Brooklyn Subway Shooter Was An Anti-White Black Misanthrope Who Thought He Was A “Black European”, Wanted A “Factory Reset” Of Humanity, And Feared Nuclear War Between Russia And The United States

The April 12th Brooklyn subway shooter is alleged by the NYPD to be Frank R. James, a 62-year-old black man with addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. Police apparently identified James from the U-Haul van he left behind near the site of the shooting. According to police and witnesses, James was on the moving N train line muttering to himself before he donned a gas mask, threw smoke bombs, and began to shoot wildly into the crowd in the subway car. James left fireworks and his gun at the scene of the shooting, along with other unspecified evidence, and fled. At the time of this writing, he remains unapprehended. James’ YouTube account has been identified as “prophet oftruth88” and his Facebook account, under the name “Frank Whitaker”, has also been found. Videos and writings on both websites paint a picture of a man who was driven by feelings of anti-White hatred, an obsession with conspiracy theories (e.g. 9/11 truth and elite plans for global depopulation), a sense of the inferiority of the black race and his own insecurity as a black man, and fear of a coming nuclear apocalypse arising out of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

It is unquestionable that Frank James hates White people, and has for quite some time. On February 8th, 2012, James posted a link to a Tim Wise video on his Facebook page, and called Wise a “truly wise white man”. Wise, a Jew, is one of the most prolific authors on the subject of “White privilege” and in 2010 wrote an “Open Letter to the White Right” where he said that White people were “on the endangered list. And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.” Other Facebook posts from James discuss how blacks were “energy slaves” in America, how the enslavement of blacks enriched Whites, and how the acquittal of George Zimmerman would inspire Whites to believe it would be “open season” on killing blacks.

Almost all of James’ YouTube videos in some way center around his beliefs on slavery and how he theorizes that slavery changed the character of blacks. James argues that blacks are no longer African, but are “European” in spirit, and that this was done to them by Europeans to more effectively enslave blacks and ensure they would not rebel against their masters. In a video uploaded to YouTube on February 27th, 2022 titled “how could she” which discusses Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s marriage to a White man, James expresses little shock that Jackson would be married to a White man, as he sees her as a “black European” just like himself. James says “our mentality was created to make us slaves, we were created to be black Europeans in order to enslave us…all of us have some European bloodlines, that was done deliberately to turn you out and make you something that was a powerless and a denuded European that could be a servant forever.” James warns blacks that if they fail to heed the advice of Malcolm X and establish a “strict intergenerational orthodoxy” to strip themselves of this Europeanness and recover their ancestral African nature, then blacks are “going back to a cotton field or…are going to be exterminated.” In an earlier aside, James explains how he views the January 6th rioters as a nascent population of White people who will, one day, attempt to wipe out every black in America, and the fear of a White population rising up because they refuse to tolerate blacks any longer is a recurring theme in James’ rants.

Ideas of a coming White on black genocide are far from the only conspiracy theory James has bought into. James is particularly interested in 9/11, and in a video posted on April 7th, 2022 said that the attack was done by the United States, the British, and the Israelis, the latter he says played “the biggest role” in the attack. But James’ realistic view on the 9/11 attacks in that video is merely one part of his theory, and he believes the World Trade Center was destroyed by a “new weapon” which he does not describe, but which he fears will be used in a “false flag operation” on a “larger scale” throughout the country to collapse America’s infrastructure and set off a scheme by the elites to begin a culling throughout the country, or perhaps even the world, which will target blacks more than other races. James says:

People have been planning to exterminate you, because they have no choice…once I looked at the reality of what happened on the morning of 9/11, I realized, hey, this is what this shit’s about: depopulation, downsizing, making this nation something more efficient, more economical, more up-to-date, more modern, reducing the population, reducing the number of states, allowing some states to go completely back to nature is the only path forward, if it’s not too late altogether. I saw that a long time ago. And of course, who is going to be the first candidates for extermination, and who should be!?…and we see that everyday, no understanding for shit, but some nigger bullshit, happy being a fucking nigger, whether you want to admit it or not, that’s what you [blacks] are now.

James calls this depopulation scheme a “factory reset”, and although he warns about it he also welcomes it. In a March 30th, 2022 video called “CODE OF THE GHETTO”, James says he will continue to call for a factory reset “on our entire humanity”, so that humans can be cleansed of “malware and viruses”. In an April 3rd, 2022 video called “WHY WE ARE DIEING” [sic] James praises the Amish, saying that that they are “the only group of White people” who seem to understand that “the stone age is natural and normal, it’s the way humans beings are supposed to be.” This mentality derives from James’ disgust with humanity, especially with the state of his own race. He tells his audience that humans contribute nothing to life on Earth but “piss and pollution” and asks rhetorically “so why the fuck are you alive, you’re a fucking parasite, you’re a life-sucking parasite that contributes nothing here.” This misanthropic attitude is particularly strong towards his fellow blacks, and James says:

You [blacks] want to go back to chattel slavery…our whole existence is ugly and disgusting and degenerate and sick…it’s a horror show, that should have never happened, but we have participated and allowed it to happen by lying to ourselves and talking this bullshit — make myself feel better about being a nigger bullshit…if they killed us they’d be doing us a fucking favor in our current state…what planet do you got a future on? It’s not this one you can forget that.

On multiple occasions James expresses the belief that “blacks and Whites should not even be in the same hemisphere”, and that the “natural purpose” of blacks is to live in a “grass hut” in Africa; but he is frustrated that blacks, including himself, do not want to do that because that would mean abandoning their “materialistic state of mind”. Although James clearly does not think slavery was a good thing for blacks, he concludes that blacks should “embrace” the image of their ancestors in chains on a slave ship, as it was “the only time in the history of this fucking planet that black people were truly unified.” But at other times, James does not bother speaking prescriptively to blacks, and simply states that the process of Europeanization he believes blacks have gone through is an incurable “cancer”, and that the only outcome is death.

Watching James’ recent videos, it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that James’ actions were probably spurred on in large part by his consumption of media surrounding the recent escalation in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. James talks about the war, and Vladimir Putin specifically, in almost every video he has put out since the end of February. He believes that war between Russia and the United States, a war that will likely develop into becoming a nuclear war, is imminent, and that this will result in the end of the United States and blacks of all economic classes either being exterminated or thrown into “FEMA camps”. At the beginning of a March 3rd, 2022 video titled “AND NOW I AM BECOME DEATH”, James plays an interview with Dr. Ira Helfand on Democracy Now! in which Helfand, who sits on a variety of anti-nuclear weapons organizations, warns of not only a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO, but warns that such an exchange would lead to a nuclear winter scenario and the collapse of civilization, ecosystems globally, and the deaths of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. This is apparently not a new fear of James’ either, and he explains how he used to operate under the name of “Prophet of Doom 88”, when his avatar was a mushroom cloud over a large city, because he has a long-held belief that the people who created nuclear weapons must inevitably use them, and that it is only a “matter of time” before “White people will create a situation similar to what the fucking dinosaurs suffered through when the meteor struck.” However, again, it must be emphasized that James is not terribly devastated by this, and he wishes that if nuclear weaponry is used on a large-scale that:

Hopefully humankind will be wiped the fuck out because we have been totally corrupted by our contact with Europeans, and the European is the main problem, but we’ve proven, given a chance, we’re just as bad and greedy…so you can’t just put it off on them…so hopefully if if there’s a full fledged nuclear war, all of mankind will be wiped the fuck out to save the planet so the rest of the life forms on the planet [will] be protected and they’ll be able to live like the earth was intended.

James is clearly a man that sees little purpose in life, not only just for himself, but for all of humanity, and in other videos he admits to being an alcoholic. It is little surprise then that such an individual would attempt to murder a crowd of people on a subway, especially when he has now come to believe that he is living in the end of days. So why did James come off the FBI’s terrorist watchlist in 2019? We may never know, but it is reasonable to guess that it may have had something to do with the FBI placing a greater emphasis in recent years on combatting the non-existent, so-called White domestic terror threat, or on engineering fake threats as they did in the Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping” case. The FBI, like any institution, has finite resources and manpower.  Resources spent on manufactured, political threats (like homeless Whites being cajoled into doing political violence by undercover FBI agents) must necessarily preclude resources being spent on combatting legitimate threats to public safety (like armed, disturbed blacks who openly talk about how the world is ending and blacks need to be more violent). How many more people are out there like Frank James, radicalized and scared by constant exposure to the media’s narratives, who will slip under the radar since they are non-White, and end up committing attacks against innocents because America’s security services simply do not care about threats that cannot be used by the Anti-Defamation League to advertise for more donations? Had the FBI given James the attention that he was clearly due, perhaps they would have seen his video last week titled “WHY NOT” about the shooting in Sacramento, where he said “we need to see more mass shootings.” But they did not keep tabs on James, and people are suffering now because of the FBI’s lack of concern. Cases like Frank James’ highlight the illegitimacy of the ruling regime, and the need to change it as soon as possible. Lives are at stake.

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