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If you aren’t currently following the Flotating Head ‘verse, you should be.  This is a unique perspective into mental illness and mental wellness that everyone should be tracking.  

Cope: now.

Alex McNabb is the loosely sane, wildly popular host of The Daily Shoah podcast.  He has recently opened comments in a free-for-all of hatred, despair, and self-ownage that few have yet to fully comprehend.  His main putsch with the comments is to show that commenters are, well, retarded as hell.

FFS, don’t use Kratom.

These are the very first comments on the McNabb ‘Verse.  Please note that EdBuckSexFiend is an Established Noble Contributor to the Hyphen-Report sex trafficking ring comments section and he has a lot to say.  Oh God.  Oh Hell.  Where to begin.

EdBuckSexFiend wrote the first two seasons of this show before being executed for child endangerment.

McNabb checked him at the door with a headlock and put him in a freezer while the rest of us considered heavy vetting procedures.

Stop doing all drugs until you understand what they interact with

Plants are not safe.  Plants, it is said, will ruin your fucking miserable life.  Do not consume or eat plants until sensible people and wise advisors have ruled them to be specifically “within bounds.”  Just to not be misunderstood: we are considering carrots, hemlock, spinach, and salvia to be suspect until proven otherwise.

If you do drugs, you hate your race.

It is here that we have to stop joking around and speak plainly, as Malcolm X told me to back in 1968.

  1. Stop doing drugs.
  2. Erowid is not your friend.
  3. Did you even consult Erowid?  Because you should, as a drug user.

There are so many counter-indications with your choline receptors and serotonin receptors.  You only have a few of them to burn out on any given day until you collapse in a fit of permanent stupidity.

If you read this, you have made it farther than anyone with serotonin syndrome because they are permanently fucking dyslexic.

Do not play with ADHD drugs.  Do not play with nootropics. Do not play with psychedelics until you understand that you will probably be permanently damaged from these experiments.  There are hosts of CIA tinkerers who want you dead, or better, stupified because you are the kind of high IQ, low impulse control person who would ingest these contaminants into your body.

Hyphen Pajeet
Uttar Pradesh First Nationalist. I close tickets on current events, especially topics related to Israel.

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  1. This is coming from the man who said to not take antibiotics for strep throat. If only my doctor was so based and redpilled.

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