Banana Republic: Raytheon NoC Tries to Escalate War Between White People

Lloyd J. Austin III, Secretary of Defense, poses for his official portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, Va.,Jan 23, 2020.(U.S. Army photo by Spc. XaViera Masline)

“Shoot, du’.  It cold as a muhfugga out here. Kyiv, man, these streets is hard, nah’m’say’n?  Let me aks you somethin’, you good man?  Yea, we good.” 

“Look, you can keep calling me nigger but that isn’t going to stop me from having you and him fight.”

Lloyd Austin actually doesn’t talk anything like that.  He probably has very limited experience among low-lifes who do.  Lloyd Austin was a board member of Raytheon and has been on track to become a big hit among nice White folk ever since he was a kid in Thomasville, Georgia and then a cadet at West Point.  

What a nice boy. It’s always so heartwarming watching them grow up through the shooting phase then into the looting phase.

From NBC News:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin briefed President Joe Biden on Saturday about U.S. options for responding if Russia invades Ukraine, as well as options for U.S. military movements in advance of an invasion, according to a defense official and a senior administration official.

Among the options presented for the U.S. military in advance of an invasion were bomber flights over the region, ship visits into the Black Sea and the moving of troops and some equipment from other parts of Europe into Poland, Romania and other countries neighboring Ukraine. 

Hold up.  Wasn’t that skinsuit Biden just out in front of the TVs saying he isn’t really going to help Ukraine?  Didn’t Ross Douthat, who replaced Bill Kristol at the NYT, just roll out the narrative for kosher elites that the US should abandon Ukraine for 25 or more years?  Well, yes.  They did do all that.  It looked too weak and, more importantly, they forgot to ask Raytheon and other hawks for permission.

NATO said Monday that it was sending ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe and that the U.S. “has also made clear that it is considering increasing its military presence in the eastern part of the Alliance.”

As belligerent as this is, I’m not going to read too much into it.  The alliance that they are referring to does not include Ukraine and the troops in the region are not acting as a trip wire because they are probably going to be in Romania and other places.  Most importantly, Biden has to sign off on it so the troops aren’t necessarily in motion yet.  It seems this is a way to save face at home and possibly provide a deterrent against NATO members panicking if Ukraine collapses and all those shiny Raytheon products get captured unused which is almost certainly what will happen in the event of a war.  Still, Raytheon et al are playing a dangerous game here and actually hoping for a longer fight:  you can’t send another 200,000 pounds of lethal aid to a country that doesn’t exist.  Well, maybe you could if you sponsored terrorist actions behind Russian lines as the Atlantic Council has advocated:

The key will be to train Ukrainian active, reserve, and any militia or proposed guerrilla forces in the techniques necessary to build, position, and detonate these devices. Insurgents have shown remarkable ingenuity in developing both victim-activated and remote triggers using garage door openers, cell phones, garden hoses, and other simple devices to close electric circuits. The one element not widely available to civilians is the detonator or blasting cap. The Ukrainian government needs to produce and preposition these devices. 

2023: “Look at these White Nazi terrorists blowing up those equally evil White Russians with IEDs just like White ISIS. White people truly are a barbaric problem, and the solution is to build more Javelin systems and anti-tank mines to send behind the lines. That will be 20 billion dollars, Whitey.”

Is this the shot?

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