Black Rifle Cucking Company

When we are asked what makes a hero, what is the first thing that comes to mind? In typical conservative fashion that means surrendering. Surrender alone isn’t enough but you need to completely absorb your enemies ideals as your own.


Black Rifle Coffee Company is allegedly a coffee sales company that supports conservative ideas, the second amendment and veterans’ causes. In November, 2020 they disavowed Kyle Rittenhouse after he appeared in a photo wearing a shirt with the BRCC logo on it. Ironic now because if they had supported him they would be the most popular coffee sales company in the country.


They could’ve made fortune by coming out supporting The Kenosha Kid but Jewish CEO Evan Hafer would never put his support behind a gentile who killed two of his fellow dual-citizens in self-defense and tore the bicep off a third. The 5’3 jew pedo Joseph Rosenbaum had a sense for who he was. And since he wasn’t jerking off into a ficus plant, to underage girls, or drugging women he decided to do the next best thing in the Jewish list of hobbies. Go out and start rioting.

Well, also rape 5 underage boys. But this is about the rioting.


Well maybe don’t riot

We see the mask slip with an example of the Jew shapeshifting in real time. We’ve all heard that a Jew is considered one of the greediest specimens throughout history. Despite that, while it doesn’t make economical sense jew CEO Evan is more than willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of dollars and customers because of his political belief that Kyle was wrong.

Isn’t the main goal of a business profit? Why sacrifice customers? Well we now know what they’re trying to sell thanks to their latest tweet.


In their latest money-grab Black Rifle Cucking Company is pushing pro-drag show propaganda. At least the Jewish CEO Evan Hafer doesn’t have to lie anymore. It was never about selling you coffee or helping veterans. It was just another swindling of the goyim to eventually push the same jew virtues to the gun-toting voting block as they do to the mentally ill shitlibs.

It’s not really a surprise. The US military mandates diversity training and says black worship is one of its core values. It’s all the better for people like Evan. The military to assmunching pipeline is an all too disturbing funneling of some of the best minds our country has. In BRCC’s mind they can line a veteran up with a job, make sure they follow the approved social narratives they’ve already been indoctrinated with for the rest of their lives and will never be a political threat to the system because a Jew controls the levers of power.

“You’ll feel so at home Goy! We love our gays and blacks!” 

If you buy BRCC maybe you’ll get to hot bunk with Evan himself. Don’t hop on a corporate video call with him as we know what his people are predisposed to do when a camera is nearby.

Adam Champion
Reporter on racial and economic injustice. Fact checker of certain events.

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