Canadian Truckers Being Led by Homosexual Zionist Jew, BJ Dichter. Event Predictably Turns Into EDM Festival.

Yesterday we were treated to some pretty retarded-bad and retarded-fun optics over in Canada.  Apparently, there are entire towns north of Michigan which swear loyalty to the Queen of England and people there have constructed roads, bridges, and telecommunications networks in a sort of ersatz United States.

“Ottawa.”  Alleged urban center.

Here is a taste of all the nicely folded flags on display yesterday:

Michael Cooper, Conservative MP, disavowed those behind him in a statement later.

Swastikas and Candian flags look really great together, but I somewhat doubt these are our guys.  They could be our guys, but this trucker parade has all the hallmarks of a non-White movement that polices pro-White speech.  Would our guys really show up to that expecting to meet friends?  It’s a possibility I suppose. 
With regard to the non-White or even anti-White racial conversation policing, check out the jew who got out in front of it: Benjamin “BJ” Dichter.  He at some point started using BJ in his activism career because if you search BJ Dichter you don’t get the featured image of this article which shows him holding a gay flag.  If you search Benjamin Dichter you do get that image.  I’m not sure why he embraced the new nickname because it isn’t like gay pride rallies are “bad optics” in his circles: Dichter is one of those guys doing anti-Islam stuff.  Essentially, he wants to save the gays from the Islamist anti-Semites who are taking over Canada.  Here’s left-leaning site talking about the threat from “racist” truck protesters:

Who is organizing the convoy?

The convoy has a number of participants with different goals and isn’t cohesive, but some popular webpages help paint a picture of the people behind the convoy.

There is a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $7 million for the trucker convoy. That fundraiser has two names on it: Tamara Lich, and B.J. Dichter.

Speaking to a cheering crowd at a People’s Party of Canada convention in 2019, B.J. Dichter warned listeners about the dangers of “political Islamists,” and said the Liberal Party is “infested with Islamists.”

He added that, by meeting “with extremists,” Conservative and “establishment” politicians “put at risk moderate and secular Muslims, who want nothing more but to integrate into Canada, to become Canadian, and to leave the garbage of their birth country behind them.”

Ah! We need to be opening our borders to moderate Muslims, not crazy Muslims who want to live apart from homos with disease!  Those stupid brown mudslimes!  Dichter goes on:

“Despite what our corporate media and political leaders want to admit, Islamist entryism and the adaptation of political Islam is rotting away at our society like syphilis,”

It is interesting that Dichter goes with syphilis because he is name-dropping a disease that normal Muslims may not be aware of, but it is probably a disease jews and homosexuals are intimately familiar with.

The rates of syphilis are roughly three to four times higher in Jews than in non-Jews. Between the years 2002–2011, rates have dropped by over 70% in the Jewish population and by 80% in the non-Jewish population, before increasing back since 2012 and forming a U-curve, especially prominent among the Jewish population.

It isn’t 100% clear that Dichter is gay but he is definitely a jew:

Based!  Let’s pop that MCGA hat back on and just embrace the holocaust myth, guys.  We’ve got one of the Good Jews (TM) on our side!

Dichter recently used his jewish identity to slime his way onto Tucker Carlson’s show where he was unleashing the usual raceless 4th Industrial Revolution talking points.

In watching this video, I was a little confused.  Why does Tucker keep calling this guy a trucker?  I know Dichter is saying he is a trucker, but he is clearly a professional activist recording from a sound room.  What is his history?  From a small journalism website (courtesy of Telegram mastermind John Wilcox):

This jew was an actual jeweler and now he’s getting himself on Tucker doing race-blind politics.  My shock cannot be imagined or visualized by even the Webb Space Telescope because it exceeds the size of the known universe.

There we have it: if you are getting invested in covid lockdown politics you are being led by the nose to a raceless well and your shepherd is a jew selling shiny trinkets.  Let’s all learn from this: sniff out the jew, avoid the race-blind politics.  Or don’t and we’ll just sort of make your political movement irrelevant as disenchanted normal people flock to a more sensible standard.

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. The trucker convoy’s leadership is a Jewish leftist former diamond engraver and his indigenous sidekick? Is this Mossad working with CSIS? I wonder…

    1. “Benjamin Dichter, one of the founders of the LGBT Tory group, who was there with a couple of other gay Conservatives”

  2. Any bullsh*t media – even this one can say it is “LED” by some jew queer.
    Any Movement that gains any power will be infiltrated by a 2-faced Floating Turd…any “movement” don’t you know.
    In this case it’s pure bullsh*t since they didn’t fund anything and many people can smell a floater and are prepared for it.

    It may not be this one, but someday soon the toilet will get accurate with it’s 30X crosshairs and eliminate the ones who need it most.

    1. Excuse me, Sir: the Hyphen-Report is one of the most respected daily gazettes in the world today. I don’t know where you are getting your information but it is NOT from a Christian or Pious source!

    2. Your comment is fuckin’ grotesque…

  3. […] terrorism after spending a week pumping out lies out about imaginary white supremacists in a protest ran by a gay jew. If it were a White man who drove over 4 blacks at a BLM event, there would be a national day of […]

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