America Landed on the Moon, Snowflakes.

One of the critical contentions of the American Century narrative is whether or not America landed on the moon.  Few skeptical observers today believe the narrative but it is objectively true due to the Soviet acceptance of the narrative.  A skeptic would have to assess all the data, feel the cold rocks in their hands, and determine that Russia just simply wanted to hand the space race over to America for reasons;  reasons unknown.

Per the Russian authorities:

Most other known samples taken from the moon remain with the two entities that collected them: the United States during the Apollo 11-17 missions and the Soviet Union via the unmanned Luna-16, Luna-20, and Luna-24 missions.

Collectors pay huge sums for space exploration artifacts. Last year Sotheby’s sold a zippered bag stamped with the words “Lunar Sample Return” laced with moon dust which was used by Neil Armstrong for the first manned mission to the moon in 1969, for $1.8 million.

Interesting.  Why did the Soviets fail to deny the American attempts as legitimate?   One would presume that the Soviet Union, having expended countless billions and skilled pilots, would be keen to refute the American claims of lunar landing.  Records are silent on this issue.  Why did the Soviets not bitterly declaim the American attempts at total lunar hegemony?

Meanwhile, the Soviets continued attempts at landing.  Why did they do that?  Was it for clout?  Did someone say they didn’t have the balls to do it?  Why?


Why?  Why was it done?  Again, why?  

No, tell me, why was it done?  The Landing Deniers are on the same level of flaky ground as the holocaust affirmers.  It happened because someone I trust said it happened.  Why?  Again, because they said it did, weren’t you listening?

Despite all the contentious attempts at political landings, the Soviets proceeded with haste.  Were their Germans better than ours?  Only history will tell but here are their photos from Venus.

Interesting.  The US never said the Soviets didn’t land on Venus.  For the record, the US hardly tried.  But why where the Soviets able to take photos without the US apparatus opposing their legitimacy?  The only answer, again, is that there was a massive worldwide conspiracy to suppress the knowledge that the US and the USSR had succeeded in landing on foreign bodies.  Or maybe the truth is that it actually happened.

I am officially requesting all documents from the Soviet Union and the American NASA be submitted to the Hyphen-Report for analysis on the subject of false landings on foreign bodies.  Post them in the comments.  Post them in the chats.  The simple fact is that no one can take away what the German-American and German-Soviet scientists gave to us which was interplanetary travel.  We were granted the means to travel to Mars and possibly interstellar travel with the NERVA rocket but skeptics don’t want to hear about that.  They simply want to be handed a table of beliefs about how no one can do anything, and don’t even try.

Frankly, it’s just a jew-friendly cope to sit here in your coom-hovel and wallow.  We can build nuclear rockets that can go to Mars and back.  They have been tested.  It is only YOU who are holding us back.

Listen to FTN talk about the Welbstramwaffe here in possibly the most important FTN effort ever:

FTN: Weltraumwaffe – Apollo 11 Anniversary Deep-Dive (


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  1. You have to admit: it was a prodigious feat for that era, when computing power was practically non-existent.

    While I’ve seen a few videos about the moon landing hoax, I’ve not spent much time looking into it — however I would like to hear an explanation of why a ‘moon rock’ given to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam turned out to be petrified wood:

    ‘Moon rock’ in museum is just petrified woodThe Dutch national museum said Thursday that one of its prized possessions, a rock supposedly brought back from the moon by U.S. astronauts, is just a piece of petrified wood

    From what I know, this was never explained — ?

  2. One other thing, because with this topic I always forget something — the moondoggie article had said that the footage of astronauts on the moon was “floaty” and that they didn’t do basic things that anyone would do in low gravity environment — flipping, back flips, hit a golf ball, through a football, etc. The author claimed that the moon footage was filmed on earth and slowed down — and think about it, why would being in 1/6th gravity cause you to move slower?

    So I downloaded an official moon walk video off of Youtube, opened it in iMovie and doubled the speed.

    Do the same exact thing. Use this video: and see what you think.

  3. Having read Fetzer’s super interesting books on the subjects of both the moon landing and Sandy Hook I’ve yet to decide either way, but what I know for sure is that even if both of those were hoaxes it’s not really worth pushing the narratives that they were since they are largely disconnected from the normal schema of hidden jewish politics and require too much of an epistemological work to reward ratio inapplicable to other issues so it’s better to operate under the assumption that they were real.

    One could ask why Russia or China don’t accuse Israel and US of 9/11 and OKC, why the Soviets didn’t accuse Israel of killing JFK, why they don’t dispute the Holocaust narrative or the conventional narrative on WWII, etc. Of course these are because jews would be big mad and impose a huge cost, but there does seem to be less of a reason why they wouldn’t for some of the others.

  4. Actually No, we most certainly did NOT.

    I’m not gonna explain why – waste of my time but it’s all “out there” – I’m not gonna wipe your arse either.

    And never mind I’m a mol biologist who actually worked on the damn thing but no one has died from corona – but the injection will kill you in various ways via autoimmune disease =- basic immuno.

  5. I find it interesting that my comments are still being moderated but others are getting through.

    I really want to know whatever rule it is I’m breaking. I’ve literally had arguments with family members about my current beliefs and the NJP platform and my involvment in it and it’s disheartening to be censored like this when I’m acting entirely in good faith and have contributed financially and personally to the cause.

    I didn’t come to the site and spam your comments on non-related articles. This article literally asks for evidence to be posted in the comments.

    I’m dismayed that of all things, the freaking moon landing is getting me censored.

    It’s your site and you don’t have to post my comments, but I really don’t see what I’ve done wrong and am earnestly asking and will respect and accept whatever earnest answer you send me in response. Feel free to shoot me an email.

    1. And of course this one goes through without moderation.

      OK — so here goes. My original message is below without any hyperlinks, as that appears to what got me flagged.

      On FTN Ep 506 JazzHands brought up the moon landing and how people don’t believe in it shouldn’t really be involved in “our thing”.

      After hearing him dismiss people who question it, I left some comments. I was respectful (unlike others who called his take low IQ) and explained my position over a few posts.

      My comments were removed. I was shocked because I didn’t break any rules that I’m aware of. I went on Telegram to ask and was instantly banned by JazzHands. I was not disrespectful and I had assumed I did something wrong. Other than disagreed with JazzHands, I do not know what I’ve done.

      Here’s a summary of what I said:

      * Go to youtube and look up video 9HQfauGJaTs — the 1972 lunar module liftoff. I see how people in 1972 could believe this was real, but in 2022 it strains all credibility.

      * Google “Wagging the Moondoggie” — it disparages nazis but contains a serious of posts in detail about why the moon landing was fake. It’s not crackpot.

      * Imagine if Christopher Columbus landed in North America in 1492 and by 1542 no other country sent anyone to the New World. Wouldn’t that seem odd?

      * The company that owned Playtex designed the space suits. I don’t believe that company has done anything in aerospace engineering before or since.

      * I believe Werner von Braun was a genius and because of his genius the US was able to enter the space race and dominate it in a very short time. That doesn’t mean I can’t believe we also did not land on the moon.

      * Saying “You can’t question the moon landing” is like saying “You can’t question The Holocaust.” That is preceisely the position that JazzHands took on the episode. As I said in my comment that he removed, I listen to FTN because it contains the truth, and if we can’t debate truth, what’s the point?

  6. The Judeo-American moon landings were completely fake. Soon, China will prove that these landings were fake when they take over the moon for real.

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