Albright, Czech Jewry, and the Hilsner Affair

In our recent article, “Madeleine Albright Finally Dies.  Kissinger Next?” we uncovered a bizarre yet totally unsurprising link to a Jewish ritual murder called the Hilsner Affair.  

Madeleine Albright’s Very Jewish Links to Benes

While we were digging into Albright’s claim that she did not know she was a jew until late in adulthood, we learned that her father, Josef Korbel, was a diplomat for the philo-Semitic Benes regime in Czechoslovakia and fled to London with his family.  At some point after moving to England, the family nominally converted to Catholicism.  Albright makes the thunderstriking claim that not only did she not know her family were jewish, but she didn’t know that her grandparents and cousins all were murdered to death by stormtroopers in the Halls of Cost.  According to the Washington Post in 1997:

The records, which are based on transportation lists captured from the Nazis at the end of World War II, show that some of Albright’s relatives were killed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Others died of typhoid and malnutrition at a holding camp at Terezin, where Czech Jews were kept before being sent to Auschwitz.

Thanks to works like The Leuchter Report, modern scientific people now know the gas chambers were a myth largely spun by Allied propagandists but Albright is not a modern scientific person: she is a holocaust affirmer.  Wouldn’t she at least know about the story of her grandparents making the one-way trip to the vaunted Chamber of Wooden Doors?  From the Washington Post:

Some Albright relatives and family friends in what is now the Czech Republic said they had long known of her relatives’ fate. “My children know very well about every detail,” said Dagmar Simova, Albright’s first cousin, who stayed behind in Czechoslovakia after the 1948 coup and has had only sporadic contact since then with the American branch of the family.

When Simova learned in the summer of 1945 that her parents and sister – Albright’s aunt, uncle and cousin – had died in the Holocaust, Albright was only 8 years old and was considered too young to be told, Simova said.

So why didn’t they tell her when she was 18 or 28?  Did they forget?

Here’s the Washington Post yet again doing some more of that famous Pale of Settlement storytelling:

While the subject of the Holocaust was evidently too painful for the Korbels to discuss with their children, they apparently did discuss the matter with friends in Yugoslavia, where Josef Korbel served as a diplomat both before and after World War II. Brief references to the tragedy have appeared in the Yugoslav press, based on the reminiscences of a now-deceased Yugoslav journalist, Pavle Jankovic, who was very close to the Korbel family.

Of all the Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, the Czech Jews were probably the most assimilated. Survivors of the Holocaust recall that the Czech Jews went to their deaths at Auschwitz by bursting into song. Roughly one third sang a Jewish anthem; another third sang the Internationale, the anthem of the communist movement; the remaining third sang the Czechoslovak national anthem.

Korbel blabbed to all of Yugoslavia about how his family was roasted on spits in Nazi Lu’aus but protected his innocent daughter from ever hearing about it even though she was 40 at the time of his death.  Truly, jewish fatherhood is the epitome of compassion.

In reality, it is incredibly unlikely that Albright was not steeped in jewish supremacist narratives and holocaust mythology given her personal fake-history and her role as Top Zionist during the Clinton years.  Her father had a similar but smaller role as top propagandist for Czechoslovakia during the very jewish war effort out of London in the 1940s.  Korbel’s boss before and during the war was the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia, Edvard Benes. 

Benes and FDR.

Put as simply as possible, Benes was a big guy for jews.  When he was installed as Prime Minister in 1935, the jewish international press gave him a nauseating toast:


Benes oversaw the anti-German policies of Czechoslovakia, and it is worth noting that less than three months prior to Benes’ ascension, Germany had enacted the Reich Citizenship Law and the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor which were understood correctly by jews as a sharp escalation.  Also in 1935, the pro-Nazi Sudeten German party had become the second most popular party in all of Czechoslovakia due to coordinated voting among Germans and divided voting among Czechs.  The dual crises of the Jewish denaturalization in Germany and the German rise in Czechoslovakia are the backdrop for understanding Benes and his role in jewish international circles.

A deep dive into Benes is beyond the scope of this article but before moving on to Masaryk, the reader may find it interesting to know that Benes’ brother, Vojta, was also a Czech politician and wrote the book The Mission of a Small Nation and Vojta’s daughter married Zbigniew Brzezinski.  Brzezinksi’s father was another famously philo-Semitic gentile politician from the periphery of Germany.  We’re not sure if there is a shot here but the family connection is interesting, if nothing else.

Dr. Masaryk

Masaryk and Benes.

Czechoslovakia under Masaryk is frequently referred to in the jewish press as the only democracy in Central Europe.  Dr. Masaryk is one of the main reasons that Czechoslovakia had become a safe place for international jews and he was a leading figure in the Czechoslovakian independence movement which saw Czechs and Slovaks unite with London to whittle away at Austria. 

During the First World War, Masaryk worked with the American Voska intelligence operation to intercept German plans.  One of the most successful operations was the breakup of the Hindu-German Conspiracy to kick the British out of India.  The exposure of this intrigue propelled Masaryk to popularity in the Washington-London axis and also led to some hilarious contradictions and spectacles in America which are totally unrelated but absolutely must be shoe-horned into this article. 

Operation: Close Ticket

The conspirators were charged in America for sedition against the United Kingdom and it became the most expensive trial in American history at the time.  The defendants pointed out the irony of an American judge ruling on rebellion against the British but the judge was not hearing it.  From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The tense scene found its climax when four or five of the Hindoo defendants rose to their feet shouting, “That is not right—it is wrong,” when Interpreter Gould translated one of the witness’ answers.

“Sit down—keep your seats,” ordered Judge Van Fleet, “the Court will protect your rights—”

“Have justice—this is a farce—give us justice,” cried the Hindoos as deputy marshals started toward them. Your counsel will protect your rights,” said Judge Van Fleet … “But your honor,” replied Bhagwan Singh, one of the alleged chief defendants, “our counsel cannot understand our language.”

People who have been to San Francisco or other American hives of pajeetery can imagine the scene quite well.  You can probably smell it.  The Legacy American middle manager, in this case the judge, is reading the charges in the same manner as he would read the newspaper or his Bible before bed when, out of nowhere, there is suddenly shrill chirping from the back of the room.   A man rushes the bench, curry spilling from his pockets: “This is a farrce, yourr honorr!  Have justice, yourr honorr!  Make to justice now, you ass!”  

The trial ended abruptly when one of the defendants completed ticket in a most memorable way.  From the New York Times:

Ram Chandra arose and started across the room. Ram Singh also arose. He raised his revolver and began firing. Ram Chandra staggered forward and fell dead before the witness chair, with a bullet in his heart and two others in his body! While Singh still pressed the trigger of his automatic pistol, he, too, was shot and killed by United States Marshal James H. Holohan, who fired across the room over the heads of attorneys.

Pour out the liquid from your Trader Joe’s microwave curry in honor of a Real One.

Back to Masaryk

Masaryk lectured in London on the topic of small nations during World War One which, the bias-confirmation junkie will have noticed, is the same topic that Benes’ brother wrote about.  It’s a very strong trend in jewish internationalism to break up empires into ethnically divided nations and then install a Zelenskyy or a Masaryk to create flashpoints and stumbling blocks.  

After the Peace of 1918, Masaryk ruled for almost 20 years as a de facto dictator.  No political party was able to form a government in his entire tenure and his constitutionally limited term was extended without limit by a single emergency vote.  Apparently, the divided government was unable to agree upon anything except that the man backed by Washington and London should rule indefinitely.  As in America and Europe today, the key to being democratic is evidently having no mandate from the public whatsoever and ruling entirely using unprincipled exceptions.

Before Masaryk became a revolutionary, he was a loyal servant to the Emperor of Austria as a professor, editor, and lawyer.  His newspaper “The Athenaeum” was famous for its debunking of supposedly ancient Czech manuscripts held up by nationalists as evidence of sophisticated Czech art that predated the German Nibelungenlied.  Truly an unusual start for a Czech nationalist dictator until one remembers he was propped up by international jewry.

The Trial

After this debunking, Dr. Masaryk went on to correct other records.  There was a sensational trial in which a jew had been convicted of murdering a 19-year-old Czech girl in a ritualistic fashion.  Masaryk wrote to the court and demanded that a new trial be held further from the scene of the crime.  

Plz bro this isn’t the way to do nationalism bro. These manuscripts discredit us bro. It’s called blood libel stop falling for it bro.

Masaryk’s main concern was that the jury could be intimidated or lobbied in the region where the incident occurred.  A second murder was added to the charges against Hilsner and he was ultimately convicted of both.  From Bitter Winter:

One of these was a Jew, Leopold Hilsner (1876–1928), weak in body and mind. The only “evidence” against him were stains on his pants that were attributed, with some doubt, to blood. The accusation, which was based largely on the writings on blood libel of the anti-Semitic Catholic canon of the Cathedral of Prague, August Rohling (1839–1931), was enough to send him to trial. He was not accused of being the individual executor of the crime, as the doctors believed him too weak to fight successfully against the much more vigorous Agnes. He was prosecuted as an accomplice of two other vagrants in whose company he had been seen, believed to be Jews and have collected the blood of the victim in anticipation of Easter. Tried in Kuttenberg (Kutná Hora) from September 12 to 16, 1899, in a climate of widespread anti-Semitism, Hilsner was sentenced to death.

Like the Leo Frank case where a jew was convicted by a White jury, Hilsner was sentenced to death and, also like the Leo Frank case, his sentence was commuted by the Emperor (in the case of Leo Frank it was the Governor of Georgia).  The Hilsner case is not well-documented online and will require more research but it seems likely that Masaryk was an important figure for jewish ethnic activism in Central Europe.  Jews certainly do credit him with help in the Masaryk case.  Again from Bitter Winter:

Several intellectuals, including non-Jews, kept fighting for the revision of the process, none with greater zeal than Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1850–1937), the father of Czech independence and later the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic. Masaryk claimed that Anežka was killed elsewhere, perhaps in a family or work dispute, then dragged into the forest to make one of the vagrants take the blame. As for Klima, Masaryk insisted that nothing linked her to Hilsner except the place where her “probable” corpse was found. The efforts of Masaryk and others succeeded only in getting Hilsner pardoned by Emperor Charles I (1887–1922), who had succeeded Franz Joseph, in 1916, and he thus spent the last fourteen years of his life outside of prison.

Despite Dr. Masaryk’s leading role as a shabbos goy, he is dragged for good measure in modern jewish lore because no philo-Semitism goes unpunished by these ungrateful hebrews.  From a review of the book Czechs, Slovaks, and the Jews: 

As progressives, Masaryk and Beneš disdained folk anti-Semitism, and their
republic was a better place for Jews to live than many. They were nevertheless prone
to absurd overestimations of the supposed ‘power’ of ‘world Jewry’ and especially
‘the Jewish press’ internationally. The assumptions that underlay the First
Czechoslovak Republic’s public rejection of anti-Semitism, in short, were partly
based on anti-Semitic beliefs about the supposed power of ‘worldwide Jewry’ to
advance the cause of Czech and Slovak nationalism.

Masaryk had evidently said that jews held “a great influence on newspapers in all the Allied countries.”

Medieval Myths of Jewish Male Menstruation

During our reading of the Bitter Winter article, we found an unrelated but hilarious reference to jewish male menstruation.  We tracked it down to an actual academic article and this is the abstract in full for your edification [paragraphs created for readability]:

The Jews in Western Europe during the middle ages were often perceived as distinct from other people not only in their religion, but also by virtue of peculiar physical characteristics. Male Jews were circumcised, which made them physically distinct in the sexual realm.

They were believed to have a flux of blood due to hemorrhoids that was thought to more abound in Jews because they consumed salty foods and gross undigested blood, and were melancholic. By the late medieval and early modern periods, the male menstruation motif had become closely connected to the theory of the four humors and the balance between bodily fluids.

Men in general were thought of as emitting extra heat, whereas women were considered to be physically cooler. While most men were generally able to reduce their heat naturally, there was a perception that womanish Jewish males were unable to do so, and thereby required “menstruation” (i.e. a literal discharge of blood) in order to achieve bodily equilibrium.

The Jewish male image as having menses due to bleeding hemorrhoids was an anti-Semitic claim that had a religious explanation: Jews menstruated because they had been beaten in their hindquarters for having crucified Jesus Christ. This reflection is one of the first biological-racial motifs that were used by the Christians. Preceding this, anti-Semitic rationalizations were mostly religious.

However, once these Christians mixed anti-Semitism with science, by emphasizing the metaphorical moral impurity of Jews, the subsequent belief that Jewish men “menstruated” developed—a belief that would have dire historical consequences for the Jewish communities of Europe until even the mid-twentieth century. This topic has direct applicability to current medical practice.

The anti-Semitic perspective of Jewish male menstruation would never have taken hold if the medical community had not ignored the facts, and if the population in general had had a knowledge of the facts.

In the same way, it is important for present-day scientists and healthcare professionals to understand thoroughly a topic and not to deliberately ignore the facts, which can affect professional and public thought, thereby leading to incorrect and at times immoral conclusions.



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