2022 Olympics Begin in Beijing; America being Gay about the Whole Thing

The 2022 Winter Olympics officially opened Friday in Beijing, China, after the completion of the torch relay wherein the Olympic flame was carried by a torch specially designed for the occasion.

I’ve always liked the international competition of the Olympics as well as its traditions like the Olympic flame and the torch relay.

You’ll never hear me attack “LARPing”.

The lighting of the Olympic flame is an ancient practice which was resurrected in 1928. For every ceremony, a fire is lit at the temple of the goddess Hera using the rays of the sun. However, the practice of transporting that flame to the site of the games via a torch relay is a German innovation first implemented in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The ending moments of the first-ever Olympic torch relay

After the torch relay and a parade of nations, the host nation announces the games open. The below video, worth watching in its entirety, is timestamped to the moment when Adolf Hitler announced the Olympics open.

This year, on Friday, February 4, it was the turn of Chinese President Xi Jinping to announce the opening of the Olympic games – as if he had been handed the torch by Hitler himself.

At the time of this writing, a handful of medals have been given out. Norway is in first place with 2 gold medals. China itself has 1 gold, and the “Russian Olympic Committee” has a silver and a bronze. The United States has no medals yet (more on US participation in this event in a bit).

Like all Olympic games, there’s a bunch of politics going on surrounding Beijing 2022. Two participating teams are called “Chinese Taipei” and “Hong Kong, China”. A fake country called “Kosovo” is participating. The team currently tied for 7th place with Canada is called “ROC”. This is because Russia is not allowed to participate in the Olympics as they are still under sanction for the Sochi 2014 doping scandal. Russian athletes can still play, but only as the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), not as Russia. Despite this sanction, President Vladimir Putin still visited Beijing 2022 as if Russia were formally participating.

North Korea is also banned, and is choosing not to send athletes even though they could do something similar to Russia. Additionally, Ukraine has a participating team and they appear to be under some sort of order to avoid the Russian (oops, I mean “ROC”) team as much as possible.

“We’re not the best of friends. We spend time with our own team. We’re not in contact with the Russians.” – Ukrainian bobsledder Lindiia Hunko

Another political factor is the cloud of dark energy between the United States and China. The US is formally diplomatically boycotting Beijing 2022, but this is a technicality as an American team is still participating. All the diplomatic boycott means is that the US government will not visit the games in any capacity. They are not refraining from sending homosexual athletes.

The boycott is from the Biden administration and is officially a protest against “human rights abuses” allegedly committed by China. Measures like this may be a test of popular support for anti-China stuff. Unfortunately, it seems that the US elite is successfully building support for anti-China measures.

The US government wanted key allies to participate in the diplomatic boycott, but only a few countries did. And as Hyphen-Report contributor Paul Mieczyslaw covered, not only did Poland refuse to participate in America’s boycott of Beijing 2022, they decided to do an official head of state visit.

Key US Republicans are mostly not opposing Biden’s boycott. GOP Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both support the boycott and any criticism they have of Biden has to do with not being tougher on China across the board. Some Republicans, like Nikki Haley, “based” Josh Hawley, and retarded Zionist Tom Cotton have called for an expanded boycott that would include not sending athletes.

“A diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics is a joke. China doesn’t care if Biden and Team show up. They want our athletes.” – Nikki Haley

House Representative Elise Stefanik, who Republicans have chosen as a potential up-and-coming star, is consistently hysterical on the China question and constantly whines that Democrats are conceding to China, including on the point of the Beijing 2022 Olympics. She also subscribes to the grug pseudo-patriotism that is typical among some conservatives.

“America FIRST. China LAST.” – Representative Elise Stefanik (NY-21)

I’m not much of a red-pill type, but you may want to research a useful manosphere concept known as “the wall”.

Fortunately, “Chinese state-affiliated media was present to put Stefanik in her place.

Stefanik opposes “communism” but just got publicly owned

Meanwhile, Democrats within the US House of Representatives passed the COMPETES Act on Friday, a law intended to reduce US dependence on China, in a vote scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the Olympic games as an act of minor petulance. Republicans opposed the bill, but again it was not because of wanting to go soft on China but because the bill includes other partisan priorities. Republicans, including Elise Stefanik are calling the bill the “CONCEDES Act”, because that’s the level of seriousness we get in American politics.

Protectionism and reducing foreign dependence is something I’m generally in favor of, but there’s no reason to do it in anti-Chinese terms or anything like that. The political spectrum in America with respect to the Beijing Olympics and China in general goes from one side that wants to be petty and petulant with China and the other side that wants to be even more petty and petulant with China.

But the games, and the world, are moving forward with or without the participation of US diplomats. The waning of American global cultural power will continue to be a theme. The games will continue through February 20. China and Russia (oops, I mean “ROC”) already have medals. I don’t have any specific country I’m cheering for, other than “whoever’s playing America”. Iran even has two alpine skiers in the roster, and may Allah bless their efforts.

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