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Congressional Kayfabe: Lee Zeldin Assassination Attempt Real or Jewish Tricks?

Iraq War Veteran David G. Jakubonis (left) with Candidate Lee Zeldin (Right)

The following article was submitted by an anonymous author.

For residents of Rochester, NY, Thursday was an eventful one. The main event was the brazen streetside slaying of an undercover policeman by a career criminal street black from Massachusetts. The deadly ambush was so tragic that the city had to bus reinforcement cops to the scene via commandeered civilian RTS buses. But while chaos unfolded downtown, the deeply sobering loss of a 29-year veteran officer was vastly overshadowed by a different clown show only a few miles away. It came in the form of the “attempted assassination” of Republican candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin. 

Zeldin, who amassed a typical crowd of Conservative scooter boomers and Trump-loving fatsos, was making a campaign stop at a VFW in the white suburbs of Rochester to discuss, funnily enough, the topic of bail reform. In the middle of his speech, the would-be assassin made his move. Videos from multiple angles of the attack can be seen below.


Thankfully, we’re very fortunate that no actual injury was sustained by New York’s future yid overlord. But, seriously, am I supposed to believe that this tubby, sad excuse for a man, who goes by the name of David Jakubonis, possesses high enough testosterone levels to conceive a scheme like this? According to police, Jakubonis was a disaffected Iraq war veteran who was drunk at the time of the pathetic attack.

The assassination of ones rival is the zenith of political violence, and THIS is the man who decides to carry it out? While the public execution of a political candidate would actually make for a substantial happening in this country, this particular event reeks highly of pre-planned cohencidences and kosher sandwich kayfabe.

First, this was a stop where Zeldin was focusing his efforts on the topic of bail reform. Rochester is a city plagued with rampant violence committed by repeat offenders, a top 10 city for the increase in violent crime in recent years. How odd is it that after the attack, Zeldin was there playing the role of Nostradamus, prognosticating the eventual release of his very own attacker under said cash-free bail laws? Being an owner of very small hats, Zeldin’s predictions came true just a few hours later, when David Jakubonis was released on his own recognizance.

Yes, you read that right. A Political assassin was released on his own recognizance.

Pantsless 43-year old David Jakubonis, the would-be assassin of a jewish politician and member of congress gets released the same day? Yeah, sloppy job, Mossad.

Next, we have the colorful language of the accused. David Jakubonis has since been quoted by the honorable Zeldin as having said the words “You’re done” at the time of the “stabbing.” That it? Lee, every self-respecting jew knows you’re supposed to throw some antisemitism in your lies. No “heil Hitler?” No “jew-boy?” That’s how this grift works, Mr. Zeldin. You’ll never have a shot at beating fellow arch-jew Kathy Hochul at the polls if you keep thinking with a goyishe kop!

This little gas station trinket was the chosen tool for the execution of a political assassination? At least use some creativity like the Shinzo Abe assassin.

The icing on the cake is a little bait for all of the conspiracy theorists out there. Jakubonis—a rather weird name for an area replete with various European ethnicities and other third-world minorities—is not a common one in the region. Some basic google searches revealed that the surname is usually of Lithuanian descent. Even more interestingly, Lithuania was home to a sizeable Jewish population before the outbreak of WWII. So much so that the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, was named after Jewish Holocaust “historians” claim that upwards of 90% of Lithuanian Jews were killed by the Nazi death machine

Knowing what we know about the veracity of Yad Vashem’s holocaust victim claims, it’s fairly believable that Jakubonis’ family fled Lithuania at some point for greener, more kosher pastures. Again, strictly speculating, but hardly an extreme reach.

This clearly staged assassination attempt is just as fake and contrived as AOC getting arrested during an abortion protest. No one who is serious actually buys any of this crap, but the headlines are just large enough to keep people engaged in the very safe avenues the system wants them to be in.

Regardless of the motivation for the attack, whether it’s Jewish tricks or a White veteran losing his cool, it’s evident that we are in the final free fall into collapse as an increasingly fractured society. We are witnessing what it is that men like George Lincoln Rockwell, and later, William Luther Pierce, always said was the inevitable conclusion to this multicultural Jewish hellscape. We celebrate the blacks that murder us with impunity, and I’m supposed to care about some White guy sticking pointy cat knuckledusters at a lying jewish politician from the Hamptons

Lol. Lmao.

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