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Black and Indigenous Content Creators of Color (BICCOC)

If you open new tab in your Google Chrome browser, you might see something like this: 

Um, why would I want to do that?

There’s absolutely no way this is personalized to me. I asked some friends if they saw it too, and I know their browsing history can’t be too similar to mine. I think Google is showing this to everyone. Certainly not based on any algorithm about what I’m mostly likely to click on, because there is no way I would ever click on something like that.

Well, I did it. I clicked the link. It resolves to a YouTube playlist called “Bear Witness, Take Action 3”. First video is something called “Tracing the Trend” with Asia Jackson. This girl’s main schtick is that she’s polyracial and has a unique perspective on something as a result. The purpose of “Tracing the Trend” is to examine today’s most popular trends and examine how they’ve shaped our society. The video features an interview with this rapper called Guapdad 4000, who is black and filipino. The primary topic is that line between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation (which is what Asia Jackson appears to think is one of “today’s most popular trends”).

I don’t want to be a complete naysayer on the topic, but the only reason I landed on this video is because Google shoved it in my face, so I didn’t watch that much. I skipped around a bit, the conversation was just about being black and asian at the same time, and near the end Asia asks Guapdad 4000 if he thinks his skin tone helped him gain credibility as a rapper. He said “fo sho” (which the subtitles rendered as “for sure”), and then interestingly admitted it as a privilege he holds.

Well damn.

I skipped around some of the other videos in the playlist and the exchange I mentioned above is the closest I got to anything remotely interesting. I can’t for the life of me figure out what message Google actually wants me to take away from this. Note that this content is NOT ham-fisted anti-white stuff. It’s black and asian people talking about being black and asian. And shitty cartoons. And black homosexuals talking about being black and homosexual and having AIDs. And being HIV positive. Not like, as in, having AIDS, but as in being positive about having it – as in the phrase “body positive”.

This is NOT something I want to think about.

The conversation about AIDS wasn’t denouncing disclosure laws directly, but they did talk about how it complicated things (I imagine having an “obligation to disclose” would complicate the number of partners I hear these faggots have). I think they can’t with a straight face pretend they don’t have a moral obligation to disclose, so instead they are coming up with ways to be “positive” about HIV (like, HIV positive).

Another guy wants to talk about what would happen if he ruled the world. He says he’d get rid of a few things.


He also says we should have therapy for all programs. Since, as a “gay black man”, he’s got issues. A few other parts in that video had him talking how the world would be such a better place if it was even gayer.

He continued on to say he would get rid of capitalism. In fact, getting rid of “capitalism” was one of many running themes throughout this video series which is being shilled by the multinational conglomerate company known as Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent company). Asia Jackson, the star of the first video, is using Instagram, Inc to help create a post-capitalist world free of colorism and racial injustice:

Moving on from White Supremacy and Capitalism. This message has been brought to you by PacSun (All rights reserved).

All of the videos are monetized and are hiding their dislike counts.

That’s all I could stomach. I just wanted to give you a taste of what you’re missing when you decline Google’s unsolicited advice to see what BIPOC content creators are up to.

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