionally hid Zegarac’s motive, their prior statements do imply knowledge of Zegarac. Did the Winnipeg police know about Zegarac’s “Tado Utesni” facebook account but turned a blind eye? Or did the police not do the 5 minutes of research on social media required to find it? Anyone browsing David Zegarac’s Facebook would immediately find a vast number of political posts. Ultimately, the Winnipeg police are either (at best) grossly negligent, or (at worst) covering up a politically motivated terrorist attack.

Claiming the People’s Party of Canada is Trump’s MAGA party in disguise – Using the tactic of guilt by association is a common way of slandering political opponents. Keep in mind that Zergarac is an anarchist.

This is an attempted murder. David Zegarac knew exactly what he was doing, yet he could walk the next day. The police and media have worked together to misinform the public, not doing basic research. Zegarac has songs titled “We are Antifa” from 2011, has expressed open hatred towards anti-mandate/anti-vaxxers, and has a violent history. Mentally ill antifa like Zegarac are easily gaslit by the media into wanting revenge against peaceful protesters, even using media buzzwords like “Q-Anoner”. Because the police and their media cohorts regret their words, they cover up the end result. This is a politically motivated terrorist attack.

Hopefully this freak gets “boned” in the legal system, but looking doubtful as police ignore evidence

The name of the terrorist who committed the Windsor attack against a young girl has yet to be released. Both the police and media have done everything possible to coverup this antifa terrorist attack in Winnipeg. Canadian intelligence is contracting antifa to honeypot and dox 90,000+ donors of the Freedom Convoy. Was the Emergencies Act invoked to manage the peaceful Freedom Convoy? Or was it to limit leftist vigilantes from taking “justice” into their own hands, discrediting the dangerous right winger narrative?


John George

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